Armored Warfare Xbox One X Gameplay Review

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Source: Skycaptin5lol

X gameplay review free to play tank game with modern and futuristic models.
Review: Coming Soon?

#ArmoredWarfare #XboxOneX gameplay review for this free to play tank game on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and platforms. Drive with PVE, or other modes as you unlock tanks and gain cosmetics. Battle it out in this free X game.


  1. Correction. War thunder is paid early access and not free to play yet. I seem to like Armored Warefare better than World of Tanks so far but I’m patiently waiting for War Thunder to go free to play

    • In my opinion war thunder isn’t all that the game gets more broken with each up and at top teir its hell to even make any more or to research parts as far I am going to stop at 6.7 on xbox because I do not feel like going through all that hell all over again

    • The only issue I have with WT is the way the menu is set up. It’s painfully difficult to use “because it was designed for pc”

    • Kyle Hurling You see I usually hate cursor menus but I don’t know I think the war thunder one works pretty decently for Xbox, especially once you get used to it

    • AW was free on the 2nd of the month. It just wasnt in the free games section, it is listed in the new games, right next to its paid for versions.

    • What you pay for early access is a bargain. It will cost more for the included content when F2P is released. A PC, or PS player has to pay about $30 to get the content that comes with a $20 early access package for XBOX. I won’t believe you if you say that you’re not going to spend any money on WT, and advance through the ranks.

  2. Unstoppable Legend

    Wish you didn’t need a tier 5 for Global Operations :/ im stuck on tier 3

  3. They recently locked Tiers 1 – IV out of Global Ops on PS4 as well. The community isn’t pleased.

    Also the full Chinese tank line does not exist yet on PS4.

    • Ah, didn’t hear of the change as I played the game on PS4 many moons ago, I’m not pleased. Just blocks new players from enjoying the experience, silly.

    • Mad Scientist Del

      even on PC GLOPS is locked to Tier 8-10 so just b glad u guys on consoles get it at the old system of Tier 5

    • Do they have any reason for it? Seems weird to isolate the community so much

    • Mad Scientist Del

      it was something to due with playerbase and most playing the game mode n that those tiers more then the lower tiers so they just locked the lower tiers out completely

  4. HURP A DERP117 Gaming

    I have almost 4 years in world of tanks on Xbox so I’m excited to see how I do in this compared to wot, good vid tho I enjoyed the info?

    • The Unstable Brony

      HURP A DERP117 Gaming
      I have a different opinion on that. I’ve been playing wot for 4 years as well and i think I’d rather not put time into a game that is similar to wot when i can just play it for fun in pve.

    • You guys should check out War Thunder, it’s similar and will be free to play at some point this year on Xbox

    • The Unstable Brony

      I’ll play war thunder JUST to get the KV-2. >:D

    • HURP A DERP117 Gaming

      Skycaptin5lol I’ve got war thunder as well, I bought early access the day after it came out and i enjoy it

  5. the vaping haggis

    Been waiting on this for ages….WoT is getting stale and WT sucks ass.

  6. Man this looks so much better than on the og xbox one lol

    • Does it run poorly? It’s so nice having a console that can actually kick it so well haha

    • It doesn’t run terribly, it’s definitely playable but it seems to run much better on the X. There’s a very, very noticeable difference between the fps on the original Xbox and the X lol.

    • You’ll see that with a lot of games, the power difference is incredible. My favorite tests were taking an awful game like Dead Alliance and then playing it on the One X to see the difference.

  7. Please help. I reserved my vehicle and don’t know how to get it back. :b

  8. War thunder> then world of tanks and armored warfare

  9. This game looks awful graphics are crap

  10. Pve only!

  11. I have no sound in this game?

  12. Crazy Lizard Gaming

    I’ve played both on the x and my day one xb1 and yes it does
    Load faster on the x but tbh as for gameplay there is very little difference.

    The only problem with this game is you still have the toxic players, just like WoT if you get into that perfect firing position before another player you will get shunted out the way.

  13. If it’s Xbox one x how was I able to get it on the s

  14. I don’t do PvP and no one else either. PvE is what keeps this game going. Also I don’t care about the server issues if I play one game and get disconnected then I get back on, its only about 3 minutes to get back

  15. To understand how this game is different from wot. Look up a vid called (armored warfare how not to suck) by the mighty jingles.

  16. I love this game I play on xbox, anyone want to play?

  17. 360 graphics I couldn’t play it after about 45 minutes disgusting I’m playing on my Xbox one X and I get graphics like this

  18. Lieutenant Starbuck

    Want 4k patch looks ugly as shit on the one X when you are used to 4k.

  19. The graphics is blurry and the models lack details

  20. Superduper Hoopertrooper

    This game would be better, if it actually let me assign a crew to a tank I bought

  21. This game will get more detailed trust WoT looked like dogshit when it released on Xbox now it’s on of the best looking games on the market

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