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Source: QuickyBaby

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has arrived in World Tanks with custom voice lines and apparently I’m a choir boy…



  1. That is exactly how I want to play Lakeville every time the map comes up.

  2. Justin justintheman

    I’m waiting for Sylvester Stallone or Jean-Claude Van Damme or Terry crews or Steve Austin or Nicolas cage or Kevin heart

  3. 10:18 strv 103B was and is very real, I’ve seen multiple irl.

  4. Imagine if he got hit and he went auuurrefgghhh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Arnie is the best thing WG did in past year or two, it’s amazing specially for someone like me whos huge fan of his movies and bodybuilding career

  6. See you at the party Richter!

  7. Strv 103B is a real tank.

  8. Married gamer body going on … 😆

  9. Why would Arnold sign a contract with such shit company like wg? Is he in famine?

  10. 13:24 “See you at the party.”

    Total Recall reference for the elevator scene “See you at the party Richter.” is the full quote. Clearly making some slight changes to avoid legal shenanigans.

  11. I hope we get Silvester Stallone next year as a Christmas Commander with voiceover like Arnie

  12. That „married man gamer body“ really got me xD
    I liked to watch how much u enjoyed Arnie in Command

  13. The only good line Was when he Hits someone and says They’ll Live. But man asta la vista Baby or Ill be back would have been fucking awesome

  14. Last year Chuck
    This year Arnie
    Next year Stallone Rambo or Rocky i dont know which one is more iconic
    Then, we will have all muscles in the world

  15. I put him i American T1 heavy tank

  16. Now officially “Mausinator” 🙂

  17. Shows how broken tanks has become lol the Mausoleum would be bogged down in soft ground

  18. I’m 100% putting my Arny in Obj. 268 v4 😂

  19. Why didn’t ya put him in the tank, that he actually owns… the M47 Patton!

  20. John Francis Terne

    I’ll never get him after all. The power and internet here in Cebu, Philippines still hasn’t been restored since Typhoon Rai.

  21. The voice of Arnold doesn’t sound like him in his movies.

  22. Terrible second game

  23. Arnold: Owns and drives a Patton, QB’s actual most played tank

    QB: Imma put him in Maus

  24. Cool. That Maus, is wonderful, so fast and nimble… Like a Porsche during a Top Fuel contest 😂

  25. “famous Austrian”
    when I heard that there are 2 people that pops in my mind:
    1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    2. Adolf Hi-

  26. ahahahah quiky you need a vacation lol you made me laugh with this one

  27. The only tank Arnie belongs in is T-95

  28. Arnine was Mr Universe 7 times, thats pretty impressive!

  29. If I put arnie in a tank,, can i disable his voice and get the normal national voices instead?

  30. I might put Arnold in the British light tank tier 6 crusader just for fun 😆

  31. Chickenbutt McWatson

    That’s not Arnie, sounds like a voice actor to me… kinda sad

  32. Chickenbutt McWatson

    They didn’t include “whats the matter, cia got you pushing too many pencils?” Absolute travesty 😣

  33. MTD_ TankingElite

    I will put him into the american heavies, cant wait!

  34. Arnold is my t95

  35. Knock Knock that was funny

  36. I haven’t decided where to put him yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be Russian so I can move him from the best heavy/medium/light tanks overall. Just an old guy’s humble opinion.

  37. Fun fact: the O-I is the heaviest tank in the game

  38. Anand Chakraborty

    Got Arnie today! Super excited and looking forward to using him when I get my E100.

  39. he is going to my Tortoise, yeah!

  40. It would be so awesome if he have said after a kill ” he wont be back” damn that would have been epic :d

  41. 7:02 QB was busy clowning the gold league dude before he remembered that its a youtube video and he needs to keep it tame xD

  42. Mr quick you didn’t need an excuse to play the Maus lol we all know you just love the tank

  43. Im really close to 279e so im gonna put him in 279e

  44. Matilda will get Arnie

  45. arnie is in the m-4-y tank ready for the yoh tanks to come i thought new tank commander new tech tree sounds like a great idea

  46. I got anton pankov form sending post how rare is he

  47. You should make a reaction video to the new updates in WOT Modern Armor (console). I would love to see how you react to that hot pile of garbage. Love your videos man! Stay Quacky

  48. lol so funny )))). tnx

  49. terrible player, that quickfingers. Dont show more gameplay from him *please !*

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