Ashs Top 10 hated Tanks in War Thunder 2020

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Source: Ash

Ash’s Top 10 hated Tanks in War

Today I bring you something different! Yes, It’s my least favourite Vehicles in War Thunder.

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  1. R3
    Panza 4 G

  2. My most hated Tanks are: 1.M24 Chafee
    4.88mm Flak Truck

  3. TheHellPenguin LordsOfThePenguins

    The R3 T20 being 4.0 is really …. I mean the M42 is 5.7 and is garbage, while this sh*t is 4.0…. it should be 6.7 or something

  4. I hate all chinese tank in the game I havent even started their tech tree and I refuses to see one in my hanger.

  5. Shouldnt 75 mm heat have hull broken that bmp1 ?

  6. Is 2 1944
    It’s just is 2@ 6.3
    It should be in 5.7 instead of normal is 2
    Like all is series vehicles are completely use less and idiots in their br

    Except is 2 5.7

  7. If this was a top 12 list number 11 would be whole plane battles and number 12 would be some major nation like russia and voila, “I hate war thunder”, well more like 96% of war thunder, but you get the point.

  8. Low key actually agree with the R3 because there was one match that I was in a KV-1 and an R3 killed me through the front

  9. R3’s didn’t deserve it

  10. A most loved things

  11. You hate R3’s only because it is fast. 20mm gun isn’t something highly effective. Yes, you can kill few blind guys who doesn’t look around, except guys on KV’s, but nothing more.

  12. I fucking hate the little Italian wheele boi

  13. Alberto Carlos Estrada Maidana

    Funny thing, I just end up researching and buying with discount the R3, not because I’m interested, but because everyone hates it… I want to make big babies cry xD

  14. I am a mid-high tier American, but I hate the FW-190.

  15. And with the grind season that’s going on, there’s swarms more R3s than usual no less.

  16. The thing that R3 has is the stabalizer. For this it can move and kill targets easily without worrying about the aim. If they remove it than it loose its ability of moving and shooting.

  17. Not that it’s bad, but rather the opposite, I wanna watch every panther that ever existed explode in flames.

  18. R3 can be annoying but the EBR is its adversary

  19. 3:06
    You are so incredibly bad, shooting at one of the two exact places you can’t pen a PZIV reliably, that being the viewport and hull MG, and you expect it to work after the third time instead of just aiming a bit to the left and going through the center and killing the entire crew. Why should I care about what you have to say when you can’t even play the game properly?

    Also, no French reserve tanks, no Jumbos, no kv-1e/b, no Swedish tanks with apds at reserve tier, no pakpuma, M4a4 SA50 or t-34-57. How do you even have 32k subs?

  20. 1:55 saying that I have to say that you don’t know how play that tank well. 10 s autoloader, +40 kmh all time speed, 130mm one shot cannon, ok armor, +6 mg, 20s 360˚ turret rotation, hard kill with planes. I think you just need play is-7 more.

  21. 1. R3
    2. R3
    3. R3
    4. R3
    5. R3

  22. Black'N'White Gaming

    Sherman’s, T-34’s KV-1’s, and other fecken tanks that come in swarms
    They scare me

  23. archer…. this shit is just useless more than the matilda with mortar

  24. i always remember it was 30 seconds into the game and i am at the camp among the enemies, we only needed more beer.

  25. I still find your hatred for the r3 off putting, even if it’s the truth. You make a valid points against, and that’s why I can’t say that you’re wrong.

  26. İ fucking wasted my 25 day for grinding is-7 without paying any money and they fucking increased its br to a level its armor is literally useless with a useless gun. İ fucking hate is-7 more than r3 t20

  27. maus might now be the best tank design but it would meet shermans not xm1 and 70s tanks….

  28. The fahs

  29. I hate the EBR 1954 so hard… remove it in 7.7

  30. 1: M22 Locust
    2: BT-7
    3: BT-5
    4: R3-T20-FAHS (And I’m an Axis player)
    5: Early Shermans and T-34s (3.3 BR)

  31. um lets see

    Number 5: EBR
    Number 4: EBR
    Number 3: EBR
    Number 2: EBR

    And Number 1: Sherman

  32. Anything with APCR stock grind… *sigh*

  33. I wonder if, now that it’s in the game, the EBR would be on this list.

  34. forgot about the paid crap t55-a

  35. Ok here me out remove the r3 and add the bob semple

  36. Where french E.B.R 1954

  37. Lol maus is not useless there is not a single match that i can t get at least 2 or 3 kills

  38. People really argue the R3 is balanced. And argue the Panther D should be at 5.3. War Thunder kind of fucking sucks, I’m so close to quitting it again.

  39. R3 t20 fa-hs sucks

  40. Tou have just earned a sub sir for that R3 rant xD

  41. 1. R3 2.R3 3.R3 4. R3. 5. you get the point


    I was playing the T44-100 the other day and an R3 came up and started shooting me, he couldn’t do shit to me and right as soon as I turned my turret to shoot him, one of his rounds somehow shot traps off the bottom right cheek of the turret, and the shrapnel from that round nicked one of my crew members killing him and killing my tank in the process as I had only 2 crew left at that point.

  43. Anything French

  44. yall just dont know how to counter the R3. thats smth u cant deny

  45. Laughing in the Wellington bomber

  46. in my opinion i agree with the facts about the IS-7 but you didn’t consider the machine guns

  47. Just waiting for the response to the ebr…

  48. Smh, new list EBR 1954 need br change, like r3 too good in it br

  49. Didn’t watch the video yet but I know hellcat is gonna make the list

  50. My hated vehicles:

    1) R3
    2) R3
    3) RU251
    4) R3
    5) RU251

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