Arty Platoon – OMG! – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

A great game in my GW with 2 platoon mates in too! A couple nice surprises you…

The best bits, 2:42 and 7:36


  1. that game LOL we need to platoon plumb =D

  2. Did you manage to get any usable footage from Friday? :)

  3. Oh oh Plumb… you scumbag :)

  4. Still laughing about that T-54 here! CT

  5. Awesome! Remembered my games in AMX 13 F3, one of my most favourite french
    arties I had. Maybe I can find some entertaining shotgun action and send it
    to you if you were interested. Btw, how is the vid with Jgtigers doing? :)

  6. arty party at its best!

  7. Jingles must see this :))) he’ll love it :))

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