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Oh boy, Artillery spotted for the test server!


  1. Always Spicy when arty news comes around, what are your first impressions?

    • i miss the old arty system, ap shells and all. yes i died more but it was a lot more fun. both sides of it. getting hit by it and by using it.
      i stopped playing since the stun was introduced. but you know. very very doubtful it will come back. i much rather spg be just as usefull as they were in the day. because even then they were not getting 4-5 kills every match which is much easier to do on any other machine.
      that’s just what i think o/

    • This is just another nerf. Arty having a choice? So I see a situation which requires AP, reload for 30-40 seconds. Will the situation for the AP still be there?! Probably not. The game is too fast paced to make these kind of decisions so far ahead.

      AP with a higher pen? My favorite American SPGs have mostly 2 stars on the barrel, but hit only 1 out of 3 shots. AP bounces more often than HE, so basically I’ll have a 20-25% it actually hits and penetrates the target I am aiming for. Is that worth 7000 credits per shot?!

      HE with more damage and no stun will give the SPG player next to no XP as that mostly comes from stun assistance. And it is very hard to get a decent amount of XP for the average arty player as it is. With this change it takes most casual players about a year to train 1 crew skill.

      The only people benefitting from this change are the SPG haters who don’t know how to dodge a SPG shell or simply don’t want to be bothered by them and adapt to the situation.

    • WG should consider changes that make SPG more enjoyable for both the lovers and haters.

      – Smoke screen to temporarily increase camo ratings in a certain area
      – Flares to temporarily decrease camo ratings in a certain area
      – HE shells without the hated stun effect
      – Decrease the SPG reload times similar to that of the leFHe and at the same time decrease the amount of damage per shell (and have a bigger amo rack)
      – Less dispersion for more accurate results

      These changes will make it more fun for the haters (less damage per hit, no stun) and lovers (more choices to make, better support role, less RNG and more controlable/skill dependent results). And us SPG players have no more time to drink, eat, and check the email while reloading.

    • Changes are good, but I would love to have max 2 in one game.
      Playing a slow heavy isn’t my thing, but on an open map with 3 artys… We all know how much fun is that.

    • I dont like the thought of chaning the HP of all vehicles in the game.
      first, we alle have a feeling of how much damage e.g. 390 is at Tier VIII – if we chsnge all the tanks HP we have to re-learn that ability and its just going to feel awkward IMO.
      secondly, what about statistics? all the top clans use requirements e.g. 3200+ dpg on meta tier X. so what if you got 3300 but after the changes they want 3.6k? its not like all your stats are going to reset…

  2. Suggestion:
    – Remove arty completely
    – Refund experience and credits
    – Refund crews in a class of the players choice

    I still own SPGs but i think it’s not gonna get any better

  3. kind of hard to have shell choices when one round is so expensive that most people cant run it.

  4. Arty shooting AP for over 500-600dmg with 300mm+ pen… fantastic move wg

  5. Arty, nerfed again, and they still refuse to give them any form of mobility so they are still going to sit in the back.

    • So it’s easy for sub human arty players

    • @ThatAussieBloke i used to main arty then i got a caernarvon AX from the blackmarket
      and unlike arty the skill cap on it is so goddamn low because its a heavy tank
      the only tanks that managed to ever do any damege to me was guess what? ARTY LMAO
      you are probably a heavy tank/hulldown mainer that wants to be completely invincible
      well news flash this is WOT invincibility wont be possible and wg wont be sucking your dick unless u throw them thousands of dollars

  6. Will my AMX 105 get its 223mm pen APCR back? It was lways nice shotgunning tier 7s with it.

  7. I think I’m fine with all the changes as long as gold ammo doesn’t cost an arm and a leg so as to actually encourage arty to give up on stun. And I hope the AP shells they get have significantly higher shell velocity than the HE to make them more feasible to use against heavy targets on the move and make sure the arty get punished for loading ap on soft targets that could be penned with HE.

  8. I would like for standard shells to have the higher damage and the premium shells getting increased splash with no stun as compensation for lower damage. Just because from the current view of things, there is no reason to switch from all gold shells to having normal shells judging from that wall of text. The reason I run all gold now is just because it is higher splash over the standard round without any changes to damage or stun. However, their change here has standard shells do less damage while the gold shell loses the stun. Considering how little the stun affects the game now, there is literally no loss for ditching stun on the gold shells. I’ll still use gold shells because splash radius is king.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      JuffoWup78 stun doesn’t affect the game? Yeah, having 50% worse crew for 20 seconds is no biggie, especially in a close fight.

  9. Stone the bloody crows!! What a load of crap!! SPGs should inflict a shitload of damage with ALL shells and STUN with gold. If these nerfs are going ahead, then ALL SPGs should have their accuracy increased dramatically.

  10. First impressions I likey.

  11. If this doesn’t fix the problem of Arty just remove it at this point, it has been reworked like 6 times and that shows how much it doesn’t work with the rest of the game.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Special shells and Alternative shells what arty had before stun was added?

  13. Just remove them for the love of god

  14. They won’t do tier 5 because thats where they sell the op arty

  15. Oh god just fucking remove them for fuck sake. Wargaming has tried and tried again to fix artillery’s mechanic in this game and they still can’t do it. The problem with artillery is not the shells, nor the stun, it’s the magical top down view they have that’s the problem. I’m sorry, but direct fire artillery from long range with a top down view it not how artillery works. You have to give arty players an option. Either give arty a sniper view and have them fire at targets spotted within their view range, or fire from long range blind. They can’t have both.

  16. Less stunt ? i am all for it. But i don’t think changing arty is usefull, that is not how they should balance them.
    The problem with arty is that they are unfair, they can hit you with you being able to hit them, they just click you from far away.
    What they should do in my opinion, would be to introduce a new mechanics to make their life a bit harder.
    Let say something in the lines of, “every time an arty fire, it get pinged on the minimap and the position from which they fired becomes visible for other arty to see in top down view”.
    That is what i think they should do. Just slightly changing the HE shell will probably not change anything in practice about them.

  17. if it goes through as is, i will most likely just fire the high damage no stun shells; CGC is what I play. Depending on what the damage nerf is, I don’t see the new AP being used on anything but the Russian or the French T10s unless it comes with an accuracy buff, and not often on those unless the damage is still something like 600(Russian) 400(French).

  18. It’s been bothering me a bit, why don’t they just unlock all tech tree on sandbox server? It will be easier and faster for ppl to contribute in the test.

  19. so as of now on the sandbox regarding the rebalance: standard shells of tanks deal ~30% more dmg (or did this change already?)… and artys standard HE stays as it is… so… they just nerfed t6+ artys damage contribution per battle by 30% – if reload, accuracy etc. stays the same?

  20. No more HEAT or AP, have we forgotten why they where removed already?

  21. Ap shells sound like they’re coming baccccccck. #makeartygreatagain

  22. I like the concept of giving players intelligent decisions to make. It’s nice to see WG reversing its current trend of dumbing-down and speeding-up the game. I don’t like ping and reflex dependent games; I like WoT because Tanks! and intellectual tactical challenge.
    However, when changing the game, WG usually damages it (fucking clown cars), so I ain’t feeling all that hopeful about this topic.

  23. Losing the stun is not worth 15% extra dmg and the AP dmg is so low as to be not worthwhile. This is a flat out nerf to arty due to the HP buff for all other vehicles.

    Lets hope its not just T8 9 10 thats gets nerfed this time and they do not forget about the damn M44.

  24. People still whining about arty. Can’t camp favorite position for whole game…..long live the ARTY! CANT WAIT FOR AP ROUNDS. I got millions of coins saved up just cause I knew pay to pen ammo was coming for arty. ??

  25. sounds interesting, wanna wait for gameplay/stats before I make a decision

  26. Damage shells should have no splash radius at all. The most cancerous thing about the last rework was the increased splash radius which makes normal houses/rocks/dead tanks useless for cover, airshitters can just deliberately miss next to you for 200-500+ damage each time. It should be 2 different shells for a start, one with stun and large splash radius with no damage/minimal damage, and a shell for single target damage with no splash and same damage as they do now on a direct hit.

    Also limit to one arty per team.

  27. so AP means pen degradation. brit tanks and their constant 300-400 arta dmg they get? maybe rebalance the game by lowering the alpha and armor of some tanks? and remove some other tanks? anonymizer ? maybe add block chat in battle and leave only pings? (but who the f listens to pings today?! or even watches the minimap?) its all about respect. i try to play and win my match i do my dmg i spot and some people either camp at the back for no reason while everyone pings the to help and still wont do anything and at the end ill lose my credits and waste my time cause my tier 10 or whatever decides that its very good to camp for 5-6mins at redline or march infront of couple of tds or even go in the open, die and maybe ping the map a couple of 3000times and call me stupid debil and again spam the casual shit team f wg f mm aimbot invisible force field tanks etc etc.. and to the other side we got the try hards with xvm(not everyone) 49-51% that think they know all and spam bs to people with 2k battles and we also have people with 20k+ battles with 42% that seems every time they log in a match they start to wonder how many bricks does this wall have, how many leafs does this pine tree have, are the starts real? what am i doing with my life? and die in 30 sec. gg. why dont they make a ball tank with an fv gun 70km/h top speed and call it a day? sometimes i wonder if the developers even play this game in real life. they fcked so much the last years that now cant fix their shit and just do bs…

  28. First change in a long time? Were you unaware of the last nerf?

  29. They should remove other class restrictions for SPG’s as well if these changes go through. Let them platoon and if there can be 7 TD’s a side , no reason not to let MM use the tanks in queue and put out games of mostly arta. (Overall it still looks like if arta can’t do as much, fewer will play the class especially starting with the M-44).

  30. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    Why on Earth are they giving high penetration shells to artillery? Basically, we are going back to a time where they used to fire AP and HEAT. But they say that damage will be lower and it won’t stun if you choose the higher penetrating shells. Still, I don’t know why it’s necessary to invest such a large amount of testing on a class that was a broken mechanic from the beginning and it’s only causing frustration for the people on the receiving end. Why do arty players even need to have such options like multiple ammunition types available? It’s like they’re trying to over-complicate a class that’s really basic in the first place, so why bother building content around it? This is like the 4th re-balance of this freaking class since patch 0.8.6. No other tank class needed so many overhauls and fixes/changes like the artillery, which is kinda signaling that the class is no good for the game and insanely hard to balance.

  31. They are moving on with the changes as if the HE changes were good and set. I really dont like the HE changes at all. They need to keep it just as it currently stands.

  32. i like the ideas of different shell types and i like that wg is working on changing multiple aspects of the game, the anonomizer and HE shells are all things that were on their agenda im glad they finally got to this im content

  33. Alt shell??
    So we can pen, and little explosion because we Dont go Boom?? No reality
    We put a good sized hole in your tank, All the way thru it into the ground and then we dont Blow up Dirt inside???

    Spec shell?? Splits the HE and the Pen damage..and adds only 15% above regular shells..

    Regular shells Basically are HE, and very little chance of Pen.. But what happens on a Dead HIT on top of a tank.. since it didnt Pen, it goes Boom….Weak points on top of tank are NOT COUNTED as there was NO PEN.. View ports and so forth that are weak, Dont matter.. And I will bet it Neutralizes the Damage as it was ABOVE the tank..not Next to them..
    I HOPE they detect PEN before adding HE Damage..

    Stun, high damage, High pen..
    What is damage if you Aint got Pen???(Teller)
    What is Pen if you cant go BOOM..

    Logic of Amunition is about to go back to BEFORE WWI… we throw metal at everyone, and no boom. didnt they figure out How to Shoot Bombs at each other in the Civil wars..?

  34. Load time is way too long for arties to make shell choices on the fly. Arty players will just stick to one type all game.

  35. I assume arti is not shooting enough gold. So now you need to load gold to do damage.
    There goes arti for F2P.

  36. Yes finally! If this sometime in the future hits live server, I’m gonna throw all the stun shells into the trash and play like the arty should be, no stuns just pure damage.

  37. I just hope they fix the stun missions, i don’t know how the terrible concept of stun missions, class-specific missions, has been brought to a set that is divided by nations and even survived several reworks of that mission set. You’re forced to play several arty lines especially if you want to complete the missions with honors and that’s by far one of the stupidest things i can name about this game, especially since it was introduced shortly after Wargaming promised to “Not add any new artillery lines because we don’t want to increase the toxicity of the game”.

  38. the sad thing is people think this is a buff like typical 40%er noobs they are OMG I GOT FOCUSED BY ARTY BECAUSE I RUSHED FIELD ON MALINOVKA IN AN O-I REEEEEEEEEEEE
    first of all on sandbox all hp got buffed around by 20% and they didnt buff standard round damege at all and premium ammo damege is only 15-17% more then standard and loses stun and costs more and heat/ap rounds are also crap af
    srsly a 240mm gun that does 580 damege? really… a 120mm gun on the sandbox server does almost as much damege in a single ap shot as a 240mm

  39. I don’t and won’t be a lazy assed clicker

  40. Ap’s is a secret nerf for arty against specific tanks. HE deals a lot less damage on some tanks (up to you to find out) and it therefore deletes the stun for them.
    Some players focusing on stuns and assists won’t see much change according to what I see.

  41. Oh for fucks sake. Yeah, arty is annoying, but its not 1 sided. They can hit you big sometimes, and other games they sit at the back and do fuck all. If people want to sit there and click, so be it. I’m happy for the spotting.

    Stop wasting time on these little things and JUST FIX THE FUCKING GOLD ROUND PROBLEM ACROSS THE BOARD ALREADY!!!!!!!!

  42. If AP and HEAT do not get back their oneshot potential but stay at a range similar to their caliber counterpart on normal tanks, this might be a pretty decent first attempt, I’d say. Let’s check it out on the test server so they can get some data on it to further fine tune.

  43. I will tell you my thots and want to know your thots on the matter too.

  44. they are buffing arty….AGAIN

  45. Time to rewatch that video of you and foch testing Arty on the test server 🙂

  46. Cool shell ideas:
    Flare that lights up a selected area after a three second warning to all tanks in the area of the flare before they are spotted

    A battery that deals low damage but fire a tonne of shells in one area for sustain damage and to actually make use of the role (around 75 damage a shell at tier x or something)

    Smoke screen obviously. Let’s un detect some team-mates. Thank god team damage is no longer a thing as people would accidentally hit their teammates sometimes

  47. reducing max presence of arty in one battle for max.2 is still dream

  48. Just remove SPG’s already, its quite clear that WG have no idea how to balance the game.
    So stupid….

  49. My most successful tank is the lefh…the most responsive tankers are those that hate being hit by arty yet rely on arty most heavily in their own tea. That’s juvenile and immature IMO. And wot listens and responds to them above the normal players. Again, my experience in the lefh, rocketing towards fifty two per cent whilst I am forty three per cent overall. My point is, my most successful tank is this arty, and its highest reactions to it are from those that hate to be hit by arty, yet expect the most from their own teams arty. Smarty players dodge arty shots, and are hopefully reliant on backup from their own teams arty. My experience is, the more of those types in a game, the better my chances of a win. Lefh is my most successful tank go figure eh. Good players hope for good support from arty, bad players whine when things don’t work out for them, and arty makes a great target of an excuse. Hey I’m a forty three per cent honest player. The only real whiners against arty are those that suck to begin with in my lefh experiences.

  50. Having to play from tier one on the sandbox server is a pain. all tanks should be open.

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