Armored Warfare: WZ-1224 Review, Is It Worth It?

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Source: Taugrim

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We review the WZ-1224, the new tier 5 premium in Armored Warfare (AW), with gameplay of a tier 5 Coastal Threat battle.

Stat line: 5.4k damage, 6 , 4.5k damage mitigated

While the max depression (-3) is very poor needs to be managed carefully, the WZ-1224 has beefy frontal armor, is surprisingly mobile, has solid gun handling, and benefits from premium matchmaking.

We also discuss the new Coastal Threat PVP map and lanes to play as an MBT.

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Similar to my “” video for World of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these AW videos is to meaningfully help players improve their PVP gameplay.

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