Arty was Invented For This Tank! | World of Tanks Object 279 Early

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Object 279e (Объект 279 ранний) Gameplay, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Object 279 (early), Tier 10 Soviet . World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Last year, in 2019, Object 279e or Object 279 Early was called the most overpowered or broken tanks in World of Tanks. Today I decided to look at this tank again, just to show you how much it bounces, when there no artillery, which was invented for this vehicle! [Insert Kappa Face Here]

Enjoy the show! 😉


  1. How are the 10th Anniversary missions going? Luckily seems to be super easy, was able to complete all of them in one sitting, so not too bad.
    Have an absolutely fantastic day, my friends, and enjoy some OP action! 😉

    • Same for me, finished them in one day.

    • Did you see you are getting close to 200k subs? Congrats dude!!

    • My teams are getting wrecked. Too many kids at home

    • Forget the wheelies, forget the chieftain, forget the 279. The match maker is broken, at least on NA. In the last 30 games that I’ve played I’ve won 4. Had to carry in 2 of those. Too many games its a 0-10 wipe. WG needs to spread the good and bad player between both teams. There is no reason why as a 1000wn8 player I should be top damage dealer for 90% of those losses. Far too often I get teams stacked way in favor of the enemy team while I get teammates with mostly a sub 45% wr.

    • I was surprised. Two one-hour sessions and I’m about 1/2 way done, just about to get back in and finish. Easily achievable.

  2. In this replay, red teen dont know how to PLAY this game. No matter if ther is 279, is-7, Löwe, E75, 0bj.430, etc, against enemy teen whit skils like in this replay and same resolt in the end.

  3. Soooo this mothertracker has impenetratable fortress and he still decides to use gold ammo. I love such players <3 and that's why I won't stop asking when WG will NErf the premium ammos, but the answer seems to be NEVER

  4. Wargaming is insulting its community having this tank in the game. I have been playing since 2013, and I will stop playing if wg don’t address this vehicle… it is killing their game! Open you eyes wg! Having to avoid tiers 8-10 to ensure a fair fight is UNACCEPTABLE.

  5. he protecc
    he attacc
    but most important
    WG wat de hecc

  6. Well I think opposite team is got all those tanks through free exp,😜 and about 279 e you can balnce it biy just repacing it’s rear and side armomer with same design like front Armor and giving it 2000hp engine having 60 km/hr speed and most importantly changing it class from heavy to light tank so that it will retain its camo 💯 even with moving and and dez as a comander in the tank . This way it will be perfectly balanced
    And chery on top just and spall liner as default fourth equipment in slot so arties will cry as hell

  7. Sorry, but after 12 Minutes the first one decided to use HE. The Tank is maybe imbalanced, but in most cases the enemy is just not smart enough to use HE and punish the 279e.

  8. On this replay the enemies were just retarded. Why didnt they shoot with premium ammo? 279 Would be dead if I was on the enemies team

  9. Hahahaha, Dez… The 279(l) with wheelz, double barrel autoloader derpgun. Whahahaha. Good one. If I was drinking coffee I would’ve spilled it.

  10. But luckaly the artileries always focus this shit
    That’s why this tank doesnt kill 16 tanks per battle

  11. And then those scumbags shoot at lightly armoured tanks ‘cos they get more damage

  12. I think tier 8 gets fucked the most in games like this or in general. They should make blueprints for unlocking guns and modules.

  13. Or instad of all those ap and heat rounds they shoot on 279 they all just used HE …the guy would be dead long time ago..

  14. juhannussima teemukissa

    in reality you would just have to shoot HESH at its hull top because angles do no effect HESH’s pen and the top plate is not more than 150mm point black, sooo?

  15. Final version had 4 shells in clip autoloader, so lets stay on early one…

  16. Here is a truth about this game a lot of people won’t admit or don’t realise. A large part of the appeal of this game is that it gives you the chance to be over powered compared to other players. A lot of players I think would leave if WG made the game too balanced, because those players don’t want the playing field to be leveled, they like that they have unlocked op reward tanks and have crews with lots of skills and lots of tanks with improved equipment on them, that they can use their premium tanks to grind out credits to buy lots of food and kits and always have an advantage over a large majority of the game

  17. This. This is the type of tank that should have a huuuuuuuuge cupola on the top of the turret. Not E5 🙁

  18. Benjamin Turjányi

    I was in the indien panzer i was in city and a platoon of 279 s showed up in front of me, and there was no arta to protect me so i basicaly went down in a sec but i did 190 damage bcause german tanks always low roll

  19. Yes, 279 is op tank, but only because it doesnt have lower plate. In this replay almost nobody knew how to penetrate him and at first they fired only AP too . FFS, he was in a down slope, at the most his effective armor was 280. In a bad case that badger could have penned every single shot from that position. Nowadays wot is all about gold spamming, armor doesnt hold up any more. Just think about the german super-heavys, what they were and what they are today. I am just saying that 279 doesnt hold up as good as many of you may think if you meet someone who knows a little how to play. I think ebr is proper OP and it really f*&% up the game

  20. Its called 279 early cause it was only a prototype

  21. Funny how the cancertain is more broken and shows up more often on the MM, yet this is the one getting all the whine.

    Russian tank bad

  22. Tundra mod.

  23. To be honest, most cancer tank tier X in current meta remains EBR 105…Obj 279e is in good position but does not appear every time on the battlefield…and in this replay it’s incredible how stupid was ennemy team. Using HE or Flanking it was possible…but done only once team was decimated…:):)

  24. Hi Dez, I agree with that OP armor, gun and other OP think, but it’s really not that hard to get it. In total it took me around 2 months witch missions on 279e took me less than 2 weeks, and on top of that, I am not a that good player either (green WN8). So I don’t understand why isn’t there more of them.

  25. Anyone here after trying out the HP buffs up to till 6? My first feeling of having more HP is great but I just realized that, the ammo count hasn’t changed nor has alpha has changed. Would this be a nerf to low ammo tanks? And a buff to suicide scouts?

  26. The ” late ” version of the 279e is called obj 279. Its a tank that was designed to survive nuclear explosions. The hull has some of the most extreme angles ever seen in a tank, pretty much auto ricochet angles ALL AROUND the tank. 3 prototypes were built and only 1 survived, sitting currently at Kubinka Tank Museum.

  27. It felt SO good, destroying one of those in my Tortoise… Face-hugged him, loaded gold (not ashamed of that) and started penning the upper plate. Sure, I was not alone, had two of my teammates along with me (third got taken out), but oh boy, that was a sweet moment.

  28. Just as a Tip
    I was driving my IS-7 some days ago…
    Ramm into the 279 and load apcr you can easy Just shoot to the upper Plate
    I was very surprised that IT worked but this works🤣🙏

  29. Hi Dez, I have the 279 (e) and I honestly believe that it needs a nerf even if I spent so much time grinding it

  30. After 10 years, the game is still shit.
    So much pay2win
    So much power creep
    So much wheel cancer

  31. I think all of the Object.s are OBJECTIONABLE! Take fake tanks out of the game, WG!! Or nerf them? Same with Spaghetti and Meatball tanks. They have never existed, are not realistic.

    Thanks, Dez!

  32. So anyway, i started blasting

    Meanwhile WG nerf tier 5 Sc35 gun… 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  33. i always get penetrated by bad timing 😛

  34. I just got a new idea on what your next bad combo is. The Pz. II with the Solothurn S-18/1000 gun and with the Tier II Turret.
    This combo gives a whopping 508 DPM wich is the least in the game. I would allow everything else being at max tier (engine, radio, tracks).
    Have fun dealing 12 dmg every 1.5 sec! XD

  35. seal clubbing at tier 10? I am a bit sad people did not have to pay 100 euro to get this tank to seal club at tier 10….

  36. JustAnotherPerson

    Still hate arty scum the most, atleast this tank has the balls to go anywhere near the frontline. Nothing beats arty.

  37. Abviously I think this tank is broken, but at the same when you see this tank, you can always turn around and go away and you cannot do that when you are facing artilery or wheeled tanks, Iam owner of 279 and I know IT got so big respect in battle and thats a big problém, if people are not going to have that big respect of this tank they are going to destroy IT, I was in couple situations where 4-5 even 6 tanks where Just staing infront of me, Getting farmed and being scared to go around me. But yeah only balance of this tank are kinda artilery

  38. This tank is not that broken as all think, it can be pened with gold(330-340mm) and HE also…Cupola is a massive weak spot…..the enemys in the replay are muppets and it also is a ARTY MAGNET….
    Enemy simply muppets! E100 he – 300-500 dmg, foch gold – 900-1200 dmg, T10 gold 340mm pen – 440 dmg, Obj 257 330-340 mmen – 440 damage, badger also a muppet….
    Stop highlighteing games were muppets are playing agains these kind of vechicles…this vechicle is broken but this kind of games are 1 in a few hundered, the ones that have this vechicle can confirm….

  39. aleksa momcilovic

    I got these tank recently. Im very happy to own him just because of his look. And he looks “hiper turbo good”
    About his armoring i thibk that T110e3, 268 4 have more armor to offer also chiften from close range has less week spots than 279 comander hatch which are easy to hit. I have never had the bettle like these one on the video and for bettles like these your oponents need to be less good.
    If there is one tank that shood be remover i vote for EBR tanks.

  40. It’s not OP! I saw it get destroyed… once 😀

  41. Team of noobs,they should push from the start!

  42. Please do not play with these OP Tier 11 Ubertanks such as Chiefs, 279, EBR or 907 because you are supporting WG in their non-sense sociopath policies. Playing these tanks is just masturbating players’ egos.

  43. Tanks that are not available in the game shop, during Christmas or directly in the tech tree should not be allowed in random battles.
    They can keep those tanks in the game types where they are awarded but not in random battles.

  44. This is the early version of the объект 279 which you made a video about

  45. Pedro Miguel Rodrigues

    Easy… Just put 3 arty on each side everytine an obj. 279 (e) is in rhe game… and give 250 gold to the arty that deals more dmg to that tank 😂😂😂

  46. Two auto reloading 152mm’s are not enough, give it 2 of the object 261’s 180mm’s. AP and HEAT with premium HE, will be slightly better then.

    Jokes aside, console wot did a decent job at balancing it. 375 apcr pen from the E4 butters it’s upper plate pretty much anywhere, and I was able to pen it’s weak spots with the Conq’s stock gun so.

  47. all i can say is NOBODY wants too see the finished version of the OBJ 279 in the game.

  48. The grouping on that 257, very nice.

  49. Don’t try too hard Dez. Every match I go in there are wheeled vehicles in them. It couldn’t be only me that is having this trouble. 279e is a rare tank. So rare I haven’t seen it yet.

    This tank is over powered but it doesn’t break the game.

    Wheeled vehicles are overpowered and are breaking the game.

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