AS CLOSE AS IT GETS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today we’re going to have a game in the T57 Heavy that is as close as it gets in World of tanks!


is a online game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. Ah its not TVP but T57 heavy, its not Leopard 1 but a Lowe otherwise great vid QB

  2. Probably that one time where autoaim would actually work? 🙄

  3. I use a turbo on my T57 so I can get into a good position at the beginning of every game

  4. RNG at its finest LOL

  5. Pretty sure two teammates end up dying cause you don’t let them back up at the start but sure there fault right

  6. That was a great game.

  7. IOWADragon Country Outlaw.


  8. Yennefer of Vengerberg

    I’ve stopped playing the game but still love your vids QB!

  9. Random number generation ruined the entire game. No skill difference was there, there was no superior play that the batchat made, literally just robbed by *Random. Number. Generation.*

  10. That one shot that decides the game, today had a similar situation in my is2-II had 2 shots stg is one shot for me im 2 shots for him waiting to aim I can survive a shell from him shoot and miss a fully aimed shot, whatever I reload faster shoot my second shot and low roll him for 1 hp can you believe it one stupid 1hp and his second kills me and he high rolled both of his shells, I was mad to all hell 😤

  11. batchat was garbage fuck, he only won because of rng ,there was no team play with the foch b hes gotten lucky.

  12. actually he could just camped in the cap n played it safe (fingerscrossed)

  13. this is why i fully aim all of my shots

  14. 3:44 TVP is now a T57 Heavy, Leopard 1 is now a Lowë

  15. A game that makes our hearts beat. I watched your video nervous while eating.

  16. You know what would be a cool concept for t10 autoloaders? If there was an upgrade to them that removed a shell from the clip, but also decreased the time it takes to reload the clip by a decent amount

  17. I would really like to see more of these nail biter games from you, seeing how you think and play in those situations.

  18. If I ever get one of those days where I’m doing terribly for them Top damage daily missions the T57 Heavy is my go to Tank… :p

  19. every autoloader has that 1 or 2 or 3 rounds that will do bigfat middle finger to you hahahaha

  20. @2:40 he framptoned the Object 430U on his team.

  21. Fucking wot with RNG lmao

  22. My heart broke for you with that final shot 🤣
    Always got to take the chance right?!

  23. Still a great game!! gg

  24. german tank need autoloading T^T

  25. Shelby Zachary Taylor

    It’s you’re strategy mindset that I feel WOT RNG messes with. You did bounce a round at the end but then I don’t get your round basically going into the dirt. At that point, you deserve the win!

  26. Ive been playing this game for almost ten years, this game has become so fucking miserable to play with how blatantly more powerful premium tanks are. I have never seen so much premium ammo used before. The game is just in such a miserably bad state and it is so absolutely sad and frustrating to see a game that was so fun to play become such a joke. No wonder its dying so horribly on the US servers.

  27. RC Tanks - World of Tanks

    Yet again another Awesome Video Mate

  28. Calling the T57 “non-competitive”, I fukin laughed.

  29. the 5%gold…

  30. i am so mad for you as well

  31. …only you have to play 50 shit games to have 1 like this…WoT 2021

  32. such a heartbreak

  33. National Socialist

    Just take the L

  34. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    It’s just a misplay. He rushed the shot. If he waited a little bit he could have killed the B.C considering he can still take one more shot but GG well played to you Quickybaby.

  35. Would rather not have miracle shots in a kv2 and miss shots like this cause we all know the misses happen more often.

  36. Im stuck at my Full-HEAT T-69, but cant wait to play this Beast xD

  37. It’s funny how you think better after the matches rather than in the match itself in pvp games. Like no matter how used you are to the pressure, you always think better when you re-evaluate things

    I’m not saying that what qb did in the last fight agaisnt the bat is wrong since I also thought the same but what if, after evaluating the situation again, what if qb held the shot, pretended that he was reloading and ran for the cover where there he would have the better chance of finishing off the bat since he needs to bring about his whole tank just to aim and shoot the t57 in cover (unless rngesus really favored the bat) and secured qb’s win?🤔

    I mean the bat would’ve fallen for the bluff since he wasn’t near when qb was unloading on the Foch, and he aimed but held the shot pretending that qb was reloading

    Anyhow, GGs to qb and the bat for an exciting match!

  38. hahahaha me in my emil 1 killing T57 Heavy without a challenge lol dont even understand you make a video of this cause y are based on bonds and equipment instead of knowlegde

  39. In WoT it doesn’t matter how good a player is – only rng / luck is important and often decides whether to win or lose.

  40. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    You need to pay wg more money to get better rng.

  41. For your last shoot i hate WG a loot.
    This hapens to often in the game.
    You go around the corner and an enemy tank stay stil and with the side to you.
    You aim and shoot and the shell go up down left or right or disapear. WG need to fix this , because the aiming and shooting represent a lot of this game.
    I really really like to implement the aiming sistem from Armoured Warfare . They hawe an epic MEGA EXTRA SUPERB aiming mekanism.
    Hawe all a nice day

  42. No crew level poor show

  43. Cheater has a front facing gauge mod

  44. Thats a cool round QB

  45. Will Holden-Harrison

    I remember seeing this one on the stream and its just as weird as it was on stream just on that shot alone

  46. Lol QB taking commentary lessons from Jingles I think today, so confusing :’D

  47. This game is a big fucking lie from Wargaming!!! Biggest cheater is Wargaming dont ever start to play it :S

  48. Its a bullshit rigged game, how can you be serious about this game.

  49. The actual mistake was sleeping as the batchat appeared on the map. A bit of tunnel vision there.

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