Articulating Tracked Japanese LANDSHIP Ro-Go (War Thunder)

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Articulating Tracked LANDSHIP Ro-Go (War Thunder)



  1. Phly: What is the new worsed tank in the game?
    Wehraboos: Clearly Panther because uptiers and bad reverse speed! Germany suffers!

  2. Any MBT /7.0 up Love 1.0-6.0

  3. “If it’s a Russian gun shooting at us we’re screwed” Basically all wg games and a few gaijin tanks from my experience

  4. this tank looks like an anime from any angle

  5. You literally just insulted both Wayne Gretzky and Michael Scott by messing up that quote

  6. have you tried an unupgraded r35. thing is slooow

  7. Many BB guns have a faster shell muzzle velocity than this boy

  8. Many BB guns have a phaster shell velocity than this boy

  9. For me the worst, is the old little french one who was kicked frome the game… because his round s**k.

  10. how about that: go on a big map, take a shot across the whole map, j out, spawn in a plane, fly next to your shell and watch it impact.

  11. Alexander Jonsson

    Phly I have a really weird challenge for you and I don’t know if it is possible!
    Squad up with 1 or 2 Pt76bs and you should take out the asu 57. The goal is to get a kill while you are ON TOP of the pt76bs when they are in the water.
    Good luck comrade! You will need it.

    Attempt #6.

  12. TUUKK4P01K4 TUUKK4P01K4

    Girls: you propably have never experiensed sadness.
    Boys: 16:33

  13. Can you help me get silver? I am broke, and I can’t afford new vehicles.

  14. Can you do a video on the
    Italian 75/46/M43?

  15. HEAT shell? More like YEET shell

  16. AgainstTheSystem .ATS

    Soo…what is the “worst tank in the game” now?!

  17. request, attempt #18
    b18b with the m/49a and the m/40 setup because i think its nuts and any tank, maybe the mad max truck WITNESS MEEE

  18. Phly you should revisit the Type 75 SPH. It Is the bane of the OBJ. 279. The stock HE shell makes it super easy to kill them

  19. The worst tank is M2A2

  20. You gotta try the M8 GMC. Similar howitzer with HEAT but very speedy.

  21. “I’m field advantage!!!” I’m fuckin dead

  22. Why are you sick?!?”?”? OMG

  23. Is it just me or do Italian and Japanese early tanks look really cartoony?

  24. Sepongbob Squarepants

    Kau kira cuma gw disini orang indo

  25. “War Thunder its ALMOST FUN!!!!!!!!” Never gets old.

  26. Phly try out the Clemnson L45 in the british tree. Its overall the worst non-meme vehicle in the game.

  27. Lord Shiva Of Kailash

    My favorite Japanesse tanks are the M29 SO-Gai and the 574 Ho-Ni

  28. Attempt #13 of requesting Phly to do a collab with Bo and Dollar or a 1v1v1 showoff with them all

  29. Orbital strike lol

  30. Johnathan KONSTANTARAS

    Phly play tu 4 or b29

  31. I need Type-5 Heavy

  32. Just reminding everyone that the Ro-Go was rejected in japanese army trials because it was to big/slow and had to sacrifice too much armor in order to even move. So yeah, it’s such a bad tank that not even the japanese wanted it, and this is the same nation that fielded the Ha-go. Yeah.

    Edit: Also phly, a neat thing about that HEAT shell is that it can frontally penetrate french Char B1’s at any distance. Maybe you should go B1 hunting since everyone is taking it to counter the pewpewpuma spamming because of the event.

  33. *Phly* “Now we probably have a little bit to much ammunition”

    – Has nearly 250 Rounds in the tank.



  35. M2A2 is crap

  36. I see that Phly havent played the AMC.34, which has terrible mobility, 2 crew, weak armour, a uber long reload, and a 47mm with 27mm Max pen…

  37. That thing has got subsonic rounds. Just slap a big old silencer on it and you’re silent as the night.

  38. Lol funny not racis

  39. The new worst tank in my opinion is the american t34 not because of it’s gun or any thing like that, but the repair cost. It is even higher than the mbt’s .If you die with fewer than 5kills you lose money, so yeah that makes it pretty stubip even if it is a Fun tank to play.

  40. Please do a video on the Do 335(not the premium) attempt 5

  41. Can we get another video on the XP-50? It’s a low tier clubber and I’m pretty sure you’ve never made a video on it. Attempt #1

  42. “poomer”

  43. it’s like shooting the mortar 🙂 made my day! 🙂

  44. Awesome video 🙂

  45. 15:52 Better love story than Twilight

  46. When the ro-go is the biggest no go in the game

  47. I’ m sorry but obj 279 is not a lunar tank comparing at this spaceship

  48. It’s a howheatzer.

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