As TOUGH as it gets! – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the Super Conqueror in World of Tanks in a game that's as tough as it gets!



  1. while QB is cooling down his repair kit . enemy arty relocate . and ofcourse enemies 3 tanks flanked also.

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  3. A lot of miss plays, yet you still did really good

  4. ohoh, this was bad play against the arty in the endgame. going into proxy was realy bad AND peek while spotted. arty hits you before …

  5. That Cobra commander is just annoying, I just stopped using it.

  6. Stanisław Zięba

    I wish to obtain cobra commander

  7. BenW Piano Covers

    that emil judging by the name was hungarian. i can guarantee that he didnt know english (worse case, he doesnt even know what the ingame chat is), and has about 600wn8 and their most played tank is the t-34-85. hungarian people are incredibly disappointing, i met a tourist here one day asking for directions and his first question was “why is there noone who speaks english?”

  8. Emil. How often is a defeat grabbed from the jaws of victory by the last muppet standing

  9. This is one of the only games out there were highly experienced players like you and Silentinel play with players who have no idea what’s going on.

  10. How about a video on the pz5/4?

  11. primodemuchomundo

    I love close matches, regardless of the outcome. I HATE steam rolling over a team or being rolled. A balanced game is a game that finishes with less than five tanks alive. Now this map is one of THE worse for arty coverage. I love playing arty and I always prefer high mobility and fire rate vs damage. Since one shot kills have been nerfed so badly this has filtered the player base to good or great players. So in high tier games, artys will continue to decide a close game. If you play arty, read the map, move and support a weak side then move and support the push. Be patient.

  12. Arty was already on that side, it didnt relocate after, it was a mistake trying to push the same line where the arty is aiming, you should’ve gone through the middle.

    • It was well on its way there at 7:30ish, and was fully in position when QB went to defend the cap. Poor awareness of the Arty hit markers during that match, he should have known the 1line was untenable before he turned back around from the friendly cap.

    • @Nuvakwahu yeah, i was watching the stream when it happened, and I was hoping that he realised the mistake by now, but apparently not.

  13. Nicholas Pichette

    Watching this before the end, the ELC threw the game by not flanking/getting on cap

  14. op arty lmao

  15. GG emil failed you

  16. what we learn from this is a bond auction chief is still bad, you and is7 did well together, its easy to sit here and say what i would have done different but its not the same when your in the moment, gg

  17. (This is just my opinion)I think you made a mistake when you killed the elc you should’ve went up the 4 line and flanked around instead of going back to hold that corner.

  18. Patatof Prodicreas

    I love how the arty kill you even you are playing perfectly. thats why arty ruin the game

  19. The weaksport lesson on the cheftain is what i miss most, now WG just tells you if you pen an tank or no, knowledge is way less relevant and that makes some tanks obsolete ( looking at you pz38h, IS7 and maus )

  20. Thanks for turning off Cobra Commander voice, omg thats so annoying

  21. Good game analysis. Thanks for explaining your movements.

  22. Tommy Gun The last roadrunner

    que lastima, excepcional partida, no hay muchas como esta. Un saludo Baby

  23. the is7 warned him about the arty position, but qb seems to have missed it

  24. That IS-7 pushing with you on the cap without stopping look so badass

  25. 4:56 i feel for the progetto as he knew he was going to die so he did is gracefully by saluting….

  26. penge jajj

  27. arty. ruining games since day onc

  28. Emil is a nice guy, but he’s always in my team. Bless him.


  30. Look at the tramp stamp on that 279e holy cow

  31. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Still American spg are broken with the he nerf

  32. That damn Emil player, man – so, so bad. These are the kinds of players that made me quit this game in the first place. Having them be able to just fail their way to tier 10 without being punished just completely ruins tiers 8-10.

  33. If you sound it out, it is probably pronounced “si-lent-in-el”

  34. FYI – saw an ad for “merc grinder” come up during the video (slick one too). Don’t know if you can suppress that or not but I thought you might want to know.

  35. lol all the skill in the world didnt matter for you in that game because someone is capable of parking and clicking.

  36. The Emil blew it. It should have hugged the wall on the left and forced the enemy to push him so he would stay safe from arty. The Emil could have kid his front full behind a dead tank and with 3 shots, he could have killed both enemy tanks.

  37. I would say is7 was the real hero. qb was just a sidekick for him. i assume with replacing is7 driver to a average player qb dmg would have been 3000-4000. is7 is a good player. knows how to play in a team. qb in other hand is just a good solo player and is too greedy half of the times.

  38. 279e definitely earned his tank…

  39. These kinda games really have you pumped, first because with adrenaline since it is so close and afterwards with anger because you had to do the job of 7 players combined and still had a team too bad to do something about it. Mad respect to the Is-7 though, what a nice round from you two.

  40. report the arty

  41. Jasper van Houdt

    Half of them are indeed prob the emil level, that’s qb’s main target audience afterall with guides and tech tree showcases

  42. A cheftain and a 279e in the same team in a tier 8 MM is not looking so good…

  43. I had a game like this recently in the t95. 8000 damage, 10k combined, and a loss. My highest damage ever was also a loss in the e75. Came down to a 1v2 and I couldn’t do it. Bittersweet games for sure

  44. Jasper van Houdt

    @All Things Korian well, when you compare QB to other unicums like Kajzoo or Skill, then yeah there is quite a difference between them.

  45. All Things Korian

    @Jasper van Houdt I agree I do really like kajzoo and iyouxin but still

  46. yes yes shoot to the top of the track wheel like omg i will aim there from now on but really my best tank gun i aim for green lite shot on tracked tank full aim lucky to hit the tank 5 out of 10 shot might hit right where i aim it 1 out 20 or 30 times

  47. I had one like that this week, Down to the last few tanks… those are the fun ones.

  48. That’s one game where the enemy arty didn’t piss me off and actually felt like a valued tank in a match. If I was in this game I would t be salty that the arty player was actually good at the game and not just an easy mode ridgeline shitter


  50. American arty always seems to do the most damage and hit the most shots.

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