Armored Warfare: WZ-1224 Review, Is It Worth It?

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Source: Taugrim

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We review the WZ-1224, the new tier 5 Chinese premium MBT in Armored Warfare (AW), with gameplay of a tier 5 Coastal Threat battle.

Stat line: 5.4k damage, 6 kills, 4.5k damage mitigated

While the max gun depression (-3) is very poor and needs to be managed carefully, the WZ-1224 has beefy frontal armor, is surprisingly mobile, has solid gun handling, and benefits from premium matchmaking.

We also discuss the new Coastal Threat PVP and lanes to play as an MBT.

For up-to-date recommendations on commander, crew, and retrofits, see the guide on my blog:

Similar to my “Road to Unicum” for of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these AW videos is to meaningfully help players improve their PVP gameplay.

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  1. Very good review. Very helpfull. I was undecided to buy it after Jingles
    poor review. Thx :)

  2. Jeez, I hate writing. Can’t you just send me the code ? I will write you a
    nice poem afterwards.

  3. I like the PvE in AW, it’s certainly not perfect but I think it’s a great
    way to get used to your tank without having to ruin PvP matches. The PvP is
    also nice, if I had to describe it in one word I would say medieval. In
    medieval battles most of the people didn’t die at the begining they would
    die when the line broke and the enemies got on their flanks. If you look at
    PvP battles it’s almost the same thing.

    I ignore most of the flaws of AW but I think the most annoying thing is
    when you get in a PvE game and you have top tier arty but everyone else is
    in lower tier vehicles. I really think PvE needs some kind of class based

    Also I like your videos because you’re always well informed and you take
    the time to play the vehicles and find their strong and weak points. Not
    like other youtubers. *cough* Jingles *cough*

  4. Hey Taugrim…Been a sub since b4 your Road to Unicum series. Your’s and
    Zeven’s were by far the best, most helpful info available.
    I love your new Art of Warfare series, and look forward to each
    installment. I like the quick map synopsis and tank armor weakspots, as
    well as in-game tactics commentary. Feel free to add another 5 mins to your
    videos… I definitely won’t complain.

    Things I like: I don’t see toxic chat about noob premium ammo spamming…
    ++the ammo choices actually make you think more about your tactics… and
    smoke is awesome.
    ++Arty implementation is way better…fewer toxic “Sky cancer” chat rages
    to see.
    ++Reduced RNG, and A developer staff that seems to listen, so I don’t get
    asked if I’m “feeling butthurt” and be told the game is “working as

    Some fixes:
    – – Please get the armor viewer implemented….
    – -Please reduce PvE rewards, as this might increase the number of PvP
    players in a given session and reduce waiting times in PvP queue. (instead
    of splitting the server population)
    – – Please get rid of the annoying shot delay.

    Thanks for everything Taugrim. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. What I like about AW: I like the f2p model, I have not encountered any
    point where I felt that I “have to” spend money to not have a sub-quality
    game experience. Second thing I like about AW is playing with tanks that
    acctually have been in service during my lifetime, this was the reason I
    downloaded this and not WOT.

    Suggestions to improve the game, as a new player (never played a tank game
    before) I think the tutorial needs improvement, the biggest trouble for me
    was to know where to shoot when one face another tank. So I belive a
    graphical presentation of frontal weak spots of the first few tier tanks
    like the Patton and T-54 should be included in the tutorial followed with
    tips of what to look for to find weak spots when facing higher tiers, to
    get you into the mindset, it wasnt until T3 when I started to get the hang
    of it and at least get 1 kill before I died.

    Might be silly suggestion for the experienced playerbase but never having
    played a tank game before, AW has been pretty brutal to get into with all
    the “seal clubbing” and more experienced tankers penetrating me while all
    my shots bounce. “Feeling helpless” is not a good new player experience or
    good for player retention.

  6. Great video Taugrim, I do enjoy how you explain your strategy as well as
    commenting on what you are seeing others do in the game and describing why
    it is good or bad. I have really come to enjoy AW and what I like most
    about it is its lack of ability to install mods on the game that give
    advantages to others that are outside of the games parameters; this is the
    main reason I initially switched. I did end up having to make an investment
    and upgrade my computer but it was definitely worth it. As an aesthetic
    change that Obsidian could make would be to let the cargo plane on the
    loading screen for “River Point” make is across the maps at times instead
    of being shot down but it does lead to some humorous comments in the chat

  7. Thanks for the shot at a Chieftain code Taugrim.

    Two things I really like about Armored Warfare are it’s PvE element and the
    way they have broken down vehicle types and tried to give each it’s own
    flavor and abilities. I particularly enjoy the Swingfire and it’s unique

    I would say the most constructive suggestion for me would be to limit the
    tier difference to just one tier up or down. I believe it would make the
    games more enjoyable.

    I really value your observations on the vehicles strengths and weaknesses.
    Too many reviewers tend to latch on to just the negatives about a vehicle
    and do not give it it’s due.

  8. Thank you for putting out these videos Taugrim!

    The two things I really enjoy about Armored Warfare is the PvE mode, it is
    nice to be able to take out a new tank, get some unlocks for it and get a
    feel for it without it being a competitive match. That was one of the
    things that turned me off so much about WoT. Secondly, I really enjoy the
    graphics, I run AW on max and I love how nice the maps and tanks look.

    My one suggestion to improve the game is to tighten up the interface for
    buying boosters and things besides gold. I would prefer to be able to do it
    in the game and have it instantly, rather than hunting on the website for
    the right page. Then having to close and reopen the game to get my booster.

    What I like the most about your videos is the style. You give commentary on
    how to use the vehicle to its strengths while playing a match where you
    show off said strengths.

  9. Hi, what I like about AW is the PVE, the automatic availability of
    abilities like sixth sense, and that the game seems to be more team based.
    It seems to be harder in AW to carry / steal a pvp game than in ‘other
    What I would like to see added most atm, is more garage tank selection
    options, like per tier (not per 2) and just premium tanks for example.
    Ty for your guides. It is a big help for a noobish player like myself ^^

  10. Wouldn’t Intercom be a bit better than gyroscopic stabs? Unless the WZ-1224
    actually has an autoloader, details (in the garage) don’t make it clear.

    Anyway, the two things I like about AW: I mentioned one of them in first
    bit of this comment, autoloading mechanisms. There’s some micromanagement
    and thinking that needs to be done to retrofit your tanks properly
    (autoloaders don’t get the reload bonus from intercom systems). The second
    is the general change of pace from WoT. In WoT there’s absolutely no tank
    that’s safe from gold rounds. You will be penned from the front unless
    you’re in a hull down russian tank, and even then you’ll be penned
    sometimes. In AW MBTs are frontal monsters, almost nothing pens them past
    T6. Unless you aim for driver hatches/ turret rings/ commander cupolas.
    This in turn, means that the most important stat in this game is accuracy.
    which lowers the chance that RNG takes your game away from you, unlike in
    WoT where accuracy is basically a static stat that can only be very
    minimally buffed by vents/ BiA.

    For the most part I think Obsidian are doing pretty well with this game, my
    only issue with it so far is that PvE is not profitable enough, even if you
    carry your team for 5 minutes after they died to victory in an AFV. Doing
    something to that effect in PvP would give you double the credits without
    premium, and nearly triple with. There’s a few ways to fix this. Upping the
    average credits people make per game, cutting the new logi costs a bit, or
    making a sort of damage dealt tiering system depending on average damage
    dealt per map. If for instance the average damage on the mission Stormy
    Winter is something like 11k (at Tier 7, the average damage would of course
    depend on the tier you’re playing), doing 12-14k would give you a 1.5
    multiplier on the damage you deal over 11k, 15-17k would add in another .25
    and so on and so on, possibly topping off at a x2.

  11. giveaway post:
    i like the dealer sistem in aw how its not national base i think it was a
    really good idea and the pve is really cool as well
    my suggestion is color filters like in wot its just a minor thing but i
    would like to see that in the game
    in your videos definitely the commentary what gets me

  12. Thanks Taugrim. I’ve been sitting on the fence regarding the WZ-1224 due to
    a few stats that were bothering me but seeing it in action in your hands
    has swayed me somewhat. Still not interested in Chinese tanks per se but I
    do enjoy my Premmies 😉

    As for the 2 things I like about AW, there are so many it’s hard to choose
    but I’ll give it a go….

    1) PvE – it’s so nice to have a choice in game modes, sure the other 2 tank
    related games have multiple modes but they don’t have PvE. Occasionally
    it’s good to kick back and have a session where there are no great demands
    on you to perform exceptionally well. Since most missions don’t take all
    that long to do PvE is also great if you don’t have a lot of time to spare,
    you can still get a couple of quickies in.

    2) Retrofits – retrofits are a stroke of absolute genius. In WoT there’s a
    particular set of equipment that is almost required for particular classes
    so you pretty much know straight off what they are packing. In AW on the
    other hand players can effectively tailor their vehicles to their
    individual play styles and so you never quite know for sure what you are

  13. Thanks for the giveaway. I really like your videos because they showcase
    what could be possible in certain tanks, highlighting strengths,
    weaknesses, but also where to go with which tanks and when to flex or not.
    Definately enjoying them so far!

    With regards to AW, I really like the PvE mode but more importantly the
    artillery mechanics. They are a true support vehicle now and a very
    enjoyable tactical class to play. Requires quite a bit more thinking I
    think in terms “When do I fire a smoke shell”, or “How many illumination
    rounds do I need”?. What I would probably like to see fixed or rather more
    changes is just general UI/graphics issues or even better documentation on
    what the different perks do (some of them are not labelled very clearly,
    especially for ESL people). Additionally some graphics problems on some
    maps make the unplayable (I get horrid fps on some PvE maps).

    Looking forward to more videos soon!

  14. New subscriber so I will go back in time and checkout all your other
    Armored Warfare videos since I’m into that game right now. If you haven’t
    and don’t mind, I’d like to see some game play with the Chieftain. I’m
    almost there for unlocking it but don’t see a lot of game play out there.
    Is it any good? Any suggestions on how I should outfit it? Thanks and look
    forward to viewing more AW videos.

  15. Andrzej Makarczuk

    The first thing I like is PvE mode. Not very competitive but one can
    practice there with new tanks and grind stock to uncover slots. And then,
    with upgraded tank go to PvP.
    The second is matchmaking -

  16. Another great video Taugrim, I wish you finally picked up some more viewers
    and subscribers, you deserve it :D

  17. Only 2 things that I like about AW? Tough choice.
    1. All tiers are actually fun, and you don’t need to grind to at least tier
    5 (or, let’s be honest, as it is in WoTs case, tier 9).
    2. Different ammo types, that are ballanced, instead of “pay more, get
    more, with no drawbacks” (ok, I know that HEAT in WoT has some drawbacks,
    but if standard ammo is AP and prem APCR there is no downside).
    High tier MBTs need proper frontal weakpoints. Mostly the really quick
    ones. Current gameplay is a bit stupid, with trying to hit a two pixel
    sized weakspot, on something that’s moving, and with shot delay (another
    thing that needs fixing). At lower tiers it works fine, none of the MBTs is
    an impenetrable bunker where you need a lot of luck to hit it’s pixel sized
    weakspot, instead there are more skill based weakspots, where it’s up to
    shoting player to aim properly and up to other player to cover them/make
    them difficult to hit.
    Take a look at the Challanger 1, it’s a bunker, but it has a few
    weakpoints, there are actually quite big, but played properly a player can
    make them really difficult, or impossible to hit. And it’s slow. But when
    we move up a tier, we have things like Leopard 2A5, which is almost as fast
    as light tanks, and from front is almost impenetrable (at least i didnt
    find any reliable weakpoints on it, while playing Ariete with top AP and
    almost 600mm of penetration). Yes, you can pen the floor, but you need to
    be below him for that. You can pen the drivers hatch, but it’s about 2
    pixels in size.
    What I like about your videos:
    Advice on gameplay, tank reviews. I don’t have that much experience in AW
    so all of that is very useful.

  18. Modern tanks and high paced game is what I like.

    What I don’t like is lack of competitive play at this time.

  19. 1) High tier MM needs to be changed. The game is fun up to around tier V-VI
    and then becomes a MBT fiesta with tier VIII-IX being mostly only MBTs
    rolling around. The frontal armor being nigh inpenetrable might be
    realistic, but doesn’t really make for fun gameplay.
    2) Your style of videos is nice. Maybe you could add more in depth look at
    armor schemes in your tank reviews. Otherwise more content would be good.

  20. Hey Taugrim, thanks for doing the giveaway.
    The 2 things I like about AW would be the PvE mode and the extra UI
    information (ex. spotted “eye”, that fades to gray when not in
    line-of-sight but still spotted on the map). The PvE is good for learning
    maps and tanks without the pressure of human opponents, while the extra UI
    information makes being a new player easier.
    My one suggestion to OE would be to improve the interface relating to
    boosts. I bought collector’s edition pack via the website, but the premium
    time didn’t automatically show up in-game. While I do like getting to
    choose when to activate the premium time, I had to enter a support ticket
    to figure out how to do that.
    Thanks for the great YouTube series, both WoT and AW.

  21. I’m play both AW & WOT and am still trying to get a handle on AW. I like
    the tank selection in AW but I am still learning all the nuances of the
    ammo selection and the variety of armor I am trying to pen. Since I
    upgraded my video card AW has become a much better game (stock I was only
    getting 15fps but now I am near 45fps and the play is smooth). I also like
    the promotions Obsidian offers and am definitely playing much more.
    Negative – Queue times! Waiting 3-5 minutes a match is common on the NA
    server, please fix it!

  22. hello taugrim, the two main things that i like about AW is the way that
    they solved many of WoT problems and the modern vehicles not only the mbt’s
    but also the afv’s. My suggestion to OE try to make a special pve mission
    so we can play with tanks like the Tiger I, i really miss him 🙁
    Keep the good work taugrim

  23. Chieftain contest post : (I will do my best, english is not my mother
    tongue ^^ )
    -First thing : the game is actually very dynamic, general mobility and
    frontal mbt armor render each games very punchy. With map design and spot
    mecanics, camping is really punished. Problem, many games are pretty one
    sided : results with only 2-3 destroyed tanks in the winner team are very
    common. Maybe with a heavy map amelioration (line of sight are too large,
    on every map you can practically aim the 15 opposite dudes from a single
    spot) and a redefined spot mechanics. Developers spoke about armor
    deterioration, it’s a good idea too.

    -Second thing : each tanks class are fun but all tanks need more
    differentiation. All t6-7-8-9 mbt are the same, BMP and BMD are the same,
    tanks destroyers too (0.11 or 0.15 gun precision is not a big deal, when
    you have perks or retrofits).

    -Third thing : I love the pve, it’s awesome, even with IA sometimes pretty
    unfair (disgusting focus or improbable hit during a jump). But anti sports
    attitude are really anoying : in 25% of my games, I take one or two 500
    damages shot in my back because I am too efficiency and “I steal too many
    xp”. Reports seems ineffective. Proposal : those unfair players must take
    in return the same amount of damage than they deal, and automatically be
    kicked the second times.

    In fact, there are 3 things I love + 3 suggestions tips 🙂 .

  24. The part i like most about AW is their use of the modern era tanks. unlike
    WOT or WT who only do ww2. Obsidian Entertainment also nailed the research
    trees by making a dealer system. this makes grinding out several vehicles a
    lot more enjoyable. especially the T-series. love old USSR tanks.

    somethings they should change is, well first they must improve the gold to
    credits ratio. it’s quite low. And second would be that they fix high tier
    balancing. pixel hunting is a real problem. But my biggest pet peeve is
    that they didn’t give us the T-64A or the T-80U from the get go.

    and the MM is a little bit funky atm but they’re working on it.

    Taug, i’d very much like to see that Taifun II vid. ever since you said in
    the subreddit that it’s an underrated tank – i have tried it out and i
    kinda like it. i do quite well considering my skill level, main issues with
    it are that my team often loose.

  25. I’ve only gone up against this thing a few times, but man I’ve struggled to
    deal with it. Seems incredibly strong against lower or same tier tanks,
    more so compared to other tanks when they’re top tier.

    Talking about armored warfare, really finding it a breath of fresh air
    compared to WoT, at least in low to mid tiers. The faster pace combat is
    really enjoyable, even if it feels like it may result in some of the 15-0
    stomp fests that pop up every so often.
    Also nice to be be in modern armour after being in WW2 tanks for so long.

    Really not a fan of high tier mbt centric gameplay though, mostly in terms
    of just how pixel hunty it is. Not sure how to fix it however, as it is
    currently its awful to be going up against a higher tier mbt in almost
    anything. Oh, and MM 2.0 is pretty average on NA, sometimes feels like it
    might be worth going back to the old matchmaker.

  26. sixstringsamurai007

    I had a match on Roughneck where I found out don’t bring this thing
    anywhere near an M60A3. For whatever reason it’s HEAT just seems to melt it
    like butter. Also ATGMs from it’s own tier or higher are pretty much no

  27. Hello dear Sir 😀 hmm now why do i like AW , well to start it’s not the
    only Tank Game i have played but is the Tank game that has not made me stop
    plating it and the the there are 2 things i like the most abought AW : 1.
    The great Customer service offered by OB (yeah yeah i know its a new game
    but the guys at OB are realy into the listening the comunity and that its a
    Big Thumbs Up for OB staff) 2. the gameplay quality (yet again i know its
    not quite done yet) but so far i find PVP quite enjoyable and the PVE ..ohh
    the PVE its quite challenging some time and man i Laught so hard when im a
    platoon with my friends and got ower asses kicked 🙂 So to sum up its quite
    a fun/nice looking game and what other game has most of the modern tanks in
    it 😀

    ANNND in regards with the channel …”Drumm roll” Its quite refreshing to
    see the name “taugrim” in the new subscription videos i realy enjoy your
    videos and i learned a lot from your videos 😀
    Take care thx for the content and hope to see another video soom!

  28. Finally someone with a good review. looking at all the good and bad points.
    that is why I love watching you Taugrim. Not like what Jingles has done and
    just saying it is a bad tank because the only thing he can play good is the
    noob friendly chally in pve.

  29. Chieftain contest post:
    Things I like about AW are mobility of the machines, accuracy and shell
    variety. Also, in WoT you really get stuck in situations. Because of a good
    number of differences, here a player will have wide variety of options in
    over 90% of the situations. That means gameplay mobility which is harder to
    get than vehicle mobility.
    Half good half bad feature may be retrofits. These allow you to really
    influence the gameplay style of your vehicle. Bad thing is the price and
    the fact you have to sell it every time you want to change it or just sell
    the vehicle. I liked the WoT feature where for 10g you could remove and
    store the retrofit.
    Bad things, cons of AW are the quality of environment and the armor/pen at
    high tiers. First thing first, the environment have a lot of bigger
    collisions boxes which blocks shells in mid air (especially in PVE). LA/LD
    does not take a great amount of time and manpower.
    Secondly, armor/pen values are a weird road OE choose, especially for MBTs.
    Due to this fact, it is very very hard for a good player to carry and win a
    multiple foes encounter. This is punishing once your team starts loosing
    tanks and drives me into despair many times. This requires some very very
    good game designers, which OE may lack at the moment. But LA/LD can be
    completely fixed within weeks.

  30. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    There is one thing I really enjoy about AW compared to the other tank game.
    You can jump into the game and dont have to play with a really bad stock
    tank with a 50% crew against a bunch of sealclubber.

    I have two advices:
    – bring more unique tanks (like swingfire for exp)
    – dont stop with tier10. I want to see Hovertanks, stealthmode and
    laserguns :)

  31. Hey Taugrim, nice game and nice to see you play AW, I like it better than
    WoT now.

    Things I like about the game:
    1. The option of playing PvE to unstock your tanks and in general it is
    quite fun once you get to hard mode
    2. The fact that for me the game is much less frustrating than WoT, when it
    comes to progression, stock tanks, matchmaking etc. I think they learned a
    lot about what WoT did badly and just didn’t make the same mistakes.
    3. How they implemented all the useful mods we know from WoT straight off
    the bat (at least in later versions) and list all information openly. Very
    much evens the playing field in that regard.

    Things they could improve are:
    – also give us the hull traverse stat somewhere (turret traverse is listed
    and you get retrofits that influence it, but you can’t look it up anywhere?)
    – add an option to change your tank in PvE after you know the mission and
    what other players drive. Some hard missions are near impossible if you
    have no or only one MBT in your team. Maybe make it so you lock in 2
    options before you start or something like that.
    – add a shooting range, where you can practice against certain tanks to
    test out weakspots etc., while there is the option for a training battle
    where you can do that, you do need another player. This should be one
    player only. You could just charge a bit of money for it and have the
    desired tank model sit there idle to be shot from anywhere the player
    likes. Give it infinite Hp from the start 😉
    – show better where your tank has been hit, I fail to see that very often
    so I can’t react accordingly.
    – make some bigger maps to counter the dominance of MBTs right now in PvP a
    little bit.

    More I can’t think of right now^^

  32. Armored Warfare brings a very dynamic gameplay with its crucial roles. Its
    not like WoT where the lines get blurred after tier 5. In this you will
    remain blind as a bat in an MBT after tier 8 and you need your AFV buddies
    to help you see. This creates a situation in the battles where every tank
    is important. Also smokegrenades to assault a position or make a tactical
    retreat makes this much more interesting.

    Armored Warfare also creates the importance of choosing the right rounds.
    You need to be aware to load up HEAT time to time to shoot soft targets and
    then quickly change to AP after seeing his MBT friend coming to help. Also
    when driving an light tank, you need to aware when to use ATGM’s when you
    cannot penetrate the front of a MBT’s in your small AFV or LT. Its either
    ATGM time or you just pop smokes if needed and run away.

    I wish OE would rework that little thing which annoys me personally very
    much. When youre going 60kph in a tank and decide “I need to slow down and
    turn right.”. You start to apply breaks and want to turn at the same time.
    Suddenly youre going to the left. So annoying. At least when I was driving
    a IFV (CV90) it didnt do that. It actually turned where I wanted it to turn.

    Taugrim, I enjoy watching your videos not because youre a great player but
    because you speak so clearly and you explain what is going on in that
    moment. You explain how youre approaching a situation or a position. I
    think this teaches a lot of the viewers and makes them understand what
    youre doing right there and then. I find this very enjoyable to watch. I
    hope you keep on doing these videos in the same manner.

  33. I like the reduced RNG. Even though there is some it seems to be at about
    the right level. My advice is to market hard in the USA. The server
    population needs to increase. It is ok during peak but the peak is a pretty
    short time frame at the moment. Some more users would definitely make this
    game more viable.

  34. Henrique Lopez Hernandez

    what I like is the of AW is fun. I played also WoT and I prefer AW because
    higher tier are still playables, you do not lose credits
    I would suggest clarify comander and crew skills.
    I also would redefine retrofits or at least, clarify them

  35. Hey Taugrim, great video as always. Looking forward to your VFM review.

    Regarding your Chief mk5 giveaway; what I like most about AW is,
    – The good balance between accessibility and skill: In my experience, the
    game is very easy to pick up and learn for new players, even for people who
    never played WoT or other tank games before. The lower tiers and PvE mode
    are adequate tutorials to learn the basic game mechanics. At the same time,
    the skill ceiling in this game is also quite high, becoming a decent AW
    player takes a bit of time and practice, through developing good
    situational awareness, map knowledge, learning and adapting to each
    vehicle’s characteristics… I feel it’s definitely appropriate to say AW
    is easy to learn, hard to master.
    – Compared to other tank games, I like that the devs have kept the
    “pay-to-win” aspects very limited (some people might argue premium vehicles
    are pay-to-win, which I disagree with), micro-transactions are mostly
    focused on convenience or aesthetic upgrades, and are for the most part
    completely optional, and I hope it stays this way.

    This thing has already been mentioned before elsewhere, but I really hope
    the devs implement some sort of “damage breakdown” in the future, where you
    can see where enemy tanks shot you, at what angle and distance, where they
    shot you from, etc… It would definitely help newer players learn proper
    positioning and weak spots. Some sort of killcam or replay system could
    also serve for this purpose.
    It would also be cool to see the daily login reward become more fleshed-out
    and substantial, sort of like the GW2 daily login reward system.

    As for the feedback regarding your videos, even though I’d qualify myself
    as a fairly experienced AW player, I always find myself learning something
    new while watching your videos.

  36. i find AW quite a fun game because rng isn’t that big and, i enjoy
    collecting all these modern tanks (only missing prem chieft 6) and a
    suggestion would be to introduce raid missions of 15 players (pve) or
    surival agaisnt a staggering amount of bots or players with respawns on
    lower tier vehicles (1 tier lower – 2 at most)

  37. Hello.
    Two things that i like in AW:
    1.The developers listen to the community (mostly ;])
    2.The game is addicting, many things to “unlock” but at the same time a
    very hard grind

    Suggestions … hmm maybe a VoIP system in the game. Also the autocannon
    AFV’s are underpowered somewhat. Not the Recon class (VBL,Wiesel 1,Fox ect.

    Your videos- good source of map tactics and gameplay tactics. Keep it up.

  38. AW actually makes you feel as I am driving massive “steel” beasts, unlike
    other games we know. 🙂

    What I feel could be done better is the balance in the MM, which I know is
    tough to do but it’s an idea. 🙂

    I really enjoy your videos because they are educational. I have recommended
    your WoT videos to friends of mine who wanted to improve their game, and
    that really helped them. 🙂

    Keep up the good work. :)

  39. I liked the reduced RNG involved when compared to the other tank game i
    don’t want to mention, and artillery not ruining my game when i get hit by
    it even a couple of times.

    And what i think could be improved upon is the spotting mechanic, it feels
    so random sometimes when you get spotted even behind bushes when not
    shooting and sometimes i sit in the open and shot all the time without any
    one spotting me even thou they i’m not that far away from enemy
    tanks…(not while playing MBT’s, i’m always spotted in those :P)

  40. President Camacho

    Thank you for another great video. Even though I don’t need a Mk. 6 I like
    your vlog/blog because you back up your assessments with proof clearly
    without any negative or snarky comments. Constructive and thorough feedback
    is one of your biggest strengths. Keep up the good work.

  41. G’day mate, what I like most about AW is the different classes of vehicles,
    there’s a vehicle to suit everyone’s play style and I love the modern
    setting, being able to see cold war monsters go up against each other is
    great. For further improvement I’d like to hear better sounds, especially
    when your’e heavily damaged it sounds like your vehicle needs a good oiling
    or something. Taugrim I really like your videos mate, I subbed because of
    your tank reviews, I like how you explaing everything in good detail, keep
    up the good work mate

  42. Hi I would like to take part in the competition for the Chieftain Mk. 6 –
    two things that I like about the armored warfare is smokescreen it brings
    some cool tactic to the game, second would be new matchmaking system it
    does the right job. I think that the game would be even more awesome if
    they would work a little bit on the tank polygons that would definitely be
    an improvement to the game, but as I believe that will happen later on. I
    value your movies because you explain all the tactics and the way you are
    thinking during the game that helps me to improve my skills what’s also
    helpful is that you are showing some mind set up how to approach certain
    situations. Thanks for reading this post! :)

  43. 2 things I liked:
    1) PvE, U can pretty much bring any tanks into a PvE battle, regardless
    whether it is stock or underpowered, and make it works. Make me want to try
    out all the tanks available (I skipped quite alot of tanks in the arty, td
    and light branches in WOT because they are quite situational or require six
    sense, camo just to play comfortably).
    2) Tanks are faster in aiming, moving even in low tier. Tanks feel very
    comfortable to play even purely stock. Compared to WOT, this is very
    friendly to new players (Imagine 50% crew in amx40).

    I would like to see better mission in PvE. I used to play tank game like
    Spearhead and Steel beast, I must say that AW PvE missions are dull and
    uninspiring. Tanks spawned from thin air, do not use cover, mission does
    not make much sense..etc. Hope they can scale up the difficulty in other
    ways instead of just spawning more tanks (Eg. enemy in hull down position,
    you have to flank).

    What’s so good about Taugrim video:
    Short and sweet. Very good advices on how to play the tank. Definitely the
    best youtuber on AW content imho. Hope to see more map tactics though!

  44. Hello Taugrim, nice video. WZ-1224 is really nice, specialy when you can
    deal with the poor canon depression, like you. I bought it with the free
    gold from AW event, worth it, great money maker.

  45. I like that ther are no premium rounds and there is a greater distinction
    among the vehicle types. My advice for further improvement would be to make
    the weakspots on some mbts have a bit larger hitbox, they should be
    hard/impossible to hit from long or medium ranged but i feel like with some
    low aim time guns some weakspots are very difficult to hit even when at
    close range.

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