Armored Warfare – Zoom Zoom!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

What’s small, fast, packs a punch and makes Main Battle Tank drivers wish they’d played Solitaire instead?

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Little Bunz (The Earl Of Flannel)


  2. Stupidkid Britishperson

    First comment yay, love your vids jingles

  3. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    First for once

  4. White house gaming

    55 seconds after upload :-)

  5. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer

    goddammit jingles!
    its 3 in the morning!

  6. Naw I wana be first, hi Jingles!

  7. Jingles i want update on Jingles multiplication program. We need more

  8. Stupidkid Britishperson

    Who the fuck dislikes it

  9. 254th

  10. no arty? might want to check the team list again!!


  11. three minutes after upload! I’m never this early!

  12. Jingles. You need new glasses. One Arty on each side for both teams -First

  13. 0:45 Since when is the Crab American?

  14. there is arty jingles you might have to get youre eyes checked ;)

  15. 4 minutes after upload, 2 minutes into video and GODDAMIT JINGLES BOTH
    TEAMS HAVE ARTY… palmarias lol

  16. Im early lets make a joke

    Armored Warefare’s shooting reticle
    & its plastic tank models

  17. it’s retarded that the is jeeps in the game.

  18. Liquid Gaming (undeadfreak03)

    25th lol

  19. I want to see ajax ifv and bmd4m amx10rc and some tank’s and ivfs from
    Serbia ;)

  20. “What’s small, fast and makes MBT drivers wish they’d played Solitaire

  21. Ohh what a feeling toyota.

  22. FIRST

  23. I thought Panhard was french?

  24. Jingles has his flag equipped again…. -50% to correct identification…..

  25. Jingles you fool the CRAB is French not American!

  26. Something about these master works of modern military tec get shit on by a
    car with a gun strapped to the roof is so satisfying to watch

  27. Love the videos jingles! =D

  28. Hello Mighty Salt Mine Overlord. I’m sure you get comments like this all
    the time, but I come pleaing for your help. My friend, Army veteran, And
    fello Armored Warfare Inthusiest, is well, in deep shit. He is out of job,
    even with medical reason, a urgent surgery needed, and no way to get any
    support or payment. I ask of your help my Overlord, even if not throu
    donation, just reading it and maybe putting the link in next weeks Mingles
    would be all I ever ask to happen. -Salt Miner of 2
    Years, Nate

  29. not this bloody modern tank game!

  30. first kappa

  31. Oh Jingles, the CRAB is a French machine 🙂 It is made by Panhard, the same
    company that did the VBL, just saying :)

  32. Classical Jingles video. He didn’t noticed the Palmaria T6 Italian arty on
    both teams and he says all the time there are no artillery players in this
    I love it

  33. I’m here early, guess I’ll make a joke.

    PvP queue times in Armored warfare.

  34. Jingles will you do a challenger 2 video?

  35. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    No Arty, Jingles pls never change :)

  36. Leave PL01 for last one to buy xD

  37. the CRAB is from the french company Panhard, it’s not american

  38. Wiesel 1 and SP1C have the same hull,or is it just me?

  39. American CRAB? >.>`………

  40. the leo 2a7 is not that good. the XM1A3 abrams has the same pen and damage
    as the leo 2a7 but the abrams has the lowest base accuracy and with the
    right retrofits you can get the accuracy of the XM1A3 abrams using the
    140mm gun down to 0.02

  41. American CRAB? ok den

  42. what I would have said to the salty European player at the end of the CRAB
    match: “Cry some more Frenchy”

  43. Get the Leopard 2A6! Superior German engineering and efficiency is always
    the winner!


  45. You’re late again, Jingles! …I think.

  46. Shitlord of the dance

    666 views? Jingles is the devil, confirmed!

  47. Gamer of Many Faces

    Can’t wait for the Sphinx AFV

  48. Omg those tier 10s look amazing but holy shit that life extension package
    on the Challenger 2 looks fit as fuck, Those challenger tanks just keep
    looking better and better

  49. Carefull with the Tier 10 Leopard 2A7, there was some talk a while back
    about it having very big weakspots on the PTS, to the point people
    considered it being broken.

    Challenger 2, would be my choice.

  50. Let’s be real, Jingles is still going to choose the Challenger regardless
    of what we say.

  51. Leopard 2

  52. ….man a 14cm gun huh the tank I drew used a 13cm

  53. If I wanted to play a shooter game I’d play a shooter game. Oh yeah, this
    is a shooter game.

  54. “Or the American CRAB at tier 9….” Oh Jingles, 46 seconds in…. Don’t
    change you glorious old bastard ;)

  55. A T-90-MS teamkilled a Weasel, the player was called Chanllenger, Jingles
    was wrong, but also right in a video….

  56. The Leo, Abrams, and Challenger tier tens all get 140s so it’s gonna be the
    challenger as his first I bet

  57. damm that challenger looks good…

  58. Richard Lorenz Nues

    is this video pre-uploaded? wasn’t he supposed to be in Tiger Day
    preparation today?

  59. ARMATA!!!!

  60. I hope at some point in the futur we’ll see some French MBTs

  61. Mhmmmm…. That sexy leopardness.

  62. First three T10’s for me will be T14 Armata, Sphinx and PL-01… then
    Chally, Leo and Abrams… I have thought long and hard on the order..and
    will probably change my mind eight more times before the release. :-)

  63. thank you jingles thanks to you I found a Tank in World of Tanks that I
    enjoy playing in any chance for some tips in using it would be great like
    knowing its weak points or how to improve its defense

  64. The dislike on this video was from the guy who said that the NA players are

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