Armored Warfare – Worth Playing in 2018?

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Armored Warfare free to play game based on recent and modern-day and armored vehicles. Take part in pvp battles or chill out with friends in co-op missions, all while playing your favourite main battle tanks, light tanks and AFV’s. This review is based on the game as of March 2018.

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  1. Some of the big fun is using missiles. Artillery is handled very well in AW. If you know what you are doing and have some ok team mates arty is kinda fun.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why I even play WoT…

  3. it is starting to fill up with the sort of griefers you get in WoT’s

  4. Hrafnkell Haraldsson

    Been playing it since they started it up and have enjoyed it. Glad to see it get some love. I play PVE – as you say, very relaxing playstyle and a nice change of pace from the WoT pubs.

  5. gian davidson fernandes alnmeida

    The way the ammo works on AW is the same way WG will implement soon on WoT.

    • You think so? That would be nice to see.

    • WoT will never take away the “you have armor? ‘2 key’ no you don’t” bullshittery that is Premium Ammo – they make *far* too much money off of it (because players burn through their credits using it and need to buy more with gold->silver conversion). Unfortunately, the top three things that are going to eventually sink WoT are: A – Premium ammo spam. B – fucked up MM (too much imbalanced skill distrib) C – arty (which, while annoying, is fine in its current state).

    • gian davidson fernandes alnmeida

      Amzar Nacht They will, just read the interview, or just wait and you’ll be surprised, WG has many other resources, taking the premium ammo won’t bankrupt the company. From your top 3, A-will end this year. B-that’s why it’s called random battle, neither wn8 or winrate really represent skill, and any change on MM is complex and could end on long waits in the queue, even though, they said this year they’ll do some changes on MM. C-Arty is getting more and more nerf, if years ago someone said that arty will be nerfed people would react just like you about gold ammo, and I expect more arty nerf ahead, but they won’t take the class out of the game.

  6. So are there players on the North American server? I used to play it but left sicne the NA server died.

  7. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    As a WoT refugee, I started playing this in January this year and quite enjoy it. No moronic premium ammo and no pay-to-win!
    Shame about no arty in PvP – one less dimension to the battle. Overall I’d say a big thumbs up except for the graphics which are a bit meh. Hope you do more AW vids 🙂

  8. AW must be having a push! Claus has also done a video about it…..

  9. Wondering why they are now paying YT streamers to showcase their game? Well here is why:

    They had a six month long storyline campaign with episodes and arcs and stuff and it was grindy but the reward was a unique t9 premium that “would never be sold or be available again.” Six months of grinding. But it was worth it, right?

    Then in the last episode, while we are desperately finishing the grind for our rare t9 premium, they started handing out t10 premiums for a two week grind. Yes, t10. As in, jump right into end game. Without a grind like we had and without having to learn the game.

    And then, a couple of months after that, what should pop up in the store? Yep, you guessed it, our unique t9 premium, along with that rare t10 premium, and other t10 premiums. For cash on the barrelhead.

    Needless to say, we all quit. And now nobody is playing. And that’s why they have to pay Mark to make this video, because they were stupid and greedy and they need new suckers to spend money on their game now.

  10. 9:30 GLOps map…. that’s a carbon copy of WoT’s Mittengard… Aside from the lack of the insane hills at the spawn points, it’s a perfect rip. *LOL*

  11. AW is a good, polished game by the Devs.
    Unfortunately the publishers are absofuckinglutely *HORRIBLE* . They’re trying desperately to suck as much money out of it as they can and not doing a damn thing to actually get the game out in front of new players. This thing would be a *serious* contender against WoT, but active WoT players think it’s a complete joke – because there is, effectively, *NO* PvP to satisfy their little machismos on NA, and little enough on EU. The PvE mode trumps pretty much all of the other similar armor titles but lack of adverting and promoting means no new players, unless they’re directed by WoT players, ever see the title.

    These guys are all about cranking out reskinned tanks that you can only purchase by whipping out that $$$, regardless of the fact that they convinced early backers to accrue bucketloads of in-game credits (gold) that can’t be used for the vehicle packages… until, *sometimes* , two months or more later. And these are their backers, their early adherents, that they’re telling to fuck-the-hell-off.

    And the promotions that they *do* offer, without a word of adverting *anywhere* effective, they *ALWAYS* fuck up beyond recognition and take weeks or months to figure out, if they ever do.

  12. I played AW a lot back in the days before the population died out and you had to wait for 30min or more for a t10 battle. Are the waiting times better now on hightiers? and one more thing that was annoying me when i made one battles some months ago was that you could zoom in with your mousewheel easily. I always had to scroll multiple times and that rly annoyed me. Is this problem fixed?

    • The wait times for higher tier games are probably similar, but whenever I had a longish wait time for a battle the MM just made it a smaller skirmish – like 5v5 instead of 15v15. I didn’t have trouble scrolling and zooming – though I know what you mean, I have that exact issue with World of Warships!

  13. only soyboys cry about arty

  14. Iron Panterloons

    I’ve played it for about three years, but very rarely, devoting most of my time to WoT. That said, I’ve got a huge number of tanks there that I never even had to earn up to because of all the piles of daily bonuses gives you. Gold, credits, XP boosters, premium time…they make Wargaming look very Scroogey. I’ve got about a year of premium time built up…free.
    Comparing the two games, I like the PVE mode because you can get a tank and you’re not immediately thrown into a battle against unicoms. You have time to actually figure out what you’re doing.
    You can look at PVE mode as the seal clubbing version of the game.

    MM seems to be much better too.

    Overall, the graphics (for me) are pretty much equivalent to WoT. That never makes or breaks a game for me anyway. I grew up on the Atari 2600, Commodore 64, and other 8-bit machines, so whatever.

    Armored Warfare is more arcade-y than WoT. You primarily do a lot of running and gunning, with (from my experience) very little strategic maneuvers, but I don’t platoon. I make the statement from what I’ve observed about other players. To each their own…sometimes I like playing one way, sometimes another.

    Mark mentioned the chat atmosphere…it’s so nice not seeing the subhuman toxicity that WoT is so full of.

    Armored Warfare is definitely a good break from the stress of WoT.

    Oh! Had to add that I like the way AW does premium time…you use it when you want. In WoT, if I buy a year of premium and don’t play for six months, I’ve just payed double for what I got. Why? Why don’t you get billed for what you actually use? That’s why I’ve never bought premium in WoT, but I do in AW.

  15. It’s nice to see AW finally getting some public notice!

  16. I may give it a go again. Thanks!

  17. AW was NEVER worth playing, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. A bit sugar coated review I’d say… But yes, game is good, much more enjoyable than wot.

  19. Hi Mark, not sure if you read this but either way. I am playing AW at this moment but, I feel your video is fake not because it is paid but because you are not posting any other videos about it like tank reviews or so. If you just do the regular paid video it has absolutely no effect on the player community. Also the game is dead, I find myself during the weekend having to play PVE instead of PVP or GlobalOps because there are no players to play with: alone in the queue. Actually it’s money so why not do it. The fact is the game is dead and I have no idea what the hell are they gonna do about it.

    • My video certainly isn’t fake. Its there to raise awareness and bring attention to AW. Its been a couple of years since I last played it (those videos are still on my channel) and so naturally I’m not doing reviews on all the vehicles because I’m not experienced enough in them to give other people advice on how to play them.

    • I understand, Mark, but I am not sure you understand the “nuance” at which I am referring: awareness and players for this game will be brought if videos are being done regularly. Though this is something I should tell them, who contact you to promote their product. Either way have a nice weekend.

    • Thanks, you too 🙂

  20. i play AW for 3 years …
    what i like 1 crew setup is like. rpg game skills fit to play style , comanders go fromntank to tank with (six sense) already from 1 batlle and all have great voices.
    2 Pve and Pvp game play what. ever you want
    3 nice tanks whithout mother russia bias like 268-4 and other shits
    4 no mod and illegal tundra shits
    5 great maps
    6 no arty monkeys at pvp and gold ammo shooters
    7nice comunity at game chat
    8 no wn8 xvm bullshits who ruin game for damage sniping from light tanks
    9 nice futures like smoke screens night vision etc
    10 you can earn premium time and buffs and activate them when u like
    what i dont like
    1 not enough players so wait for batlle can take some time
    2 my potatoe gpu runs better in wot
    3 i find tier 8 premiums expensive and should drop prices at least for now

  21. Love the game, more so then WoT.

    Too bad the player base just isnt there

  22. Nothing to see here!

    • Hi Mark. I think you must have missed it, but I did disclose that at the 20 second mark in the video by stating its a sponsored video by My . com. Also I had the “Ad” burned into the start of the video and also Youtube displays a “Includes Paid Promotion” message (which I selected to be displayed) whenever anyone plays the video, from any time point in the video.

    • Fair point and well made 🙂 My bad and and my apologies!

    • No worries, and no need to apologise 🙂 Its good that people do hold me to account, keeps me honest 🙂

  23. What I want to know is AW better than WoT? I have been playing WoT since 2012, but I am finding the game less and less enjoyable.

    • Better or worse is just down to personal taste. AW shares a lot of similar features and gameplay but has enough differences to appeal to players who want something other than WoT. Give it a try as its free and if you don’t like it then the only thing you will have lost is a little bit of your time. The biggest issue it has right now is a low player population so queue times for games in certain tiers or on the NA server can be a little long, but if enough new players join the game then that will improve.

    • I remember logging in on the EU servers about 3 years ago to see how many on. It showed 400k each server. Just the other day someone told me they are now averaging 50k.

  24. Played in the past, it is dead now. Waiting time to the battle felt endlessly.

  25. Last i played armored warfare i went into que for pfp and their was only one other player there so idk if it was just my server or what

  26. I played it for a while off and on but it was just never that good, just a poor WoT copy. That youtubers have to be paid to feature it says a lot, but money is money.

  27. not forget that garage slot cost nothing……soo no need for selling tanks for making room for new tanks….

  28. Ive been playing AW since the second round of the Alpha and PVE is the only reason I still play the game

  29. 6:43 beep beep

  30. They have fixed all my gripes with WoT. I also feel their maps are far better than WoT maps as they are all mostly balanced for all tank types. El Halluf vs Himmelsdorf for light tanks is a world of difference. Most AW maps seem to have brawling sections as well as sniping sections, much nicer

  31. I’d like to play AW but I still haven’t managed to upgrade my PC, modern stuff would be great, the WWII-Early 50′ of WoT kinda gets heavy after a bit.

    Also, hell no, I’m not playing War Thunder. I had enough of that crap, I played it for a year and it sucked, sure, I wasn’t bad at it, but it has way too many problems.

    Being spawn camped by TDs, raped by Yoloing SPAAs or just annihilated by planes with rockets is enough.

    At least the bugs were funny.

  32. I really love this game, just unfortunate that not enough players to play PVP sigh…

  33. Harald Lorentzen

    Nice review mate. AW is a fun game to play, and I love the PvE mode, as it’s much more relaxed than than PvP, and far less drama.

    The line up of various kinds of tanks is impressive, wich give a lot of diveristy.

    One thing you did not touch on is the various tank commanders you have and the traits they have. They do make a difference, and I think they should have been mentioned.

    Otherwise, nice review as I said above.

  34. i wouldn’t recommend it, even though i try to like it myself, i mean it’s like wot just with all of wot’s p2w shit or other shit removed, you know: no OP prem tanks, no overkill crews, no prem ammo, barely any RNG, grind is way shorter, no brain-dead arty class in pvp and so on, but the problem with AW is: it doesn’t know what it wants to be.

    = if you want to know why: because it has mostly wide open maps, ultra short time to kill and a few other things which go more into the modern tank simulator game direction, while it also has so many of wot’s arcade game parts like the spotting system for example – so, it’s supposed to be an arcade game, but tries to be a simulator game? – “yeah, i know, sounds even weirder then War Thunders game concept”.

    and then there is the thing with the nice PvE, what the devs are also trying to push right now, but here it also doesn’t know what it wants to be again – they want to make PvE a big thing, in a for PvP designed game – “makes also no sence, nothing against PvE, it’s nice to have it, but it’s still a weird concept”.

    if you ask yourself now from what kind of player that comes: i play AW on and off since it came out, i play all gamemodes, i have 1 t10(XM1A3), second one is in the works(T14) and a few other t8s and apart from one 1 t7 prem tank, a complete free player.

  35. LightFoot Freddy

    Hi Mark, I am Armored Warfare Content creator, I stream and have a Youtube channel
    Dedicated to Armored Warfare. I want to thank you for your effort for promoting this game maybe you could do a shout out for the Armored Warfare Content creators so people who are interested can look around because it is an awesome game and it deserves more attention then it gets now. Grtz LightFoot Freddy

  36. guys … do not download armored warfare… SO BAD….. fkcing impossible to angle ….. side scrape……. IMPOSSIBLE….shitty game

  37. Good stuff Jed. Please do more on AW and don’t leave all your eggs in the WoT basket.

  38. I loved this game. Even spent real money on it. Then a few years ago I noticed that the PVP matches were shrinking and became almost nonexistent. The PVE matches are fun but too easy and not much of a challenge at all. I eventually uninstalled it. Overall, it was great then just became a bit boring.

  39. I was a backer when this first came out. It was amazing the first couple of years. Then Russians. Now it’s dead-ware.

  40. Played AW for a couple of years, it had it’s charms, but uninstalled it about 12 months ago due to server population for pvp … I play on EU, can’t begin to imagine how bad it is on NA. I keep a weather eye on AW but there’s been nothing to draw me back.

    To be fair AW is better just concentrating on the pve market, they’ve lost it for good as far as pvp.

  41. [MHT] Clan MetalHammer Team

    I’ve been playing open beta now and I still think the game is absolutely awesome. Of course it also has its weaknesses, but I find the strengths, as the youtuber has shown here, outweigh all.
    If someone is new to this game, you are welcome to watch our little videos on our channel, where the smaller skirmishes are more likely to be staged.

  42. Is it Russian bias?

    • Not that I noticed, though I don’t claim to be an expert on the game. There is such a good variety of vehicles and nations (because you buy the tanks from “dealers” rather than research them from national tech trees) it doesn’t appear to me that one nations vehicles are superior. And they all have a counter.

  43. missiles are an absolute bitch in this game. There are certain vehicles that can deal upwards of 700 dmg to you in just one hit with a missile and they almost all have at least a 2 missile clip.

  44. William Gustafsson

    I play this game quite a bit and I really wish there was more players on it

  45. I’ve been playing AW since early access 3. All the things I hated about wot is fixed in this game. I don’t feel cheated when I buy new vehicle. (free slot, free crew) commanders are unique and you can pick skills for each vehicle class up to 15 skills, and the grind is fast. I stopped playing WG games and I have no regrets.

  46. Wasn’t worth playing then …..still not worth playing now .

  47. Couple of things that need attention:
    With the way they put Tier 10 premiums in EA style Loot boxes I would recommend steering clear of the premium shop.
    PVE missions feel like missile spam simulator 2018 and anything that doesn’t have MBT durability gets chewed up if you’re reckless.
    If you’re on the NA server PVP is mostly dead with Glops , too many play modes for a community to support.

  48. Can’t stand modern fighting vehicles!?

  49. For me the game has undergone some very serious changes.
    What I don’t like about the game is that sometimes I get this crap mouse lag when I’m aiming at enemies, no matter how good the computer is. This only happens on those “Caribbean” mission with the shipyard (2nd mission in the queue). Then, there is the wait times… i had to wait last evening for more than 3 minutes to get into the “Caribbean” missions started, which is extremely bad. There were a lot of players online (21 in the queue for the missions) and I think they need to boost up the queues a bit… they’re performing quite bad sometimes. The same for PvE on the regular missions. Over 3 minutes of waiting time… then I switched to WoT.

    What I like about it is that:
    – the crew starts at 100% on every tank (at least at every tier 6 tank),
    – PvE is so much better than WoT.
    – Tanks have weakspots even at higher tiers, so you don’t get screwed up by any powercreep or sealclubbers

  50. Dead game

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