Armored Warfare!

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Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!


  1. How long does it take to download? Can you make a video detailing the activity in one battle as you traditionally do? This is just a bit too fast paced for me to get a feel for the game. I like that Armored Warfare is proactive.

  2. AW was NEVER worth playing. It is SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Haven’t played AW in years. Kids downloaded it last week. Zero players in PvP. None. Plenty in PvE on medium. It’s changed a bit. Not bad.

  4. Armored warfare is pretty much dead…I used to play, played for almost one year…. WoT is better as a game…. but the players are bad,,, either they are assholes, foul mouthed or in general a bad player.. I did liked the options you get to play against BOTS or actual players. What I do not like in PVE is that team play is not encouraged..

  5. Aw is not bad at all , just to bad for them that wot is out there ..i have played aw so i has 4 top tier . But played wot since -11 and still do says alot. Fun Chanel crazy Claus ?

  6. Huh, this is the first game play I’ve seen from this game. Looks interesting and the high tier tanks look awesome.

  7. I got a world of tanks ad 😛

  8. I really enjoyed Armored Warfare, but it’s basically a dead game now for NA. I heard the EU server is still kicking, but the last time I tried playing it was stupidly long queues just to get a PvE match and PvP matches just didn’t happen.

  9. Ciao Claus, i play wot on ps4, have tried out warthunder and unistalled it after 1 day… thanks for this vid as i did not know at all this game exist. i will try and maybe let you know what i think about

  10. Good video Claus, i like many of AW players are ex WoT players who prefer playing the adult version of WoT, which is AW.
    AW is a constantly improving game where WoT is like the Roman empire, it had its time and improving maps didn’t change the fact it is broken.
    One thing i recommend is forming or joining a battalion.
    One good point, AW is not a pay to win game, you don’t even have to buy garage space so you can keep all the tanks you earn with no extra cost.

  11. Claus Nice video, plzz make some more because we need more players. its a cool game, lots off fun. i play also on the EU server. IGN ZoneCopper we can platoon up if you want 🙂

  12. I remember when they were giving out Type 59’s they snagged a bunch of WOT players, including me for a time. I think it’s actually a more enjoyable gaming experience that WOT. I never get the feeling that the game is secretly trying to screw me over with bad MM and questionable RNG like I do when playing WOT. But I just hate myself too much to quit.

  13. How about a WOT Blitz game or two.

  14. I got into AW before it came out. it got really boring really fast. and I had such high hopes for it too. hope its better now.

  15. I liked AW at first, but I soon discovered that because its a client sided game there are many hacks . This is a fact tons of videos out there so you can see for yourselves .  I will say though it’s still very fun to play and I like the PVE part of it

  16. What a shock that you could only show PVE play on the NA server – that’s because My.Com drove 95% of the player-base away, you can’t get a PVP game, even with MM allowing 3v3 games. Move on people, nothing to see here.

  17. Those AI tanks don’t seem to shoot back?

  18. General Gao's Chicken

    If Claus likes it how bad can it be?

  19. Gotta take the cash, don’t blame you for that. I had no idea AW was still alive. That AW has to pay youtubers to feature an AW video does say something.

  20. My only problem with the game and the reason that I ended up uninstalling it and the MY.COM application was because they were using Peer to peer distributed files based in Albania and other eastern Europe locations and my firewall keep getting pinged by lots and lots of suspicious IP addresses. That was about 2 years ago now, so they may have changed and gone to a central server based distribution of files.

  21. As tank games go I play WoT primarily. AW is my go to when the triple MMM day occurs — Multitudes of Moronic Muppets. So I go play AW — no prem acct just go and shoot A lot do A lot of Damage (PvE) and A lot of kills. Its ok for shits and gigs. Claus there is a feature where you can test drive all of the tanks — to see if its your cup of tea it’s a test server you access from the garage.

  22. Holy crap! I think I got to play with Claus! I saw your name and didn’t believe it could be true. I stand corrected, hope you have fun in the stress and troll free environment 🙂

  23. Thanks Claus…I didn’t know much about AW until your video. Hope to learn more about it from your channel in the future.

  24. I’ve been playing AW since the Alfa days. I enjoy the game, But it does get teadius at times, But that’s mainly the NA server, where the player base is quite small. I enjoy PvE, but when I get bored with that, I like Global Operations (GLOPs) or PvP also, but over the last 6 or so months, the player base has been so small, that getting a game in GLOPs or PVP is near on impossible.
    Due to this issue, My mates & I started accounts on the EU server, where the player base is much larger, Where we can play PvE, PvP or GLOPs, or even the Carribean Crisis missions.
    I do miss the NA server to some degree, I have numerous tier 10’s on there that I enjoyed playing. I don’t yet have any tier 10’s on my EU account, But I’m almost there with 3 tier 9’s.
    I hope that through Claus’s help, And hopefully they reach out to other Tank game playing YouTubers, that the NA server is revived and I can return knowing I’ll get the range of games available, and not wait for ever and the numbers are there to get into a game.
    BTW, One of the great features in AW that WoT doesn’t have, is you never have to sell any of your tanks for garage space, AW has unlimited garages for your tanks. my mates & I often go play some lower tier tanks for a laugh.
    Even though the controls are the same as WoT, It isn’t WoT, or trying to be. There’s so much more choice with AW, and veriaty with vehicles. Yes WoT is prettier with its new graphics, But it’s only PvP, and when you get loss after loss after loss, there nothing else but more of the same. With AW, you’ve got 4 different options of gameplay, so when you get bored or frustrated with one, you can go play another. Also in AW, everyday you have side missions, that you win crates with goodies in them, and you don’t need to go out of your way to earn them, and you can even win Prem time. I haven’t spent a cent of prem time, yet I have around 3 months prem time built up, and you don’t have to use it straight away like WoT, You can use it when you want, you just have to activate it. The Prem time you win can be 1 day, 7 days or even 30 days. Plus there’s other stuff you get to help you with the grind, like special things you use in each battle to help earn more Reputation for researching stuff including tanks, credits for buying stuff & building the bank account, and stuff to help train your Commanders & crew. Logging in every day also gets you a bonus, and that bonus gets better with each consecutive day you log in, like Rep, Credits, Crates. I thinks it’s the 4th day that gets you one days Prem time, and the 7th day gives you 100 Gold, then it resets & starts again. Save up your gold & you can spend it in game on stuff like Prem tanks or special equipment.
    Anyway, enough of my waffling. Give the game a go.
    And Claus! Keep playing, and bring more of your awesome comedic banter to this game, It needs your touch.

    Playing from Melbourne, Australia.

  25. Played AW this last weekend to give it another try. Was quite fun and relaxing. The grind is so much better and faster than my WoT experience. Hit tier 6 with the 3 dealers in not long at all. The rest of grind to the top will be bit longer, but no nickel and diming along the way. AW lack the competition, but it makes up for it  in cooperative play.

  26. only 2 mins and… seems somebody’s too exited XD

  27. Claus, the Starship is amazing!

  28. Shit! she says.

  29. Gotta try this out!

  30. The Lion’s of NyQuil, as we say in AW.

  31. Hampton Kortjohn

    I’m going to try out AW based on Claus’ video!

    • I played the beta. It was fun! But I kind of sucked at it because of the night maps and fast action. WoT is more my speed lol

  32. Armored warfare is a neat game. It was actually better when it was being developed by Obsidian. They had some really cool ideas. But that went by the wayside. Still it’s a good tank game. If you play WoT you will be able to get into this game immediately. It’s one major drawback, at least on the North American server is a huge lack of players. PvP is practically impossible as no one plays.

    Of course, none of this changes the fact that you are a filthy, good for nothing sellout, Claus. =D

  33. Good god they paid just about every WoT Youtuber. Except me, cuz my channel sucks.

  34. “Armored Warfare will continue to be updated with new bugs every patch for years to come!”
    Btw you played regular PVE not the special operations which is the storyline PVE… 😛

  35. Remember when this first came out and everybody thought it was gonna be a wot killer? Sadly it died. It’s a fun game but the pvp is so empty


  37. Just fun*
    atleast theres no venom like in WOT.
    tried it and still playing after looking at your channel.
    Edit* I play WOT sinds 2011.

  38. The problem with this game is that there is no server where I can have less than 200 ping.

  39. The handling of the wheeled vehicles in AW is wonky as shit.

  40. Personally, I like modern warfare and it is a bit sad that it’s a dead game. Obviously, it has it’s issues like every other game, but I believe that it’s a good game. I haven’t played much pvp because there are barely any players NA, but the PVE part of it is pretty fun to play.

  41. [MHT] Clan MetalHammer Team

    I’ve been playing open beta now and I still think the game is absolutely awesome. Of course it also has its weaknesses, but I find the strengths, as the youtuber (RAMBO!) has shown here, outweigh all.
    If someone is new to this game, you are welcome to watch our little videos on our channel, where the smaller skirmishes are more likely to be staged. There are not many videos yet – but there are still plenty more to come!

    Translated with

  42. i think the game is too fast and the tanks dont look like heavy machines

  43. Good video but there are a couple of things that need attention:
    With the way they put *Tier 10 premiums* in *EA Battlefront 2 style Loot boxes* I would recommend steering clear of the premium shop.
    High tier PVE missions feel like missile spam simulator 2018 and anything that doesn’t have MBT durability gets chewed up if you’re reckless.
    If you’re on the NA server *PVP is mostly dead* with Glops , too many play modes for a community to support.

  44. it must be named fast and furious warfare

  45. Chiam Da Xiang Address A

    Its fun playing AW to take a break from WoT~

  46. Sébastien Boucher

    Love your vid but f this game

  47. Is PVP a thing yet in AW?

  48. I wish it was available on XBOX

  49. I guess they didn’t stip-u-late that you shouldn’t discuss dog poop.

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