AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3… 4 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Playing the in World of Tanks is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with it's 4 round autoloader!



  1. Happy Easter to u and ur family

  2. Dude you just kill LT going up the hill bloking him

  3. If you had intuition, you could have loading HE for the FV :(. 10k will come real soon, hopefully in this year.

  4. All the hype about intuition, and if you had it in this game you would have hit 5 figures clipping that fv4005 lol

  5. And yet you still lost money.

  6. Highlight how important it is when blocking team mates to get clear of being shot….

  7. “Only” 9589 dmg…. ha

  8. But the E25 i so op ,, and this is fine,,, omg

  9. Happy Easter my friend

  10. QB and viewers in general, what are your thoughts on the game Armoured Warfare? I’m a big WT player, thousands of hours in it, I have around 70 hours in WoT I put in maybe 5 months ago and recently re-discovered armoured warfare, is it worth playing over WoT? I do prefer the modern vehicles over the WW2 stuff WoT offers but just wonder everyones thoughts.

  11. You can do it QB. I believe in you. And great game anyway with excellent explanation.

  12. QB: Seeing ally batchat died infront of him
    ” Imma pause the replay to show you how important it is …”

  13. Great video Quickybaby, love your commentary and your gameplay, hope you get your 10k one day

  14. Its kinda funny that almost every autoloader in blitz is diffrent yet tvp is just the same tank in blitz

  15. G I B T H E 1 0 , 0 0 0

  16. if that 430u you helped just had killed there 430U, you would be golden.

    • Yeh many cowards in the game… who just hide and do nothing… cause they are afraid to take a hit or die in a virtual game… I wonder how these people might be in real life… lol

  17. Could’ve been worse. Could’ve hit one of those blind shots but ended up at exactly 9.999 points of damage.

  18. Dear Sir. I have been following your vids a long time now, as i play WoT often. And i do understand they are your bread and butter……but is there ANY chance of you making a truthful vid about how with every patch, the match maker and wargaming are making it impossible for casual players to pen……win…..and make creds and only win 1 game out of 8, regardless of skill?
    I work a real job, pay bills….and cant spend rl cash on a cartoon depiction of a premium tank to be competitive, or premium rounds seeing as an earned tank cant pen anyone in the battle anymore. My tier 6 against prem tier 8’s…….with full field mods…..even prem rounds bounce.
    Its is common to hear chat speaking of the greed of wargaming and how the game is less and less fun after every single patch……..and someone ( hint hint ) should speak up about it maybe??????
    I have seen your tank collection…..amount of gold and creds you have…..and i know you paid alot of money and worked hard to get all that. But many ( most of us ) cant dump cash into a game, and now Wot could care less about our gaming experience, unless they have access to our credit card.
    Just sucks……and i wish someone as respected as you in WoT would speak up about it in depth.

    • Dude… WoT is not a charity organization… I am a developer and know how expensive it is for the companies to make and maintain such games… they are here to earn… besides nobody is forcing you to play… you should be thankful that you get to play such a great game for free… Now I hate crybabies… who want to play for free and also want to be competitive… if you are a causal player… why are you worried about winning so much ??? Also I have a premium account and premium tanks… and MM is not kind to anyone…

  19. QB check out your russian math, you should have lost a lot more credits

  20. Got 11k one time in the tvp, was on the test server a few years ago. That actually encouraged me to get the tank on the life serve but well I’m getting nowhere Close to that anymore

  21. Dude, can you make a video series about maps and what to do and where to go? 🙂 Also It would be very convenient to get in depth video about moving crew from one tank to another. Cheers and see you in a next video 🙂

  22. it’s all about dmg in wot gj QB

  23. Nice tips. I have been struggling with the 50/51 TVP. I just figured the profile was the problem. I like when you explain what field mods you select and why

  24. you already used this video on the tvp 50/51 and now youre useing it again

  25. How about some live games, Captain Obvious? 🙂

  26. It feels like only 2020 these new tanks got added!

  27. I hate my TVP 50/51, worst tier 10’s MM tank, 13% win rate and trash teams magnet, 0-4 in 1st two minutes every battle..

  28. QB. You are just like a soccer player, who cannot make his 100 Goal :).

    Keep going man ! Someday, you will crack that magic Barrier for sure :).

  29. Quickybaby just asking why you not cover wotb too or just make a review of what do you think about wotb that differ from wot pc and what do you think of fun mode on wotb that you wish wot pc have??

  30. PhilMcCrackin13 phil

    Still rattled they nerfed the hell out of this thing on console

  31. OP bs
    I know QuackyBaby will eventually reach 10k+

  32. Christopher Cornwell

    Thanks for the video

  33. Did the TVP always have 4 shot mags? Could have sworn it was 3 shots.

  34. Don’t loss hope QB I believe in you! Lol you can do it dint give up as good as true are and how many huge games you have you will eventually get that 10k!

  35. Could you please play E100 with 150 mm?

  36. Help me, please!!! I can never understand a word QB says in the end of every single video: …”thank you for watching, you’ve been >??????< and hopefuly, I'll see you soon." THANK YOU

  37. Great work!

  38. i really appreciate to see this tank and could you show us the AMX 50B ?

  39. that is why when personal missions demand 8k damage or even worse 6.5k damage on tds….is only luck to be completed and not talent.

  40. Keep it up doing good job unlucky 10k dmg

  41. Buy an Account off Ebay. 😉

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