Armored Warfare – Xbox Announcement Trailer

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Source: Armored Warfare

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Armored Warfare will be released to the Microsoft Xbox® One console on August 2, 2018!

Become a modern mercenary commander, take control of cutting-edge and join your friends in completing co-op missions, compete with rival teams in mode, or experience the real action in the Global Operations – an explosive mix of competitive and cooperative empowered by large maps with respawn zones, surveillance drones, AI support, airstrikes, and much more.

What is Armored Warfare?

are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a free-to- massively multiplayer online tactical video that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!

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  1. Game barely alive on ps4… great game. Shame everyone flocks to pve

  2. It’s a shame this game isn’t too popular anymore, its actually really good

  3. My PC died so im glad this coming to the Xbox

    Is it gonna be 1080p 60fps ?

  4. About bloody time

  5. Xbox allows crossplay plz tell me you will allow crossplay for at lest PvE mode between PC and Xbox

    • no crossplay for now I don’t think but it could be a possibility if microsoft and come to an agreement. But when I think about it I don’t think thats even possible since the PC version is a few updates ahead so they’re both running 2 completely different versions of the game. PC is about to go to 0.26 while if I remember correctly the console version is around 0.21

    • xboxgamer969. Do you have it for xbox? If so how is it atm

    • nobody has it for xbox, it only comes out on August 2nd for xbox

    • “will be released to the Microsoft Xbox® One console on August 2, 2018”
      both he and I have it on PC

  6. JohnHannibalSmith

    fuck xbox shit console, ps4 rulez

  7. What’s the name of the song?

  8. We’ll see. I haven’t played it on PC for quite awhile. Game was ok but died after the Obsidian debacle. If there is crossplay or ability to link accounts I might play, if not…nope! Got me once.

    • imo ever since Obsidian left the game somewhat got better but that’s just my opinion. population wise its the same as before sorta

  9. And thus a whole 3 people played the game on xbox

  10. Yoooo thank youuu I’m finna replace world of tanks now ??

  11. Man sollte es eventuell erstmal auf einer Plattform halbwegs zum laufen bekommen bevor man über anderes nachdenkt aber nungut -.-

  12. [GER] dominik2030 [PSM]

    Ist dir Playstation 4 exklusive or Not? why is it for the Xbox one

  13. Cool i can’t wait to play it.

  14. Franky Nishizumi

    What a surprising move. Now , You can focuse on the 0.26 patch, which Will bring the Israel armored vehicles. And of course the cross play isn’t a bad idea for the game.

  15. This game is dead isn’t it?

    • Matthew Hutnick I don’t dislike AW, and you thinking it’s better than WOT is your opinion. But IMHO WOT is also the better tank game.

    • Matthew Hutnick I used to like playing this game. The problem for me comes from the lack of people playing pvp. After a while playing against bots over and over gets boring, and the reason like 3 people are waiting in the pvp queue is because it is either dead, or if you want to deny that, is in a very bad place right now

    • well, AW doesn’t have broken or gold-selling premiums, nor game breaking gold ammunition, which makes it immediately better in my eyes, and there are others who share my sentiments, but that’s only our opinions. I can respect yours as well.
      But yeah, lack of population is what’s ruining this game, and nobody ever comes to play BECAUSE of said lack.

    • Matthew Hutnick tank graphics are pretty lame to be honest (PS4)

  16. Anyone know the song name?

  17. Cant this game just die already

  18. Can’t wait for this game to come out! Ahahaha I’m So Excited !

  19. Dear videomakers,
    The trailers you make are 30% better when there is someone singing. So keep up, it was another great one ^^

  20. This game is still a thing lmao

  21. Katakoyzenos,MXII Christophoros,D

    if any tank game that I thought was pretty cool at one time it’s still would never be the best in the world because it would always crash. In order to improve some sort of really hard to make system. You have to make sure that it will be lasting for years I would never break down. And people who are playing it cannot get into it and Destroy what was created.

  22. ИмЯ ФаМиЛиЯ

    I’m happy …)) xbox is the best ??

  23. ИмЯ ФаМиЛиЯ

    1080 p for xo and 2160 p for xo X ???

  24. Honest opinion. World of tanks is better. War thunder isn’t as good as this, but hey war thunders good as well. WT tanks is quite similar. WOT is deff the best tank game on console..

  25. Macht mal mehr Werbung damit ihr mehr Spieler bekommt .

  26. Eh, give me Arma instead.

  27. Oh, Richard Taylor, where you? Where your Armored Warfare? Odsidian, you should be here ((( Only Obsidian…

  28. Be worried about fixing these horrible bugs into the game first! instead of giving a second step!

  29. va estar en español ?

  30. I don’t even know why AW will be on Xbox when PC version is still bad af. The NA side is totally dead the players that are left on NA only play PVE (its been like this since I started playing when it released in 2015 or 2016 can’t remember) connection to the servers from another country outside the US or EU is so damn laggy. I’ll just stick with World of Tanks for now

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