Armored Warfare with QuickyBaby

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ALL ABOARD THE TRAIN – lets see if Armored Warfare all it is cracked up to be with a preview from the limited access test!

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  1. I hope you enjoy my first preview of the latest game from Obsidian –
    Armored Warfare! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. CreatorOfMadness

    3rd comment

  3. 100- CLUB!

  4. Everyone saying. ”OO man game is looking so good!!” I find the tank
    models looking so… plastic..

  5. sefhyro space pirate

    i dont think that wot is getting bigger or having new players but i do
    think that armour warfare will detrone wot easely…regarding ground forces
    on war thunder i do enjoy alot more there then playing world of tanks but
    then again its only me the fan boys of world of tanks will start ranting
    this message

  6. I really LOVE this game and i am in the early access too.

  7. it really looks like a copy of world of tanks. only the garage seems
    diffrent. its like wargaming made a sequel

  8. Alexander van Elten

    QB how you dare to betray WG?!

  9. It looks fun 

  10. Why you play this shit?


  12. its the fkin plastic version of WoT…

  13. >”armoured warfare is going to kill WOT”
    >WOT has Tiger I
    >AW doesn’t.
    See the logical fallacy?

  14. Lego AnimationStudios

    ahahaha that face at 17:40 xD

  15. Jermy Ligtelijn

    Whenever he says Lets take a quick look at … I say at my monitor: the
    post game stats lol

  16. That extra rate of fire you are talking about is already implemented in WoT
    blitz with “adrenaline” :)

  17. bla bla jezas they are scared to give this game to real players u must pay
    to play it

  18. I don’t like it at all, it’s just a shitty World of Tanks copy

  19. It’s L-A-V Quickie not “lav”

  20. modern tanks are boring, would rather play WW1 tank game than something
    like this

  21. Procrastinator7

    I think AW will get a fair share of players but it won’t knock out WoT
    completely. I think we can expect Wargaming to start making bigger changes
    to WoT because of the increased competition, which is a good thing. The new
    Domination game mode is one of these changes and I suspect that they are
    now also working harder to update the game engine with the features they
    have promised for a long time such as improved physics and multi-core

  22. Armored warfare is like COD, and WOT is CS:GO, there’s just no chance that
    Armored warfare going to take WOT down.

  23. Infinite Freedom

    I believe the artillery shot that killed you came from your direct front.

  24. SantitariumHaze

    Every time I watch AW vids it fails to really grab me. Something about it
    just lacks that wow factor WoT gave me. Maybe its not inventive enough?
    Maybe I’ve just played tank games for too long now? Not sure.

  25. I’m all aboard the AW hype train yes. I’m officially sick of being 1-shot
    by artillery in WoT and then told by the devs to just “play another game” –
    Well that’s what I’ll do. Yeah i’ll fully admit in slow tanks the warning
    system might seem pointless but it’ll certainly help at times and at least
    nobody is getting 1-shot. That said though, I doubt it will topple World of
    Tanks or Wargaming, at least not in its current state. At best though it
    might prove to be some healthy competition and overall increase the quality
    of both games as they compete with each other (that’s the ideal right?)

  26. I really like that there are no gun upgrades, gating tank ability to that
    extent is part of what made WoT too much grind with very little feel of
    accomplishment, especially when you compare this to tanks in WoT which need
    multiple gun upgrades to ever be effective. Also being part of the entire
    XVM/WNx rating system, being that those who put money in to pass stock tank
    grinds had a huge boost to their per tank ratings (effectively boosting
    their overall rating).

    People who thought WT was going to be a WoT-killer were naive and very
    misinformed. WT is not an arcade game, the game play is entirely different.
    It is significantly more realistic, but as I said before WT tanks even came
    out, the vast portion of gamers (of this game type) do not find more
    realistic as being more fun, the arcade factor makes a huge difference.

    One thing I’ve found to be an extra bonus to AW is the graphics (the
    CryEngine), even on low settings they are quite beautiful, especially when
    compared to WoT graphics on high/med/low. Heck, even with WoT on high, to
    me, AW on low still looks far better.

    All in all I’ve had a rather fun time playing this phase, considerably more
    than I normally do in WT and even more-so than I used to have in WoT. I
    have a few minor complaints but, even if this were to release tomorrow, I
    would definitely play the hell out of the game. :P

  27. Hi quickybaby.
    I think its just anohter copy of world of tanks and i hope to see you on
    the 27th june at tankfest with my friends who are huge fans.
    Arthur Dixon

  28. Grof od Banoštor

    Can you please grin the artillery? Just to see what can we expect.

  29. It looks like a reskin of wot. That doesn’t make it bad, just

  30. I understand your point QB, but WarThunder GF was never heralded to be a
    WOT killer in my opinion, most people saw it as what it is, a completely
    different game with a different target audience, one of realism over
    arcade. And it is doing very well, i wouldn’t call it a failure on the
    level of some of those MMOs you listed. Just one persons opinion.

  31. World of Tanks killer?
    hahahahahaha hahaha haha ha


  32. Watched the Jingles preview, artillery fire faster but do less damage than
    WoT. Also, every time an arty fires it shows up on the enemy artillery’s
    radar, meaning if you camp a bush the enemy arty will kill you very

  33. Is this serious? They didn’t even make effort to change the UI. I mean come
    on, I’m not usually the one to cry out for game clones just because the
    game looks similar in mechanics or has the same ideas. BUT THIS GAME is
    like 1:1 WoT clone, every UI is the same, i guess controls are the same.
    Only the tanks are different, and the graphics look terrible… How can
    they get away with this?
    If WG was an American company, this game would have already been sued and
    shut down, and this time RIGHTFULLY… omg I cant believe what im seeing.

  34. I really dunno why you are ruining your relation with Wargaming. AW will
    replace wot? yeah right. All the noobs will go there, will play Chehoslovak
    tanks (who dafuq will want to play them?) and WoT will be cleaner place to

    I REALLY think you didn’t wanted this QB. Don’t make the same mistake as

  35. i think WoT killed itself a long time ago and that this game is far more
    enjoyable then WoT , just my 2 cents.

  36. Artillery in Armored Warfare is actually a lot better thought out than WoT.
    When artillery fires then the enemy artillery gets a ping on an approximate
    location of where the shot came from; the more the artillery fires from the
    same location the more accurate the ping becomes. This means that artillery
    players will be fighting each other a lot more than in WoT and focusing
    less on other tanks

  37. astronomical penetration on t62? Just wait for leo2a7, m1a2 etc!

  38. QB, arty in this game has 4 round autoloaders, by the way. At 21:45 or so,
    when you said you missed the Scorpion twice, he had actually died before
    you fired the second time.

  39. If you dont like the game, don’t dislike the video, keep it to yourself.

  40. So the arty warning is when ever he aims and shoots if he is across the map
    you will have a 9 second warning or so. He was roughly 200m from you so he
    was accurate and you would not have much time to move. Also if there was an
    arty on your team he would have to move between shots instead of just
    spamming shots like he was.

  41. I see lots of people saying it ‘looks’, looks looks looks. Tank games all
    look the same, a war torn city or a desert or forest its all the same. The
    tanks look the same. get over it. It will look similar. Thats not what
    matters. Its how it plays that will make or break it.

  42. If WoT keeps coming up with things like Domination, AW will remain just a
    side game people play as well, but will not become a WoT killer :0

  43. this game is so good man dame

  44. Dani “XzMaestrulii” Villarreal

    Hope to see one day on the game the TAM, a great german/argentinian
    medium tank

  45. Majd Abdulrahim

    Can we move the crew to the next tank like the WOT?
    Anyway i think this is just a new “Theme” for WOT !!! and WOT will be the
    best ever indeed :)

  46. OMG….This assholes is now gonna ruin this game too ??

  47. Think it looks pretty much like world of tanks. However im gonna try it
    anyway :)

  48. ActaNonVerbaUnrated

    Bye WoT! Wont be playing that game again!

  49. There was no outro :O (You know the 2 great moments :P)

  50. A big thing were AW can be “better” than WOT is the real money to gold

    the packs you could buy, for example the most expensive one, has 3 tier6
    and 1tier 4 premium tank and a lot of gold and stuff. And in WOT for that
    pries (60-70€) you get 1tier 8 premium Tank and no extras.

    So I think if AW is a long term competitor to WOT we can expect a “Gold
    pries War” over how can make the better deal.

  51. Abbot the FV215B(183)’s little brother?

  52. No thx wot is way better

  53. i agree with someone who said these tanks look very plastic and toyish to
    me..and that aiming is wow,,it’s not 3,5s get 9% here 5% there WTF..i don’t
    now if someone likes it ofcourse play it and enjoy it but even if wot can
    and should improve in some things i think they nailed it with ww2 tanks and
    their gameplay

  54. …too much WOT clone, imo!

  55. hayder aldaffaie

    Nooo ???keep playing world of tank

  56. i feel like obsidian are a bit confused and its a bit miss matched

  57. i want to see bad weather, night fights, so we can use night vision, and
    thermal vision. that’s what i would like.

  58. lol … Quicky, you still need to play the game a lot. That was a very
    unclear review.

  59. i hope when you said they were influenced by other tank simulator game….
    you didnt mean WOT…. WOT is the complete opposite of a simulator

  60. It may be not the WoT killer? But i really look forward to playing it even
    though i grinded 3 lines up to tier 10 on wot.
    What i like is the way arty works, u have another view, u dont have the
    potential of one shoting tanks, and also u have to relocate between shots
    otherwise theyd get vanished by ur arty.
    Also overall the games feels a lot less rng is involved than in
    wot….which makes it more consistant.
    Nevertheless…modern tanks, with more ammunition and armor technologies,
    hell u can even fire anti tank guided missles in the sheridan, use smoke
    grenades, packaged of Reactive Armour….for me is really interesting.
    Also….the rrason why HEAT ammo gets less than AP pen unlike in wot is
    that in AW Ap is actually the modern version of APCR->APDFS which also in
    reality has the highest pen potential, however it does significantly less
    damage than other ammos.

  61. is there much point leaving WOT if multiple scumbags (or even just 1) can
    still obliterate you unseen from the other side of the map? Oh you get a
    warning? So what! As QB pointed out its not much good in a slow heavy.

  62. The look on your face when you got shot by arty was priceless.

  63. Hayden Bliesner

    Is it going to be a World of Tanks Killer? Perhaps, but it is far too early
    to judge it.

    And I have a feeling that Quicky will just do one or two videos of the
    game, saying that he is excited to bring more video’s about it, then push
    it under the rug and go back to World of Tanks, like he did with War
    Thunder, and World of Warships. I get that it is his channel and he can do
    what he wants. I just keep looking forward to his views on games as they
    develop, but they do not come.

  64. Joseph Canizaro

    Do you think that they’ll add the m1 or m2 abrahms?
    I would love to be able to play either of those beastly tanks

  65. I think this game is gonna be a lot less skillful than world of tanks, more
    trading shots, had a go of this and I can say I think I prefer world of
    tanks to this due to the nature of game play 

  66. bringingtherukas

    “if it aint broke dont fix it” is a nice way of saying “its been sh*t for
    years leave it sh*t”

  67. 1) Remove artilery
    2) Add a ladder system, similiar to the one of CS:GO or LoL
    3) Do not add gold ammo

    Thank me later Obsidian.

  68. What setting level where you running this at quicky? because this seems to
    look like world of tanks and run just as bad and that is a achievement with
    cry engine.

  69. Quinton Dombrowski

    Although AW is clearly WoT in a new skin, there are a few things it does
    that could make it less aggravating than WoT. Less arty easy-mode, less
    RNG, especially when aiming, the absence of premium ammunition and the lack
    of nationalized tech trees. While similar to WoT, AW certainly makes an
    effort to avoid the glaring mistakes of WarGaming.

    BTW- WT:GF was never a WoT killer, merely something nice for a different
    community and play style. And neither AW or Wot are TANK SIMS. Perhaps
    WT:GF simulator battles, but these are games, DEFINITELY not simulators.
    Sorry, QB, but you simply cannot call WoT a simulator of any kind. That
    implies an attempt at realism. :)

  70. The PT-76 got a gun to Upgrade

  71. This game is just such a blatant rip that I cannot abide by it. The fact
    that they can get away with creating a “new” game by making minor tweaks
    and changes is just disgusting. And they didn’t just stop with Wargaming’s
    ideas. The crosshair is literally Jimbo’s.

  72. Plastic everywhere

  73. I Got myself a founderspack to aw and enjoy the early access immensely.
    Because I love the modern tank concept. And because I can play my beloved
    leopard 1 and 2 in so low tiers that I can still make credits. Armoured
    warfare will be my go-to tank game come release. For me aw could be a
    carbon copy of wot and it wouldn’t matter. They had me at “Leopard 1 at
    tier 4”. 

  74. if the game is from the cod maker, you can forget it! it will have more pay
    to win, and will go more on efeckts ( ignored balancing!) . If we have
    learn one think from modern warfare, it is, thats the developed want Money
    and will to all for this without a kodex thats other companys have ^^

  75. good video analysis , not to be boring, but you could put the pack xvm?

  76. basically its just the call of duty of tank games which is not very good.
    more of an arcade tank game, rather than a simulator.

  77. Hunter Bongianino

    no m1a2 or m1a1?

  78. Minemaster team1


  79. That Arabic text around 14:50 is wrong. The two words need to exchange
    their location. (But nobody cares so let’s leave them there.)

  80. i didnt know QB was such a war thunder hater. At least it is its own game
    unlike this which is a copy. Mabey QB just isnt that good with tank

  81. Legion The Comrade

    I feel like everyone is just saying this is really easy to grind through
    because this is probably tier 1-5 effectively in WoT.
    Just somethin that seems a bit iffy with the numbers.

    Other than that looks pretty good contrary to my expectations. It’s just
    WoT with modern tanks though and *slight differences*, still no arguing
    against that. Nothing wrong with it though as long as gameplay holds.

  82. Mister Torgue Flexington

    Consumables were a disappointment,exact copy of wot.why do you need to even
    buy extinguishers,most of these modern tanks have some form built in.

  83. DetectiveMuffins 25

    his game is the booo shiit.they should work with wargaming and progress on
    wot with modern tanks

  84. I’ve been playing the beta of this and found a lot to like and things I
    didn’t like and things I wish they would add.

    I’ll start with the positives:
    NO TRACK RESEARCH — that’s right no wasting your time playing just to
    upgrade the tracks. THANK YOU!

    The commander tells you audibly what they just reloaded. So if you forgot
    you are shooting HE you get a nice reminder. WOT’s version of this reminder
    is some jerk with a mod will type it out to BOTH teams in chat that you are
    shooting HE.

    The game asks you if you “are sure you want to put skill X on a crew
    member?” rather than just doing it.

    When aimed at a tank you don’t get just an outline, you get the whole tank
    filled in with crazy red lines. This makes it much easier to snipe the
    target and know if you are within the boundaries. This though may make it
    tougher if you are trying to shoot say a port hole on the front of their

    Auto aim — auto aim is not as perfect as wot, especially when your gunner
    is low on skill, I set an auto aim on an enemy and ended up taking out a
    member of my own team on the other side of him. I was only about 10 feet
    from the enemy when this happened as well. I’m not saying this is bad, I
    actually found it refreshing that it was not perfect (not at the time it
    happened though)

    I don’t feel the game is giving me enough feed back in telling me I hit
    something. There is a yellow box that pops up and says something, but it
    requires me removing my focus from the target to look at it, if I don’t
    look quick enough it’s gone. In WOT the commander will always tell you that
    you hit something, in this the commander is not as vigilant at it. (this
    may be helped by an xvm feature I list below)

    Crew training, I don’t like that the crew’s can’t be moved to other
    vehicles (only the commander) If anything they should allow the crew to
    progress to the point where they can be made commanders.

    What I would like to see:
    I think they should incorporate XVM features into this. XVM is a tool that
    most WOT players use so why not give the people what they want?
    XVM features I want the most are:
    Damage meters (on your tank and enemy)
    last seen on the mini map (they have one but it fades out after a few

    Also, QuickyBaby is right, they need to do something different with the
    consumables. I think the more expensive med kit/repair kit should be split
    up one for each module/crew member. Example the commander is hurt he can
    use his own med kit, once gone he can’t use it anymore, but the loader if
    injured can use his.

    There is a difference in playing this and WOT that I can’t quite put my
    finger on. T
    his game is not feeling solid to me. It may be as I stated above the lack
    of feed back I feel I am getting when firing on the target.

    I have over-all enjoyed it, I’ve not been as frustrated with the tech tree
    on it, however as Quicky Baby pointed out, in going from a small quick
    light tank to a big old slow moving medium that feels like a heavy can kind
    of confusing, especially for new players who don’t know how to treat a
    light vs a medium/heavy.

    Also, if we are going to get an SPG warning, a little more time is
    necessary. Note however that SPG’s are not allowed to camp (according to a
    Rita video), they must move after three shots or their position will be

  85. tank models look weird to me but game looks really nice indeed!

  86. Nothing starts at an amazing game that can compare to World of Tanks on how
    it is today, World of tanks was I believe made in 2009 or 2010 and I was
    able to play the beta with my cousin and my brother. The game was fun but
    comparing to it today and back then it was bad and the game is amazing
    today. If armored warfare progressed more and made it better its possible
    you can say it will shut down World of tanks. The game will be amazing and
    can compare to world of tanks soon. But right now, lets be easy on it, not
    expect too much and accept how the Alpha or Beta, whatever the game is on
    and just enjoy it if you do. =)

  87. I see no reason to quit WoT for this. I’ll play it when I am having a bad
    day in WoT but WoT looks a bit better still. 

  88. ‘Its.. like.. a medium tank but is kind of like a heavy’…

    the word you’re looking for is main battle tank.

  89. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    You can tell QB has not played the artillery yet.

  90. the large consumables are much more affordable in armored warfare than wot,
    and what obsidian is doing in this game is making world of tanks where it
    really failed. armored warfare will beat out wot by having much better rng
    and mm.

  91. You actually, probably never read up on what they did with artillery. They
    made it very low alpha, quicker reload. But if you stay in one spot in your
    arty, it will ping the map. Which needs counter artillery. It gives you a
    warning. Better than wot arty, which tells you nothing after you’ve taken
    1,000damage. They are making artillery more of a support class, which is
    should be. It will offer different types of shells: EMP,smoke,and one other
    they didnt reveal.

  92. i hope new game has balance and not like wot that buff russian tanks and
    nerf anything else

  93. LOL Quickybaby would much rather be one shot by a CGC without warning.

    I believe arty is much better in AW

  94. Prassel B (Stefan)

    Arty in AW is so much better than WOT because it’s not RNG.

  95. I wouldn’t really say a tank sim

  96. I like the overpen message you get when you hit lightly armored targets
    with AP. 😉
    There is also a good counter-battery mechanic for artillery. When you shoot
    all other artillery are alerted to your presence by a ping on the map, the
    more you shoot from one spot, the more accurate the map ping is. So
    artillery will have to relocate more.

  97. Mike “Stuntman Mike” McKay

    There are still clickers… otherwise I would throw myself over this game

  98. Nice beta game, quicky when u going to post warships videos with the new
    battleships, come on buddy more videos.

  99. I dont think, that the WoT players are going to play this game. Would you
    start another game, when you habe for example tier 9 or tier 10 tanks? This
    would be just stupid.

  100. You just said it in the video: “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. WoT is a
    good game I don’t need to play a bad replica.

  101. Andrew Macdonald

    Firing AP at lightly armored targets over-matches their Armour and does
    less damage than if you were to fire HE at them. Kinda like world of war
    ships. At least I think that’s how it works. Correct if i’m wrong

  102. If anything, Missiles may be driving me right back over to WoT because
    unlike missiles, at least artillery have a chance to miss and aren’t able
    to be guided.

  103. They have just completely tried to copy wot 

  104. Catalinike Nike

    did you notice the code on the middle of the screen ?

    gameplay footage…….

  105. Game is practically funded and owned by Mail.Ru group (publisher in Ru
    segment and owner of, expect hard-core monetization.

  106. The Wargaming bias is stronk in this video. Especially the artillery
    criticism. The AW approach is an order of magnitude better design.

  107. CaptainExelYT - Minecraft

    It just a copy of world of tanks

  108. We all know that Project Tank is the best game out there

  109. +QuickyBabyTV do you know if you get the T-72 if you will be able to use
    the xp gained for that to go torward the Chieftan for the time being?

  110. Sepp Blatter Dealer, – gonna be awesome, some very cheap, but very wrong,
    but lots of under the table deals /. agreements / bribes, gonna be great,

    dealt from africa / asia, offices @ swissfifa

  111. War Thunder tanks are awsome! Telisam is what I wont, it is a simulazor,
    idk abot any hit point for tanks in WW2 no people died by 1 shell , that js
    what makes a good WT player whene you know where can you pen and kill your
    enemy to that point ehere it is your regular base, other people sre just
    lazy to learn it you just poimt the gun and bum damage, where War Thunder
    offers you surviveability, good player can be good in any tank in WT just
    like in WOT but relisam is what makes it fun, you die, you DIE you were
    outplayed, you need tactics skill knowled, feeling for the map coz
    everything can kill you and you can kill everything also. Thats how it was,
    if it simulates war than no hit point no aid kits for rewiveing your killed
    crew and planes are a factor as well, biggest treat to the tank is an

  112. Finally a perfect review !! Good job QB!

  113. Xinwei “Vingles” Chen

    side scraping isnt that effective in aw any more, hope ull know that

  114. Do side scrape works in AW?

  115. when I heard WoW killer, at first I thought world of warships… I think
    wargaming has taken over for me

  116. Gonzalo De Prada

    I hope both companys will survive so will need to improve their games if
    they want to stay in the fight. Rivalry is good for players.

  117. Such copy+paste, much wow 😛 But yeah Im gonna try this when you can play
    it for free

  118. quickybaby, you said that you don’t really like the icon that says
    artillery is aiming at you. well I think that it is mainly more for the
    people that just camp, and it is a way to make them move so they don’t take
    unnecessary damage.

  119. No premium ammo-No 1 shot artillery-Balanced tech tree. Seems good to me.
    There are some nice upgrade-skills going on and it can be more. Hope this
    wont be P2W.

  120. A very nice and un-biased review. I only have one criticism, I don’t
    understand why you consider that any tank game has to be a WoT killer.
    There is no WoT killer, the game is so popular with such a massive
    playerbase the only possible WoT killer is actually WoT, if the devs.
    decide to ruin their game on purpose.

    So, not all tank games have to be a WoT killer, there is no rule that
    forbids us from playing multiple games. WT:GF is a great game,
    unfortunately it is a very niche game so it’s popularity is low which can
    make waiting times in the RB queue quite long. Still, for those who are
    looking for a realistic online simulation it is brilliant.

    AW looks like a great game and it can be a complete success without
    destroying WoT. We, the players, can and will play both games and their
    competition will only bring good things for us.

  121. Jeez your arty comment QB made me cringe… play up some tiers and form a
    better opinion m8 it is NOT same as WOT its far from WOT.

  122. I’m really hoping that AW is good, but not because I want to play it. I’m
    hoping it will scare the shit out of WG and make them fix all the things
    that are wrong with WoT.

  123. I think the issue players are having with tier 3 MBTs, is how each is model
    to its role in real life. The T-62 is your typical Soviet heavy tank,
    (Braveheart heavy cavalry anyone) made to get up close and brawl in the
    fight for East Germany during the Cold War. As tweaks are done to the game,
    I would simulate this with larger aim circles compared to NATO tanks of the
    same time period. And have Soviet tanks have more hit points but be more
    fragile in the form of module damage. (throw away tanks / quantity over

    The M60 was originally built only to defend West Germany from attack from
    the Soviet Union. The idea being to have a longer reach in main gun
    accuracy and be deployed in a reverse slope to expose as little of the tank
    as possible. (Again Braveheart Longbows) The USA plan was to use air power
    from the Air Force and Navy Carriers to re enforce Europe and to push back
    the ground war from the air. (speed bump to slow down, NOT to win against a
    Soviet attack) (also see about NATO tanks in Desert Storm showing how open
    / flat terrain can make a battle very lopsided)

    England was also of the same mind set, to have tanks of heavy armor and
    with a rifled 120mm for deadly long range firepower at the cost of being
    slow. (as seen when England fought in the Falklands War)

    The current size of the maps favors the brawl vs. the long range gunnery
    duel. (the game seems to be hinting at night fights where it will be search
    lights vs. IR and then thermal) Longer ranges would support the use of ATGM
    with later Soviet models to provide a longer reach to their units. (most
    missile fights are meant to be fought at over 1 Km of distance) As for NATO
    units, the ATGM was restricted to the role of anti-tank capabilities to IFV
    and light TDs.

  124. From what I have seen on QB’s and MJ’s AW videos I think everyone waiting
    for AW to fix all of WoT’s ‘problems’ are going to be disappointed.
    Artillery warnings coming in too late to make much difference, afk players
    and camping. I will be giving it a go but I am not expecting some miracle

  125. Armored Warfare is not a simulator

  126. Graphics suck hard (from tank models to terrain and special effects). I
    cant see this how this will even try to “kill” wot…Pathetic copy/paste of
    wot… imho

  127. Dem fps tho….horrible

  128. I rather stick with Wot for a few more years and who knows they may just
    come up with more modern vehicles on their own. I kinda like the slower
    dynamics: More knowledge, more tactics, more dependance on a long made
    decisions, less circus gamers, less bullshit stunts and less matter how
    quick your fingers are. Sry dude! Long time sub. I just dont appreciate
    their WOT RIP OFF. I’m not a gamer . i’m a tank lover.

  129. For those of you complaining about one-shot arty, have you ever considered
    WoT is more realistic? I mean if a tank you have is lightly armored and a
    224mm arty cannon gets a good clean shot on you, you’re totally dead. Thats
    just the way it is.

  130. DeepShark Gaming

    When People say WOT and AW i go like WTF advanced warfare and world of
    tanks is a huge diffrence wait????? armored warfare?? (FACEPALM)

  131. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    never the less wot is still the better game dont forget wargaming will put
    modern tanks in the future and after the litle sneak peek we had of
    challenger2 m1abrams leo they looked much better then armored warfare

  132. ionicafardefrica

    When you say “it’s awsome because the game will look great in a few
    months/years with a bit of work” I think you are counting your chickens
    before they are hatched. Let’s put it bluntly -right now the game looks
    like a piece of crap (at least compared to it’s old rival), the gameplay is
    slow and unsatisfying (you can see QuickyBaby wondering at least 3-4 times
    in this video only if he was the one to hit the enemy or not), the maps
    came all from the same model and so on. As comendable as it is to cut them
    some slack because they are in beta, I wouln’t rush and buy it yet

  133. This might be something to look at in a couple years imo once they have
    worked everything out, but im going to stick with WoT for the time being

  134. The arabic writing on the walls of some buildings is all wrong xD

  135. I think you werent very fair about the arty, they are 3 or 4 shot
    autoloader thats why you got hit so fast, also you are Quickybaby.. so you
    ought to draw some fire 😉 Also the arty is quite unfair if both side dont
    have arty, because the arty has a ping on the map whenever another arty
    shoot, so arty usually end up playing cat and mouse with one another, more
    than rain death on the tanks. Also in wot you would have been dead with the
    first hit. Yes in a T62 at that range, you dont have time to move, but if
    you would have been on your side of the map you would have had plenty of
    time to move, because it tell you when the shot is fired so the closer you
    are to the arty the less time you have between the warning and the actual
    shot hitting. You also didnt mention what I noticed the most between WoT
    and AW. WoT is very accuracy based, meaning that you can hit a tank but you
    wont penetrate if you shot is not precisely position in a weak spot. in AW
    I dont feel its that important where you hit a tank, most of the time if
    the shot hit it will penetrate, unless you hit a very sloped spot and you

  136. last night was my 1st day on armored warfare on 4th day i clutched 6 kills
    with tier 1 pt-71 vs tier 3,4 , try to do that with tractor

  137. Can’t see how this is going to beat WoT in any way. I don’t really care
    about better graphics or fps. I care about gameplay and content.
    That is a problem that all the WoW “killers” out there have been facing.
    Dull raids, not enough content, no BETTER gameplay in any way.

  138. Why is War thunder ground forces seen as a failed Wot killer? i would say
    its completely different games.

  139. really don’t like the mixed tech trees, not fun

  140. fuck wot

  141. QB is too nice. One has to read between the lines.

    Here is my take: there was way too much faint praise in his review to
    suggest this is a winner, or even has the potential to be a winner. Yes,
    he’s very clear that Obsidian needs to differentiate their version more if
    they hope to attract WoT gamers, but I sense doubts in QB’s mind they’re up
    to it.

    It should have been pointed out, like in Mighty Jingles’ review, that this
    a pay-to-test version, and more important, once a new release comes out,
    all progress is reset. Personally, I won’t spend money for the privilege of
    starting over again with tier one tanks. And new releases come out fast and

    This infinite pre-release business model doesn’t do it for me.

  142. so much worse than I expected… I’m curios to see if this game will even
    live for long time. And the graphics are terrible, its even worse than wot

  143. AW suck. Wot better just cant get FKN MISSIONS DONE…….4 to go :/

  144. I didn’t like how the mbt felt too much like heavy tanks and not actully
    main battle tanks.

  145. is this game free?

  146. Thomas Gervasio

    So, you’re going to do videos on Armored Warfare. Great !
    I’m a bit tired of World of Tanks now and it is no more fun to play for me,
    and this AW Early Access got me back into playing a nice tank game, while
    there is still moments when I don’t understand why things are not like I
    want them to be, and just give up the fight to get into another battle.

  147. Its way too similar to wot, it doesn’t have anything new except modern
    tanks and i won’t grind a new game just to play some modern tanks its not
    worth it , also those models look awful

  148. Hrculasjnr Pretorius

    Made up tanks

  149. Cant wait for the Coop :D

  150. Obsidian has stated that there will be far more consumables available in

  151. You stated you thought players were passive wait till a Sharidan hits you
    at range they can do up to 500 on a that T62 and you no idea where the shot
    came from.
    Your experience was telling in the game and yes you may three shoot a tank
    at close of medium range but medium upwards it just a hit and see what come
    out of it, but i did smile when the light tanks overwhelmed you, some time
    the game is so fast you no time to think tactics or think at all.
    As for it being a clone yes in many aspects, they would want WOT players to
    try it and feel familiar to them to carry on playing but tatic wise whole
    new ball game i’m looking forward to the arty and there is ATGM to try, was
    in the game other night when Senior Producer was on Jinxx71 and on our
    side when the game started he was answering questions when he drove over
    the hill into the river and drowned laughed my head off brother has done
    the same , I like to play long range in the T62 am a crap player also i
    like to play arty.
    Thanks for the review.

  152. Arty is just as brutal? In WOT half the fing time arty does about 1/2-3/4
    of ur hp and sometimes even 1 hits u even if ur in a tier 10 and its a tier
    8. In Armoured warfare u get hit a lot for consistent damage but as soon as
    you get hit you can quickly seek cover and protect urself and arty damage
    is not down to something as no-skill as rng like in wot, instead its based
    up ur skill level to not overextend or be caught out in the open with no
    cover. EX: As soon as you got hit if you just found cover like a pillar
    that you werent on the wrong side of to protect you from arty you could
    stop getting hit with arty only hitting you for as much as a tank 1 tier
    below it.

  153. 30 frames goodness

  154. I feel like WoT will fill the end product of this game. The game feels and
    look better plus WoT it’s just to expensive to run and evolve. Just my

  155. Why don’t you put up War Thunder videos anymore QB?

  156. I’m curious how spotting is scored in AW. Since the videos I’ve seen all
    have more spots awarded to the team as a whole than there are tanks on the
    enemy team, it’s pretty obvious it’s scored differently than in WoT. Just
    wondering if anyone can enlighten me.

  157. Nice, love the video!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get free early-access. But this video gave me a
    good idea to what I should expect to come.

  158. It’s a good game. I feel as thought quite easy to have kills stolen….
    I still enjoy war thunder GF . More immersion and feel as though it’s more
    of a ‘simulator’

  159. will little (LittleWillie)

    I purchased a founder’s pack and was very excited to play it, but in my
    hype i failed to acknowledge my graphics card was made around 6-9 years
    ago, can’t remember, so i got about 4-6 fps and in the two days that i was
    able to play, i was only able to play a total of 4 matches, the hype train
    fell off its tracks and life slapped me in the face. life’s a bitch eh?

  160. The Anonymous Patriot

    Gee @21:40 Quicky looks all the world like a slack jawed retard LULZ
    Btw… if you cry all the time about World of Tanks and say “I can’t wait
    for Armored Warfare” etc etc yadda yadda blah blah blah… first… realize
    we’re happy to see you go because we are *sick and fucking tired* of
    carrying your no tanking ass
    Next… please use the Kleenex Man Sized Tissue on the way out the door
    THEN… take one step back and copulate furiously with your own face.

    I’ll stick with World of Tanks, not some flash in the pan WOT wanna be with
    a bunch of WOT rejects calling each other Noobs and talking shit. If I want
    that I just have to turn on Battle Chat on WOT

  161. Mattias Larsson

    you get the arty warning when the enemy arty fires his gun so if you are
    far away you get more time to trye and dodge but at close range its not
    much time.

  162. Lucifer “Satan” -

    Whens it removed?

  163. I might try the game, but I will always stick with WG

  164. BodyGuardOfLies1

    I think that there are some subtle and some major differences between this
    game and wot.

    Armoured Warfare is still in early beta and many of the features have not
    yet been enabled yet it already feels less formulaic than wot. Armoured
    Warfare gives the impression that you have more freedom and as a
    consequence a greater feeling of investment in the outcome of each battle.

    For a start the maps are a lot more open and do not feel like the many
    contrived corridor maps that have ruined wot. The maps are also larger,
    more realistic and prettier
    The effects of RNG are lower so one doesn’t end up frustrated and feeling
    that the game cheated you. Having lower RNG means the game is more brutal
    as there is a lot less room for error.
    The tanks are more modern and on average faster so one does not get
    frustrated like trying to relocate in reaction to game dynamics whilst
    driving a T95 for instance.

    Whether it is a wot killer or not remains to be seen but better maps, less
    RNG, and a better engine are a good start. The biggest single factor that
    caused many of my friends to quit WOT is the match making. Many of the
    battles are over before they start the team with the fewer newbs winning.

    If Armoured Warfare wants to push WOT into second place the biggest single
    factor is skill based match making of some description. We are already
    seeing a huge disparity in player ability with camping and lemming trains
    not to mention really bad combat skills and zero situational awareness
    amongst a significant number of the players. If the game is to remain fun
    then players need to be evenly distributed between teams based upon their
    ability so that we do not see the same frustrations that many players have
    experienced with WOT. Battles need to be an evenly matched contest not an
    exercise in futility,

  165. Papon Wangsaturaka

    i think wot is better

  166. holy shit something on QB channel that is not World of Tanks holy SHIT

  167. are you interesting in STEEL BEAST qb ?

  168. Nice to see another tank kinda game 😀 but there’s still one big
    question…. If WoT will add the tiers 11, 12 and 13 with tanks like T-72,
    Chieftain, Challenger 2, Abrams, T-90 etc. WILL IT LOOK AND PLAY THE SAME
    AS THIS? U know what i mean QB, right? all those 120mm british Royal
    Ordnance smoothbore guns… I’m worried how the wargaming will manage those
    tanks to not make them super-OP… To be honest, today tanks and ammunition
    is made to one shot an enemy tank and do the maximum damage to its
    equipment and crew. Another question is: What are the distances like max
    spotting range etc? same as in WoT? then if WoT adds tiers 11,12,13 they
    should make bigger maps, i can imagine future WoT: driving a Leopard 2 with
    Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore gun and one shooting enemy T-72 from across
    the map, then the accurancy of those tanks should be 0.007m at 100m… But
    im still waiting for a game with modern tanks and War Thunder kind of
    playstyle (oneshots if aimed properly) 😀 Anyway, nice video :D

  169. wot copy with some improvements

  170. HEAT should have less penetration. Modern armor uses kinetic penetrators
    almost exclusively (APCR, APFSDS/SABOT). HEAT is mainly used for thin
    skinned vehicles so you don’t waste a SABOT round. HE is mainly used for

  171. M109 can shoot a round about every 4-5 seconds IRL.

  172. One thing that i really like in this game is the background noise/music,
    it’s so relaxing.

  173. BroDoYouEvenBro

    My main issue with the game so far is that they went for a mostly realistic
    setup with the MBTs, which means the early MBTs at least are really slow
    and inaccurate on the move, but then the light tanks get an artificial buff
    that give them 100% accuracy on the move, with light tanks like the 152mm
    Sheridan having 500 damage a shot and 400 penetration using a sabot shell
    that it never really had being able to two-shot MBTs and AFVs that can’t
    aim in on them in time while the light tanks zip around at 60kph

    Same thing with the Tank destroyers, they have ridiculously fast reloads as
    well as camo and speed, and then some of them can pen MBTs frontally
    anyway. Add on their 25% damage bonus if they’re standing still and you
    have a 90mm cannon that reloads every 5 seconds and does 500 damage a shot
    on a TD that can go 100kph

    They really have to balance light tanks and TDs or else MBTs and AFVs will
    just never be used

  174. Being the guy who knee jerk reactions to people hating on arty, QuickyBaby
    should have known the arty was firing withing a really close distance which
    made him ‘dodging the shots’ that much more difficult. The entire idea of
    people wanting to be within slapping distance of arty was achieved, he was
    just up the hill.

  175. How can this be a world of tank killer if this game copied everything about
    the world of tank. So no thanks world of tank is better and I’m pretty sure
    wargaming will probably gonna start adding modern tank in the future.

  176. I prefert world of tank

  177. Nice preview 🙂 It might been asker earlyer but what video setup are you
    using? badass FPS :)

  178. Ah! First comment. My question to you QB, initially, do you see AW drawing
    enough of your interest away from WoT, ie, is it got enough difference or
    realism to pique your interest?

  179. Chayanin Uethein

    i hope it would not “KILL” wot even i really like the game mechanics and
    everything about it. i wil absolutely download it.

  180. Arue “Khone” kon

    pt 76 – scorpion – sheridan – stingray = same style of play and amazing
    firepower with mobile paper all MBT in dealer tree are same of gameplay…
    before u will claim missleading information that progress does not feel
    like progress unlock whole tree progress ty..

  181. Arthur van dulmen

    World of Tanks is still the best!!!

  182. MrKugelsicher90

    Hm i love Obsidian for Fallout NV, Pillars of Eternity and South Park stick
    of thruth but this game looks like a big cashgrab. I mean this game has
    only modern tanks and the rest so close to wot that i dont understand why
    they make this game.

  183. Well if this game willl stay on this path, arty will be a bit more fair
    than WOT and there will be no prem shells and consumables, then it might be
    bye bye WOT :P

  184. Hi Quicky!

    I thought you might wanna check out this thread as it kicked off a lot of
    dust. Would be interesting to hear some of your opinions on the forums as


  185. Hello there. I’m playing from Australia,and I noticed your ping, 35 wow. I
    wish mine was that good, I’m dealing with 323 avg.

  186. Michael Letters

    I’m interested in this game, but overall not too excited… what I’m hoping
    is that it draws the CoD “bads” away from WoT.

  187. Саша Давиденко

    Great review, simply, clear, legibly, like

  188. Songs for the Heart

    Quicky baby, the comment about missing the last shot on the Leopard was
    wrong! He died before you fired!

  189. hey qb did you know the new gaijins project called crossout its post
    apocalyptic vehicular combat game its like a mix betwen robocraft and mad
    max the main feature is that YOU HAVE TO CRAFT YOUR OWN BADASS WEHICLES TO
    DECIMATE OTHERS its coming to beta in this summer my oppinion is that this
    game is going to be AMAZING

  190. Youtubers must love that you can change the names of your crew so they
    will be able to pronounce them.

  191. airsoftlord 122

    When is armored warfare releasing

  192. If anyone from the developers of armoured warfare is watching read this
    I noticed on the wall there was some Arabic text. You must have used Google
    translate to try to translate ‘loading area’… What Google translate has
    done is literally take the two word and translate them separately and just
    blob them into place… What is written on the wall translates to ‘area
    loading’ or ‘the area is being loaded’ if you want to say loading area it
    should be like this منطقة تحميل
    arabic is a bit more complex for google translate :)

  193. I love the ter chart, this is a nation or nation war game is a free lance
    getting stronger and better tanks as he gets higher up the list. something
    like this makes it to were and tank from any place in the world is welcome
    not just o have Russian armor in the Russian list, no this is got quite a
    few dif tanks

  194. Looks like you have the same graphics problem as me. Next time start WoT
    and have it running in garage in the background. FPS increase a lot and the
    small stutter goes away 🙂 Guess WoT enable something that Armored Warefare

  195. xX_Destructo_Xx IsHere

    Playing this game in 1080P60HD looks amazing

  196. I think this game could be a winner and better than wot, but so far it is a
    bit funky graphics, I wish the explosions was a lot more realistic

  197. what your opinion for warfare and wot????

  198. I thought they’ve changed the artillery to do less damage… O_O

    When it comes to WG however…

    I would also like to see when people realise that WG is giving all the good
    stuff to the ones who pay with money –> Pay2Win

    Event: Amagedon –> only for people that is in a clan.
    Reward –> T8 IS-5.

    Clan is made by people who invest real money.
    Support told me it might be on the premium store –> Pay –> Think of only
    those who spend money not of all the other peoples.

  199. no p2w ammos sounds good.

  200. FirstName LastName

    Only thing that keeps bugging me about AW is how similar to WOT it looks
    like. Like Obsidian doesn’t even care that it looks like knock off. It
    doesn’t necessarily mean game will suck, but if I’m tired of WOT, what will
    AW bring to the table? Same game? I’d rather skip AW and WOT then…

  201. When are you going to upload videos of you and other you tubers playing
    games together?

  202. LOL warthunder beats world of tanks by far those sht tank stats of world
    tanks make my laugh

  203. The accuracy is good. they need to implement boresighting on the tanks to
    make the tank more accurate. MRS updates is the key. If you shoot 3-5
    rounds you lose your accuracy from the MRS

  204. Hey Quickybaby couple of thing i heard about Armored Warfare fist off
    Slilant Stocker incase people don’t no he use to work for wargamming work
    for them I think that wear the wot infuances come from the other is there
    not going to allow modding of the game at all meaning no xvm no wn8 none of

  205. Some of the worst parts of Wot, as I see it…

    1. There should not be a win loss record for standard battles whatsoever
    (not even counted). This is not an achievement for a video game and shows
    the lack of imagination on the part of the developers. it also would
    eliminate a lot of player frustrations making for a friendlier game.
    NOTE: I can however understand a win/loss record for clan battles or

    2. The modules should not be effected in the 1st shots, they should only
    become vulnerable after a certain amount of hp is lost.
    NOTE: Its absolute no fun to play when the first shots takes out your ammo
    rack, tracks etc… having using the repair kit in the first few seconds
    makes them a futile aspect.

    3. Wot’s MM is not all that great, definitely needs working on.

    4. The global map should be a part of the in game package and not separated
    to an outside website.
    NOTE: The global map should be dynamic in a way that is not solely for

    5. No third party mods. This puts everyone on the same level and is only
    NOTE: We shouldn’t have to go to an outside source and for those that will
    not take the slightest risk with outside mods (or whatever the case be)
    this becomes an unfair feature. Everyone plays the same game.

    6. No gold consumables of any kind whatsoever (ammo/consumables), it is a
    ridiculous concept that only punishes the players. the game can make plenty
    of money through other means. premium tanks, increase credit and exp for
    example is already done (I’m sure there is other ways as well). To say the
    guy that can afford 100$ a week opposed to the guy that can only afford
    20/50$ a month gets stronger game play is absurd to say the least.

    There was more but after watching some videos I excluded some. Seems
    Armored Warfare is at least giving the game some new considerations.

  206. it is not a clone it is a good game itself world of tanks is a brawler
    armored warfare is a quick killer.

  207. If wot gets removed ill be like screw you little jerk game

  208. Hubert Fijałkowski

    It looks like we can actually hear thoughts of that non-speaking QB from
    previously recorded gameplay :p such fun

  209. Their model will most likely be based on premium tanks, exp boosts, and
    premium time, an excellent model in my opinion! :D

  210. This game looks like a game for android/IOS …

  211. Meh… I’m not impressed. Still prefer the look and features of WoT at
    least at this stage of development.

  212. Hay, QB – if you ever get into the swingfire and figure it out, DO PLEASE
    post a video on how to make the damn thing function.

  213. Doesnt look interesting

  214. And I see you play this game .. you are big noob .. I no that .. here you
    can use yours shits…. 

  215. Le-Maitre-Des-Mangas Otageeku

    You’re too late slowbaby.

    You better quit WOT, it’s shity game compared to AW.

  216. Good video Quick Baby!

  217. This game is really shit compared to world of tanks, tracks movement is
    bad, walls, the way the gun fires, this game will never be wot killer, they
    basically just copied the wot play stile just with modern tanks, wot has
    like 100 tanks alread, and this game is like beginning of wot with modern

  218. Can i still sign up to the game and download it FOR FREE?

  219. is armored warfare modern tanks?

  220. I’ll like this so maybe you’ll stop just doing WoT stuff.

    This game is good, especially with the last test that’s just ending. It’s
    WoT with more diverse gameplay, and a different selection of vehicles which
    is welcome. I have never really seen a game progress this quickly in
    alpha/beta testing. If you like WoT, and like newer vehicles or want a
    break from the older stuff, this is a good game for you.

  221. i am playing and enjoying it. as you say the interface is simple and
    intuitive. i love the sound mechanics and the game engine has a lot of
    potential. but as you get to higher tiers that damn swingfire is a pain in
    the ass lol :)

  222. one thing i don’t like about this video is you didn’t mention the
    countermeasures, different armour types and how ammo reacts differently
    towards those different armour types. Neither did you mention that if you
    shoot in artillery, you get lit up for the enemy artillery to fire at you.

    Actually you kinda missed a lot out…

  223. QuickyBaby can you pls make more vidoes about Armored Warfare ? WoT is just
    and old game with old mechanics, we want somethink new and fresh …

  224. that was a swingfire that you shot before you hit the leopard on coldstrike
    just saying (not trying to be a jerk)

  225. is this game worth my time? feel mixed

  226. The downfall from GF is that you can see tanks all over the battle field..
    The trees and bushes don’t improve your camouflage what so ever !! So
    driving a TD in that game just sucks,

  227. Tell you what, if Arty only hits for 170 – 250..etc…I’m sold. With WoT
    they can one shot a Tier 10 Heavy. It’s so broken that I rarely play the
    game anymore. I can’t wait for this to be released.

  228. This game is way worse than wot, wot is awesome

  229. Looks good. Anything is better than World of Tanks with all the 3rd party
    Wargaming screwed themself!
    I hope this games kicks Wot to the curb!

  230. Antonio Iulian Zaharia

    shame on you! You ar the change of the year, from the good boy to the
    capitalist teenager! please come back, be the same guy from the start!
    money can not change you because you have brain ! use your brain!

  231. I really don’t like the fire and hit graphics – it looks like you’re firing
    a harmless little rocket at the enemy!

  232. Viktor Woloszczuk

    Don’t see why they can’t just not have arty, since it doesn’t seem to have
    a balanced form at all.

  233. I hope so much that it’ll be a great game, I’m so sick of wot, the thousand
    mods and the same 0 tactic gameplay, but as in all f2p titles the morons
    will play this to, and btw all of u whining about arty – it’s more
    realistic than ur world of tanks fantasy vehicles 

  234. Killed you behind a pillar with aroun 50 hp with HE Rounds, sounds
    reasonable to me 😛 Artie has been touch up since this was posted too. Hope
    I can get into the next test, great video.

  235. Why must some think of this like “world of tanks killer”… or the MMORPG’s
    u mentioned like “WoW killers”? Can’t people just play both, if they ehm,
    like them? Seriously, what gamer thinks like that?

  236. I had to stop playing WOT, that often heard complaint about MM was a
    reality for me. No matter what I did I would be on losing teams and I got
    tired of it. I do not think it is normal to lose 10-20-30 games in a row.
    It was awful. I had a problem with tech support trying to retrieve some
    lost tanks, that I did not delete. I have been playing AW a lot this
    weekend and it is getting better. There is a lot of work to do but the pace
    is good and the tanks are interesting, especially the Terminator. I know
    you are a big fan of WOT, but I think WOT needs some competition. I will
    never return to WOT so I am hoping for the success of AW. I hope some of
    you will give it a try, we were short of players this weekend, causing long
    wait times for a game. Don’t come to judge, just play, it will be helpful
    to the programmers and many others. Give it a chance you will find it is
    nice but new.

  237. to me it looks like a dumbed down version of wot.

  238. Thankfully this is a bit out of date, and a lot of this has changed. Lines
    are more properly structured and arranged, this was just them trying to get
    some lines working for the early tests.

  239. He is too used to world of tanks. He need to realize that it is a different

  240. QuickyBabyTV its not simulator! its another version of wot!!

  241. Lucian-Augustin Poptelecan

    nice crew…:)))))

  242. Its a lot better that WoT, WOT is stuck in the past, heavy tanks died a
    death with ww2 AW starts where WoT ends with modern tanks and technology
    with a modern graphics engine much more speed and all round just a much
    better game. WoT is old now.. its too expensive for a crappy old game where
    sad old men spend their retirement money on tanks they saw during the war..

  243. I dont like the look of the UI, but the game itsself looks promising and
    far more balanced (no prem ammo, gunupgrades). Also the aimtime looks far
    more realistic. Last but not least there is useful information in the game
    that i missed in wot like showing if your hit penetrated because of

  244. this game sucks it only wot with a couple minor changes i hope they get
    dued for copyrights

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