Arty!!! – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

A match I had with Obi-Two-Kenobi and Hydra. Aside from a little passing truck noise this is well worth a watch. Also get a look at the 3d mod used by Hydra. Going to have to try that out, looks fun!


  1. Nice match for all of you! If only i had known about Wotreplays back when i
    still had my M40 i could’ve shown my (only) top gun with a arty in it… ;_;

    +Where can i get that mod Hydra? ;)

  2. Aargh you band of scumbags x)
    GG :)

  3. When firing at the “hidden” arty judged by tracers, I’ve experienced, they
    appear from the end of their gun, so I used to aim bit more further, in
    your case more to the right of where your aim circle was.. another thing
    is, that your target has some height so there is slightly higher chance for
    you hitting him 😉 Will try to get my M12 soon so I can go with you as
    well, missing like 20k xp

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