ARMORED WARFARE | XM1A3 | Top Tier American Muscle

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Source: WillfulTangent

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Armored Warfare [HD Client – High]: WillfulTangent
World of Tanks [NA/EU HD Client – Ultra]: WillfulTangent
War Thunder [High Preset]: WillfulTangent
Live: WillfulTangent


  1. Trương Thịnh

    TTB is truly a hateful machine, I call it The Trash Bin 🤣

  2. This is still probably the first tank I would recommend. Good armor and a hard hitting gun, not to slow to work either and the 2 gun options gives you some variety.

  3. Slowly making my way up to this tank. At the tier 8 split

  4. Hard to get new tanks in Armored Warfare .
    You need tones of XP , and take agees. Gets boring 😢 and this is sad

  5. It’s been “power-creep’ed” a bit, but it’s not a bad machine by any means. Going hull down is mandatory though. The lower glacis is a major weak spot for tier 8-10 machines(but t7’s have a difficult time finding ANY holes in it’s armor from the front) & even with the hard kill APS, missile spam in PvE is murder. Bots seem to be able to snipe your weak spots & full speed from 300 meters, when you can’t see them at all. Terrain has gotten very buggy the last two patches as well & seems to affect the Abrams line more than anything else I play. But back on topic. Yes, the XM1A3 is a VERY good machine for your first tier 10, but it is a very generalist machine. Good at every task but not a master of any of them.

  6. Problem about this game it’s seem impossible to fix, is the old original vehicle get “power-creep” to the dust..
    and you might find yourself asking “why i should play this, instead of play this” this is like a meme question i know.

    But yea.. AW in the nutshell.

  7. Nitori Steve Jobs

    The embodiment of Jack of all trades, master of none

  8. 20:50 Not even mad. You had to say it an awful lot of times though 😀

  9. this is still a good tank unlike the challenger atdu thats being nerf to hell in terms of its armor

  10. Snupps Synth channel

    My favourite tank in the game, it’s a jack of all trade, second best in everything type tank, it’s a powerhouse.

  11. Aesthetic question about the Abrams tanks in the game. Did the devs remove the crows nest 50 cal?

  12. The XM1A3 is a decent choice and I feel probably one of the best for beginners. It has great armor and decent mobility; however, I do not think I can ever recommend the 120mm. Losing your DPM AND alpha potential at the same time for a 2 shot autoreloader just isn’t something I see worth while. Not to mention that if you want to keep that extra round, your reload is actually longer because of the intraclip. That said, if you get matches with a good amount of downtimes in between engagements, it can perform well provided your willing to run that clip dry.

  13. “The ridge is 100% secure, sir.”
    “Very good. What about the front?”
    “The what-now, sir?”

    The actual Abrams is more of a sniper than a brawler, right? Is that reflected in AW?

    • the Abrams in AW are balanced tanks. the Russian tanks are more on firepower. a different countries is more on speed.

  14. AusTankie Gaming

    Truly hate useless pingers – If only they Played as well as they ping.

  15. I miss the visual look of the 140mm LONG BOI on that XM1A3

  16. I just returned to Aw, yesterday. Ive been playing it since beta. But then all that with Obsidian and so on, made me quit it for years and i must say i really enjoy it. Ive been playing Wot for 11 years and quit over a year ago, best thing ive done in a long time. Hope Aw can keep my interest.

  17. Probably the best progression MBT after the armor changes (which removed his retarded big weak spot under the gun) and slight speed buff aaaaand aftet the HE shell nerf which made the Leclerc T4 kind of useless

  18. Lordspankme 4200

    Hey can you do a video on the strv 2000 I really want to know if it’s worth the grind

    • I’ve got to grind for it too so whenever I get I’ll get a video out

    • Lordspankme 4200

      @WillfulTangent I can’t wait for it I wish you luck on getting it I get about 2 ranks a day I hate how it’s 4500 it’s so much even having the 900% Boost for 2 hours I only get around 2500 it’s taking so long

  19. Just came back into AW, quit after getting the M1A1. Looking forward to this baby!

  20. Still haven’t unlock the Hard Kill APS on this thing, holy heck it is expensive

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