Arzagir, New BEST Map Ever + Minsk 2.0 | World of Tanks New Maps and Changes – Update 1.10

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Minsk Map Changes, Minsk 2.0, Rework and Rebalancing. Arzagir Map, Steel Hunter 2020 Map. World of Tanks New Maps and Map Balancing. World of Tanks 10th Anniversary 2020. World of Tanks Update 1.10+ Patch News.

Chapters in the video:
00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Minsk 2.0 Overview
04:02 – 25,000 Gold Giveaway Announcement
06:59 – Giveaway Details
08:09 – Minsk 2.0 Overview Continues
11:59 – NEW Arzagir Map Overview
25:00 – Conclusion

Today’s video me personally super exciting, because I am able to share more details about one of the map reworks to Minsk, which basically makes Minsk 2.0. On the top of that, which is the most exciting part of the video, I am able to share details about the newest map in the game, which is made the Steel Hunter 2020 mode, but is by far the coolest and the most awesome looking maps in the game! 😉

Have a good one!


  1. So what do you think about this extremely smexy looking map? Like it as much as I do? 😀
    Anyway, good luck and keep in mind, I will announce all the winners most likely at the start of the August! Stay awesome, my friends! ❤❤❤ˇ
    Chapters in the video:
    00:00 – Introduction
    01:00 – Minsk 2.0 Overview
    04:02 – 25,000 Gold Giveaway Announcement
    06:59 – Giveaway Details
    08:09 – Minsk 2.0 Overview Continues
    11:59 – NEW Arzagir Map Overview
    25:00 – Conclusion

    • I am quite happy with the minsk changes. I just think that it will be a lot harder for tds as there are lesser bushes. Maybe there should be a few big bushes where td’s can hide in. Also it looks like Berlin 2.0 also but with the city on the west side rather than the east.
      From the Arzagir map I get a lot of a ghost town vibe. I hope to play it also. Problem is i am actually not very into steel hunters I have to give it a try once lol
      I really hope wargaming start working on more new maps also because its always sick when a new map comes out! Cant wait for pearl river!

      Na server

    • Server: ASIA
      Username: _ Sp4rtacus _
      (with the underscores both sides on name no space/s between underscore and name ) 😀
      The changes to Minsk look like a big improvement more flexibility more drawn out game , good . and … Arzagir looks like a nice large map , yes please random map , might make steel hunter (fun) Daylight map , looking forward to these changes .

      Thankyou DezGamerz

    • Nick xXxxcao33xxXx
      I think it’s going to get a lot better and more fun.

    • Server:Eu IGN:Sfinx196 New Minsk map looks like it is going to be harder for the tank destroyers to camp at the back of the bushes because there is not a lot of cover left. I like that they made the map bigger from the right side where the heavys can flank but not so much the left side because now you can’t cross the road that easily. And i quite like the steel hunter map the rocks falling down is a great touch and the city is massive, looks like Pubg ngl. Would be op if the new map was in random battles

    • Name: Ogs41
      Server: Asia

      Looking forward to steel hunter mode Dez! Cheers for another great episode!

  2. Server: EU Username: _GX Very cool

  3. Server: EU
    Username: rageOmeter

    Minsk was my most hated map in the current pool. Looking forward to the changes.

  4. Server:EU
    Minsk looks good. I’m looking forward to test this remastered map.

  5. minsk looks good and new maps are always good thing
    Server : EU
    Username : Hem_MO

  6. Server: EU
    Ign: 128zip
    The changes to the Minsk map look very promising.

  7. I dont mind Minsk to much, but Im realy hiped up for the new map.
    USERNAME: jasa787

  8. Minsk looks more dynamic, but I’m not sure if the southern team has a disadvantage in the middle, because there is less open space and cover along the road. The new map should be fun.
    Username: Freya261
    Server: EU

  9. Server: EU
    Ign: Graeme0

    Looks nice, hope it plays well

  10. Server:EU
    I think both maps are awesome

  11. Server : SEA
    Username : Heaton4u
    I like the changes to Minsk especially on East side as i am more of a HT player. Opening more play areas on East will allow to create crossfire options.

  12. Thrall Dumehammer

    I’m not sure how much it will affect my play, I just started playing on PC. Veteran on Xbox so maps on PC are different anyway. That aside looks like it will be a great change. New map looks like it will be awesome. Notclauskellerman on na server! Thanks and have a great day gg!

  13. Server: NA
    IGN: Henzler
    Minsk will now be more EBR friendly. Imagine EBRs will be running up and down that riverbed to go and spot arty. Arzagir looks like a very eerie place, great background music though.

  14. Santhiti Tigpanyavut

    Well from my point of view changing in this map is very interesting we might see a new meta on this map.

  15. Server: EU
    Username: Magma004
    Absolutely incredible, wasn’t a fan of Minsk before but now it looks way better!!

  16. I’m really happy they are going to change Minsk because currently I put the map out, at least it looks like it’s going to be a lot better.
    For the new map, it will be hard to learn the map because it’s so big but their seems to be a lot of variation.
    ‘Saptje’ on EU server

  17. Ionut Florin Hulea

    Server: EU
    Ign: Zamolxeess
    Looks good. I will remove Minsk from my baned maps after the patch goes live .

  18. Server: EU
    nick: panek_destroyer
    New Minsk is looking epic. Really looking forward to se this map in WOT. And my Old fav Steel Hunter od back 😀 with new map. IT will be awesome

  19. Grzegorz Markowski

    Serwer: EU
    Nick in WoT: krowa_accurate
    Finally Minsk will be nice to play 🙂
    And talking about the new Steel Hunter map, it’s great and new maps are always welcome

  20. adrastus from NA here.
    The west side looks like it’ll make battles more interesting. Cannot wait.

  21. Server:EU
    Name: MrTaggen

    Hi Dez. The changes to Minsk are most welcome. The new map look cool!

  22. Server: ASIA
    Ign: klsonbob
    Minsk 2.0, i think heavy tanks are more likely going to west where the tunnel is, medium tanks and light tanks are gonna have a really hard time, they cant push mt line since there’s a tunnel and crossing mid is still as dangerous as it is.

  23. Server: EU
    Ign: Hartman_A1
    Minks looks good! like the dried out riverbet!

  24. First off, thank you for the videos. Always a pleasure to watch.
    Changes to Minsk look promising and the new map Arzagir is going to be something to behold.

    Server: NA
    IGN: Bajan_Piper

  25. Server: EU
    Username: bender1664
    I don’t really like minsk but maybe I will change my mind with these modifications

  26. The new map is awsome! I like it.
    name: Heplio
    sever: EU

  27. Spuff
    EU server

    Like the look of the changes apart from removing a lot of the bushes for scouting in the middle. I’m an old school passive spotter!

  28. Sebastian Michael Paschalis

    Server : ASIA

    for me minsk haven’t been fun, but i think this rework would be very good, and would try this map

  29. Server: ASIA
    Username: kamikaze1004
    The changes are looking very cool, can’t wait to play.

  30. The Minsk map changes look good. The map looks a lot more interesting and the dried out river will be a fun playground.
    Name: Sami1324
    Server: Eu

  31. Server: EU
    Username: Hadogene
    minsk has been on my avoid list for a while now but maybe ill take it off once they update it, could be interesting

  32. IGN: SovietJaguar
    Server: Asia

    The updated minsk map looks promising but hopefully tho I can last longer with my wheeler lol

  33. Whrn i take ebr or lt100 i get this map. Is7 277 conq i get malinovka so i lear to play it with lt and im happy to see it get biger
    _PiNoKiO eu

  34. Minsk looks better now, I might actually remove it from my banned maps and give it a shot!

    Server: EU
    Username: Ubiozmiec

  35. Changes are good

  36. Server: EU
    Ign: Curcio
    The changes look ver sexy indead. Will definitely make gameplay more fast and punish our camping comrades. 🙂 and the new map is just stunning. i like more open maps. give possiblities.

  37. Minsk map changes are very intresting, new map looks awsome!!!
    Exclip , eu server

  38. Server:EU
    Username: FULJE87
    Minsk map was very boaring before, now I think that it will be little bitt playeble.Every change is good. Arzagir map look very good bit we need first try it. 😉

  39. Server: NA Name: MS3Deer Minsk 2.0 I think will be interesting. I’m curious how the map gameplay will change. The old version was average. A little nervous it might not be for the best. The new steel hunter looks sweet. I so agree and hope it can be in other games like random battles, just scaled down. Very excited to play the map in a few weeks!

  40. Server EU
    Playername : EgovingoV2
    It looks really fantastic, cant wait to play on them. 🙂

  41. The new minsk map looks kinda empty without the trees but other then that it looks nice. The new map will probably be my favourite map.

  42. I hope Minsk will not be as static as it used to be before the change, looking forward to it! New map does look amazing not gonna lie, excited to see how it plays. Username: EJisgood, Server: Asia

  43. Server: EU
    Username: ZvezdicaZaspanka
    The changes to the Minsk map don’t look very balanced. The Steel Hunter map looks good.

  44. Perhaps the new update on Minsk map is that all players can move more dynamically, even artillery can control the course of the battle more.
    I like it

    Player : Rose_Man
    Server : Eu

  45. Server: Eu
    Ing: EisernerHabicht
    More map variety will be good for the game.

  46. server:EU
    in-game name: Banana_S0up
    I don’t think it will improve the map, espacially that tunnel… I don’t like it, but maybe it will be okay.
    goodluck everyone!

  47. Server: EU
    Username: BrunoXmegaOP
    In my opinion, at the moment Minsk is a pretty boring map, basically is just bad map for the majority of people, BUT I’m very happy with this changes, finally, it looks much better and clean, i really want to play in this map.

  48. Server: EU
    Ign: CenturionMagnus
    I like the central square in Minsk. Arzagir looks insane!

  49. Username:Juukelinpuukeli
    I like changes to the minks map

  50. Classified Classified

    Username: ShermanMaster04
    Server: NA
    Answer: I will miss the 60s modern vibe that Minsk was but I must say that this revamp will definitely make this a much more interesting map to play. I cannot wait to explore Arzagir. It looks absolutely stunning.

    Hey Dez, since you’ve been playinf the SH test server, would there be 2 or 3 vehicles that you would recomend that we use over other vehicles just so that I know what to start becoming a pro at? 😂😁

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