ARTILLERY INBOUND | Strumpanzer 2 Support (War Thunder)

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INBOUND | 2 Support (War Thunder)

Edited by Jason Ellis @Sentiel_Strix



  1. How does he control his range my keybindings go really fast trying to adjust it

  2. Bernardo Maffessoni

    Its sounds like an auction. 700! 750 750 no 810! 810/860 850!!!

  3. I keep hearing the theme from “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” when I see you guys 5 abreast…

  4. This intro makes me happy 😁

  5. I love your videos, They are even better when you’re stoned 😛 @13:06 Was hilarious

  6. Fordern Sie Artillerie bei den Koordinaten 52.2297 ° N, 21.0122 ° O

  7. This is better thatn vannos gaming videos xd

  8. New title: The lord of the tanks the fellowship of the strumpanzer 2

  9. One of the funniest things you guys have done in ages. still PMSL

  10. Somehow I never get bored of your high quality edits that transition into pure shit for some low quality, lsd trip, brain damaged meme.

  11. Hey can you play with life of boris

  12. Are German. Tanks good in mid tier ?

  13. _The_Weird_Ending _

    I wish the Mirage III or Mirage 2000 was in Warthunder, Gaijin add it to French tech tree

  14. Bennyvee. more like… Bennypee

  15. It’s good to have a squad

  16. Chester james Degracia

    Can we play phloppy whoppy

  17. can we get a cinematic replay of this, no music, just the most intense firing sequences with as much of the cannon sound effect from outside the tank as possible. At various ranges. I wanna hear so much more than the boring “thunk” from sniper view.

  18. I think he should play as the Germans and do the captured tank load out or as the ussr and do the same

  19. What what what, team work?, in war thunder???

  20. I want to see this on a gamemode with Infantry positions, enormous maps, and spotting planes. Really putting SPGs to their real use. Have 3 SPGs and a spotter in the squad, then the Spotter guides the artillery from near the target at multiple kilometers away.

  21. You should try Katyusha rocket artillery, ranging and followup shots should be easier too

  22. Now we need a squad of the Sweedish Toobe’s. Howitzer Gang, RISE UP!!

  23. Hey phly, how can i get one of those accounts where you have everything unlocked

  24. Nothing like dudes being dudes.

  25. Wait I’m confused at the beginning of the vid someone call phly, Steve and I was like is phly… not name PHLY

  26. Artillery only?

  27. 14:24 to much playing war thunder i press space when phdaily death

  28. epic stuff u pulled of there phly i wish i couldve played a match with ya all but i havnt got these german tanks ive gone mostly for the USA tanks aircrafts and ships i move up the rank that way like first finish 1 country then move to the next country to finish that ones tech tree and ive noticed u changed ur username often why do u do that is it cause to avoid all the fan interaction ?

  29. Sorry to corret you, but its sturmpanzer, Not strumpanzer

  30. how about four F4 with 285x rocket?

  31. You should try this with the swedish 1 sec reload bois. Get to the cap so you reload your mag quickly and start blasting.

  32. Hey Phly; Assemble the boys for a German Sherman party?

    If you need +1 I’d also join in.

  33. Phil should do more videos like this :3

  34. yesterday i bounced 2 shots with the sturmpanzer 2 lol

  35. “Walking his Dog”

  36. Aah, yes, Artillery only in War Thunder, Hoi4 is spreading it’s influence, good good

  37. Go to Google type Thanos and press the glove

  38. Don’t know if you still do these but
    You must protect futherland you have access to leopard of your choosing and air support from the luftwaffe phlying
    G/91 r3

  39. Just so you know phly. In these times of quarantine and helplessness sitting in my house with nothing to do your videos light my way. As in I used your video on my phone at 4am to light my way in my dark house to get to my tostitos pizza rolls I was cooking to pull the out of the oven. Love ya phly. Your videos are surprisingly a good phlashlight.

  40. Fionan Mac Donnchadha

    play the m10 gmc

  41. Phly:shots for 900m in sturmpanzer and got a kill
    Me: shots a tank 100m from me in my tiger and i miss

  42. Told you this was the true way to play the sturmpanzer ii comrade!

    Next, you must take out the SU-122-44, it was recently moved to 6.7 and has gone from sub par to an absolute beast!

  43. Jonathan Barrientos

    Dude you should do this more often with your friends

  44. Whats up with this farting sound all the time?

  45. you guys can play 1812 Overture great

  46. one of the things I absolutely love about phly is that his Myspace link is still the rickroll

  47. 4 strumpanzer isn’t enough, how bout whole team of sturmpanzer?

  48. I knew it was you guys i had a feeling i was i. One of ur matches but i though u were fakes lol 😂

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