Arsenalen – The Swedish Tank Museum

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Last Saturday I found myself surrounded by some of the tallest biggest people in the world, luckily they were friendly. Also, they had tanks!

The Swedish Tank Museum:

Play World of Tanks –


  1. OutrageousGamer/Livestreams, Gaming vids and More

    Not been here for a month. Congrats on the gift to Rita.

  2. “Scandinavians sir. Thousands of them”

  3. wonderful museum

  4. Sweden was not defence only after the vikings tho, sweden was the most
    aggresive minor empire :p sweden invaded russia a couple of times. We have
    different monuments of Karl in Russia and moldovia

  5. Frenchfrieslol hijk

    Jingles had a bit too much coffee that morning combined with the cold.

  6. they have a hezter at duxford you know..

  7. “Sweeds learned invadin other countries out of ther system after the
    Vikings…” not rly: they had their go at… well of course Poland in mid
    17th cent. 🙂 some say that Poland’s national sport is fighting against
    superior enemy force 🙂 But than let’s put u Brits between Germany and
    Russia and we’ll see how u manage… xD Btw: have u been to that salt mine
    (Wieliczka) or just heared ab it? it’s really worth seeing (plus it’s a
    stone throw away from Krakow… so u know: beer :)

  8. Sad I couldn’t be there. Would have loved to meet you and see all the
    tanks. Great video Jingles and I hope to see you in Sweden again soon!

  9. The Chieftain did a cool vid at Arsenalen too.

  10. Jingles, oh dear it’s not often one has an opportunity to correct your
    historical knowledge. The Swedes fought in the 30 year war, and emerged as
    one of the strongest nations on the continent. It had a large army but
    little money to pay its soldiers. Then they fought a bitter and destructive
    war in the Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth, sometimes called the Deluge.
    The Commonwealth ( considered a great power at that time) lost aprox one
    third of its population. Some Polish historians estimated their loses
    during that war as greater then those during the Second World War. Once you
    start reading about the systematic destruction and pillage that was
    perpetuated by the Swedish soldiers, approx 180 towns and cities, 80
    castles, 130 churches were destroyed, well I think this is when and where
    the Swedes got their fill of war ;-). Not to forget that they ruled both
    Norway and Finland for a long while, and fought a war in Russia…

  11. Man, you went to swedish restaurant and there was no Gnome vs. food? I miss
    that series.

  12. Nice Jokes+ , AAA

  13. You can hear how excited Jingles is meeting all the people at the start of
    the video. Good video.

  14. great quality of the video its best i have seen on your channel yet so far
    🙂 Guud Job*!!!!!

  15. But can you park an S-tank on top of another S-tank?

  16. If you ever decided to hop down to Hawaii, I’m fairly certain they just
    finished a string of refurbishing runs on the Missouri.

  17. Can that S tank allso drive around shooting whit the gun in maximum
    depressed or elevated pos?

  18. Tee hee, Arsenalen has “arse” in it!

  19. I envy you, swedish people. You have a law that grants every citizen to go
    out into the forrest and live there as long as it ain’t a real building but
    just a camp and stuff like that … sure, reason for that beeing that you
    are taught well to keep you precious forrests clean from litter and the
    like. Plus you don’t need to be awefully afraid of forrest fires….If I
    ever move to a diffrent country it Will be Sweden or the UK (I love rainy
    day almost as much as I like thunder storms)

  20. Bah, first time i rode an S tank when i was 10 years old.
    Yes, true story. My neighbor when i grew up was an officer in Hemvärnet,
    with a military background behind that, so he used to take me along to all
    different kinds of events. Learned to shoot with a Mauser rifle, and
    participated as a messageboy (To a very small degree) in wargames. Good
    times. Fantastic childhood.

  21. The museum has between 2 and 20 visitors per day and they install a big-ish
    gaming corner in there? 😀

    I guess I know what the employees are going to be doing for days on end.

  22. Yay! Hope you had a great time here in Sweden. Its even colder now and
    darkness is total after 15:00. Now i’ll go cook my daughter some epic
    meatballs. *drops mic* *returns fast and picks up mic and puts it in its
    proper place*

  23. I hope we see some Swedish Centurions in WOT :D

  24. When I was a kid in the early 1970’s, I built a Tamiya motorized model of a
    Swedish S tank. It was so cool watching it drive through mud in the yard!

  25. “We will just buy her a Volvo”….. Ahhh Jingles the only channel with
    great content :D

  26. 2:07 wow i didnt know mike from RLM liked tanks!

  27. And people say that Germans have no sense of humor, they call a small
    remote controlled anti-tank bomb Goliath and the biggest tank they’ve ever
    made was called Maus (mouse!).

  28. Damnit Jingles, when will you be going to the Overloon War Museum in the

    They also have a Hetzer, a Centurion (Mk. 5/2 in our case), BUT also an
    M-51 Super Sherman (only 180 of those were made)!

  29. There’s a Volvo joke in there. You didn’t let me down Jingles!

    Walk around the parking lot and tell me how many Volvos are there compared
    to every other car brand. That would’ve been a fun little game to pass the

  30. bananasplitter the bananananan


  31. drone footage wasn’t great tho…

  32. Jingles i might be mistaken but im pretty aure you filmed a hetzer at
    bovington in 2013 ish

  33. DestructiveKoala Lolers

    hetzer gotta hetz

  34. Nice video Mr Jingles. I’m surprised you haven’t seen the Hetzer at
    Bovington. It’s there in its colourful cammo in the main hall opposite the
    Tiger……unless they’ve moved it since I last went.

  35. Sven Keep it Simple

    so many SCANDINAVIANS!

  36. There are Salt Mines in Cheshire. That’s where all the crap they spread on
    cold roads comes from. Not sure if the Gnomes have discovered it though.

  37. Jingles, start a separate channel for stand up comedy, your great at it!!

  38. I’ll always love you jingles

  39. Swearing in front of kids like a boss! haha

  40. FlawlessFPS (DatPwnzer)

    American Sports Bars, the best kind of Bars

  41. Du gamla du fria, Sweden <3

  42. They have a hetzer at bovington jingles

  43. I enjoyed the Jingles POV cam tour of the line … also … Jingles’ guns
    at 07:40 … omg Jingles you lifting bro ?

  44. You wouldn’t want to meet jingles in a dark alley would you???

  45. sweden. amazing country

  46. Great aerial filming there, just at 18:21 the quadcopters auto-adjusting
    brightness got lost on the combat field.

  47. Doesn’t the bovington tank museum have a hetzer, i would have thought
    jingles would have seen it?

  48. Good, lovely show, I like it !

  49. For some reason I heard 7:50 as “The mighty Swedish Ass tank” at first

  50. interesting that you can find a tank museum in a country that is
    politically ‘neutral’ in times of war. If other European nations do the
    fighting for Sweden, why on Earth do they need tanks?

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