Armored Warfare’s Balance Patch 2.0. It’s Time For An Overhaul!

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Source: Rei-Lin

Armored Warfare’s next patch, 0.19 isn’t going to simply adjust some numbers add a couple of new maps, but it’s going to be rebuild the game from up. Almost every aspect of the game is going to get changed, from the tank armor, to the gun damage, to how vehicles react to different types of terrain. Obsidian is planning to redefine what Armored Warfare is and what it brings to the table and it seems like this will be well worth the wait. Sit down and pull up a chair, lets talk!

Check Out The Huge Article On The 2.0 Patch Here:

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  1. With the retrofit change where everyone will have access to all of them
    right from the start, people will likely just start playing 1 or 2 types of

  2. Not sure how I feel about this, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

  3. Hey Rei. Great vid, very helpful. I hope the changes help to stem the

  4. a problem a lot of people had with aw was that atgms became essentially
    useless after a certain tier

  5. i remember one of the things that made me quit playing it was a situation
    where i was in pvp at point blank range with a leo of some sort. it had aps
    i was in a t72a so i was trying to get a shot in to the guy with an atgm.
    (id tried a bunch of times to get ap to pen but it wasnt happening) i fired
    the first 1 aps blew it up as it left my gun barrel. i thought ok it wont
    be active again for about a minute so i fired a 2nd atgm. another tanks aps
    that was about 50ms away from us fighting a bunch of my teammates and
    probably didnt even know i was there blew up my atgm… i just gave up
    after that.

  6. another thing i just thought of i think aw has a mechanic where tanks
    cannot be 1 shot no matter how high damage the shot that hit the tank is. i
    get why they did it but theres a good reason why people love the kv2 in wot
    and if people want a kv2 it doesnt take long to get access to it.

  7. Good video. I’m playing AW every day and just waiting for the 0.19 patch
    and Balance 2.0 to come out. It sounds like it should help people out or at
    least make game play a little more equal for everyone despite what tier you
    are playing.

  8. Человек без Родины

    PvE noobs !

  9. I’m one of those who gave up and got back to WoT. AW lagged behind after
    introduction of physics in wargaming game and you kept getting stuck in
    weird places and boxes on the maps. I don’t mind much arty albeit starlight
    shells could have been better implemented, but I’m just curious to know
    what will happen to players who owns different models of arty from
    different tech trees.
    I’d also like to know what will happen to Italian tanks if the tech tree
    they are in will completely go British and German. What about France?
    Finally, I think what drew most player out of the game has been tier IX and
    X MBT , with some powercreep already starting at Tier VIII. Pixel peeping
    for that barely visible viewport is boring and frustrating, admitting you
    had any chance to deal damage , and shifting from the good +1-1 MM to +2-2
    made things even worse when you are bottom tier.
    I hold high hopes for the new tank modelling and the balancing of gun
    effectiveness: facing impossible opponent is not fun and hurts gameplay

  10. Besides Balance changes which I am more than welcome it, AW needs some
    serious identity building that stands out as its own unique game. So far AW
    is too similar to WoT with little to distinguish itself from it. Well game
    mechanics and many of details of the game is by far different than WoT but
    how it plays is still the same.

    GLOPS is something that AW should make it as its own Flagship of the class
    but needs some polishing and more maps and such. Too bad many of players of
    AW is Ex-WoT players which they always want AW to be WoT 2.0 rather than
    its own stands.
    Yep they bash PVE and GLOPS b/c of less skill required and too casual. :p

  11. They want to get new people, they need to put AW on steam

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