Art of Strategy – 1 vs 7 RTS – World of Tanks

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Art of Strategy is a 1 vs 7 RTS event coming to World of Tanks in 1.16.1 – here’s all you need to know!



  1. This Mode should had come Years earlier !

  2. I think I would enjoy that gamemode a lot

  3. Probably game mode available only for premium account 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. I have been waiting for something like this for years.

  5. How do you access it? I can’t figure out how.

  6. What is this? If this is literally 1v1, where 1 controls all tanks, than this looks so boring. I’d rather have a system, where 10 players are on each team, and one player on each team is randomly selected as the commander, and then positions the set pieces on the map. That is way more fun and varied, rather than the system they have at play here

  7. Qb pls feedback it take v long to go into e games now a day they should have improved that is a basic need thks

  8. Gamer_of_world of tanks

    Lol never thought that WoT would ever make a mode like this

  9. i liked world of tanks generals. it died because it never came to mobile would have played it more on my phone. also it would be cool if there was more than tier 10.

  10. Is this gonna be an event mode or a permanent mode

  11. They should change the fact that when a tank in the front spots an enemy the rest behind him can instantly see the spotted tank. To making only the tanks in range of hes radio see it and also not instant it needs a delay wich can be played around with with different types of radios etc.

  12. Something that will help with mobility for an rts like this, send all the tanks at once to the general are you want them to get them moving, and then micro manage exactly where they go afterwards. Losing seconds can mean everything

  13. Not interested at all, still waiting to fix unbalanced maps or tanks but it’s ok, work on a different game mode, that’s more important than your main product, totaly understand (irony of course)

  14. I had a lot of fun playing this for the last two days, but it is true it kinda feels empty when playing it because of the bots and only 1 player, but it’s very fun when you play against a good and you really have to think and simultaneously deal with defenses as well furthermore a thing that I noticed is that the time frame is too short at least imo

  15. I love the game mode, won over 80% of my games
    Config : vz55/ sconq /60tp /obj 430u/ tvp / amx13 105/ t110e4 (I hate that tvp doesn’t have vertical stabilizer)
    Big turret / flame thrower/ and rocket launcher

  16. •Qahnaarin Peacekeeper•

    this game mode is for players who have premium time, almost all the tanks, and definitely not for free-to-play

  17. They finally bring a fun gamemode……. from console

  18. What the RTS gamer think of this

  19. I think anyone who’s played age of empires will love this

  20. love the gamemode but dont like the reticle thing you were talking about, i know its kinda an arcade game but come on, catering too much towards new players, game becoming more like wot blitz where you can see while aiming at a tank where you can pen where you cant kinda like when you look at tank stats and armor values in wot inspector or such

    • you laugh you phill

      Its always funny to see wot pc elitists. If you dont want an arcade game then go play warthunder. Bunch of cry babies

    • @you laugh you phill pc elitists? you know blitz is on pc right ? on steam sunshine, i can bet more people dislike these possible changes than those who like it but then what i know im a pc elitist, cringe

  21. Asimilate? Wtf is this borg mode?!

  22. I liked WoT Generals a lot. It’s a shame I apparently am the only one :/

  23. the 1v7 meta i would say would get very boring and predictable as the strategist could just put all defenses on one side of the map then use all of their vehicles to go down the other and overwhelm the one side then surround the other and win easily that way

  24. looks like men of war without troops

  25. hopefully itll be teck tree only. dont want to see a team of Chief, 279, Vk 72 and 260

  26. sweet another game mode literally most of the playerbase cant do and wont ever be good at, sounds great…

    Also, WG doesnt actually understand fun at all in any means, at least over the past few years, they only seem to know money, so that makes me worry about how they will fuck us over with this mode, because they will, thats what they do. not to mention because of how the tanks in the game are rn, everyone will use op tanks, full auto loaders etc etc. i dont think this will be fun for most people, i havnt even checked on what the rewards might be, vrs the cost of playing the mode, i highly doubt it’ll just be free mode for “fun”, it will more likely be free for everyone who sucks and cant do it and then ppl can pay to win and ruin the entire gaming play experience. but who knows, maybe they wont, i’ll never know cuz this mode looks uninteresting to me so far. most players can barely run one tank let alone 7

  27. That overlay is already on console

  28. tier 10 tanks, great, im a free2play player so i dont even try to go for tier 10 tanks (or tier 9s) because i would go bankrupt in kredits and that why i dont have any experience with tier 10 tanks so this will suck for me

  29. Do you earn exp or silver at all in this game mode ? 🤔

  30. I am so happy they ported this from the console version. It’s one of the few game modes I hope they keep around its such a nice change of pace and doesn’t take everyone out of the normal mm. Fingers crossed they keep a version of this mode around. The AI rockets you can’t control and while they have 6 arty shots they have limited horizontal range which makes it rather limited but very good if they push within its area of fire

  31. Steelhunter is prob wg greatest hit. This tho idk. Oc still gonna try it out

  32. Motionless Productions

    Not a fan of that new overlay.
    Just dumbs down the aiming even more and would eliminate blocking shots even more.

  33. I would love to use the MRL in random queue lololol
    I think there might be an additional single player thing where you can fight against harder and harder A.I.

  34. This mode has a lot of potential they shoud just release it as a full time mode and not an LTM and see what happens

  35. If there is noon enemy and they come one by one easy, if they team up and come altogether no strst needed your dead.

  36. It’s really fun to watch this game mode

  37. Really enjoy watching your videos . I play on PS for the tanks. I still really enjoy watching a new videos. But since all the stuff happened with Russia and Ukraine. I am on North America server and it sucks it keeps lagging it keeps screwing shit up I was just asking for you and put what I can do to fix it thanks man appreciate it Hope you have a good day.

  38. The overlay is just another feature for non skilled players.

    Everything is made easier these days.

    Flying autoloaders will be next.

  39. It would be awesome if you were able to switch tanks by using the number keys like weapons in an FPS – would make switching much more efficient

  40. Is there any reason I can’t find how to play this game mode? Because I don’t have the option at the moment to try it out if someone knows why please tell me. Thank you

  41. there is a problem if the gun torret get spotted the mrl will shoot only at it and not at the other tanks

  42. I’d be interested to see wargaming develop a ww2 RTS around the wot engine, using the existing models. Especially if like this, you could then take control of units.

  43. It was also called commander mode on console

  44. is this only test server?

  45. As a long time RTS player, this looks like an interesting game mode.

  46. I hope this game mode can play in platoon. When tanks can be micro, 7 tanks is quite overwhelming for one player to handle. 3 players controlling 7 tanks might be fine, and playing with friends is much funnier.

  47. playbabe theBookShelf

    now you can’t complain about the team, YOU ARE THE TEAM LMAO

  48. Looks fun, but a couple of games as a strategist against 7 semi-competent players and you’ll be avoiding it for the rest of the week. The AI can’t really play defensively, aim for weakpoints, get into positions where they can get supportive fire, prioritize lower HP tanks when getting yoloed, etc. You’ll end up playing it like Clan Wars, 1-2 tanks in key positions, rest clumped up waiting for a counterattack or a push.

    1 vs 1, that’s the only mode they should keep, it will only come down to who’s better at micromanaging the map and tanks.

  49. They are able to do this but not link your account to your steam profile… 🤨

  50. AT stands for Anti-Tank QB.
    They are anti tank guns

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