Artillery is getting NERFED in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of . The controversial class in the game is getting significantly in update … but by how much?


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  1. i don’t think it’s a good nerf for SPG

  2. HunterKiller gaming

    So the S-51 is now no longer use able unless they give it more then 16 rounds. Great to know

  3. You know why I enjoy play artillery from time to time? Because you don’t need to use the damn gold ammo.

  4. it’s not a Nerf to arty’s, it’s just a straight out butchering, So now arty’s are being pushed out of the game what class is next? heavy’s maybe because they have too much armor again or lights because they are faster? when will this stupidity stop

  5. Published a response: Welcome to the Artillerist’s Union!

  6. I love playing arty, I have a great deal of fun with it, but even I’m wondering why they haven’t just removed the class from the game.

    It pisses off all the non-arty players and they keep nerfing it into uselessness so why keep it?

  7. This is so sad…the really old school artillery was really fun to play and could even 1v1 at the end of the game, now this class is a joke. The GW E100 was my first tier 10 tank and I barely use it anymore because the magic is gone :/

  8. How about spall liner ? Worth some tests with a big ruler 😉

  9. How you get all gold 259.582

  10. I just like to piss off people, thus, if artillery is _really_ nerfed, I’ll switch to French wheeled vehicles. I’m already chugging up the tech tree on ELC. Problem solved!
    P.S. Except… were not those EBR and other wheelies sort of intended to counter artillery? And, since arty gets nerfed, what’s the point?… To annoy freaking heavies on them!

  11. I like the comments about wanting to remove artillery altogether. Never mind the missions, how are you going to do anything with the likelihood of never being in the top 10. My concern – this is going to turn into a super heavy game, that nobody can kill, which arty persuaded to move somewhere else. No more persuasion means a boring game with the huge tanks, with spall liner, stopping any progression. Good game – not.

  12. New unit: 1 Maus = 10m 😀

  13. How did you measure the 2,5 m , is there a Tank which is exactly 2,5 m (or 1,25 m ?) , great video, and it wasnt really the SPG itself, that was OP, but 3 Batchat-Arties at an open field map is a huge pain in the ass… but I guess its easier to nerf it the classical way, than remove the 3 v 3 Arty MM and make it say 2 v 2 or so.

  14. At least you can fight back against superheavy tanks.

  15. As someone who basically only has to unlock arties i dissaprove. I don’t mind a dmg nerf, but i do think the good thing about stun was that you can actually contribute to a team effort. A stun at the right moment can really help the team with the current mechanics compared to just plain dmg before. BTW i hope WG don’t forget to adjust the personal missions, stun ones will get much more difficult.

  16. nerf them even more? they are already useless!

  17. **non-metric system wants to know your location**

  18. This won’t stop me from playing arty I play the class to relax so yeah…

  19. why not just remove the arty ? seems like they dont want us to play it enny more, honnest that fun playing it is gone 🙁

  20. When i cant go no sleep i just play your videos. Tnx m8 🙂

  21. “subseekquwent”?

  22. The arty players won’t be disappointed. They will just keep playing the Lefee and M44 and bunch of low tier untouched arty bitch, having fun while ruining other people’s game

  23. I remember and I like these experiments, nowadays people just read top speed, power2weight and resistance numbers from , but i would rather see a drag race on highway map, to compare tanks mobility, than look at numbers on

  24. i dont pay 2 win hi

    if they keep nerfing stun duration how tf do they expect us to complete their annoying arty missions for the stug, t28 htc, t-55-a and the object 260?

  25. Stunning is bullshit. They should just do damage if they hit (or within a few meters) like they used to.

  26. I’m wondering, since light tanks now have ridiculously high hit points (compared to in the past, when they stopped at 450 or something at tier 5) and spgs now don’t do any more damage, why not give spgs a reasonable amount of hit points now? Hit points are arbitrary anyway, but I guess the reasons for not giving spgs any hit points are getting fewer and fewer.

  27. Quickybaby, as a scientist, I must compliment you on the experimental design. Only thing I would add would be error bars. It would be interesting to see if the RNG has changed i.e. whether or not the damage would be more consistent.

  28. I would argue the “more annoying than overpowered” bit, because I think that anything that can do even 1 point of damage to me, from the other side of the map, without me being able to do anything about it, and even not directly hitting me, is overpowered.

  29. I do not get it. I’m playing with Scorpion G, range to target 271m, shell fly 2 sec!!! Speed of a shell is 800m/s!?!?
    I saw the nerfed arty – it was one shot one kill. Whole HP was gone.

  30. I hope they nerf it into ground, because less people will play it

  31. Just replace the arty. They are just anoying now

  32. Okay they nerfing stun duration and etc. but how about missions? why they dont make Campaign missions easier with artys?

  33. ah great, now I have more reasons to rush with my arty (the closer you are the easier the shots are to hit)

  34. The ONLY good news I have heard come out from this game.

  35. They need to nerf it to the point that so few players want to even play it, then the problem will be fixed. Also they need to remove the SPG missions, period. Don’t encourage players to even play SPGs. SPGs have been ruining this game since 2011.

  36. And where is the Gameplay to the nerfed Arta? Kappa

  37. They should never have nerfed it in the first place, bring it back to before the stun bullshit. And restrict it to 1 SPG pr team.

  38. Are sure they aren’t more accurate? Because this would cancel the nerve ?

  39. You are simply the best QB

  40. There’s nothing WG can ever do to make players feel that artillery is fair. In the days when tanks were more blind and there was more cover they were more limited by scouting, and a light tank could sneak or break through and take them out effectively. That kind of play has mostly been deleted, along with the differentiation between tank classes. The few days I got on the classic server were a big reminder of what the game has lost.

  41. Only good arty is a dead arty. Only arty nerf i wanna see is when there are no more arty in wot

  42. Stfu xvm cheat

  43. I would not be sad if a developer accidentally presses the “Delete” key while working on arta

  44. Hats off for some genuine empiricism!

  45. Great work QB , Hope all is well and God Bless you and your family.

  46. Nerfing artillery! I might have to reinstall and check it out.

  47. I don’t think this is a bad thing.
    At this point you can’t fix the mess WoT is currently in with a single patch. Nerfing arty is one step in the right direction… now we need the changes to premium ammo and some nerfs to well armored tanks (maybe add weakspots to tanks like the IS-7) and changes to the maps.
    If heavy s will get to strong they wil have to nerf them and hopfully it won’t take them a long time.

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