Assembly Shop! Get the LION in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Assembly Shop returns to of Tanks on 02/02/2023 with the LION, a T10 Italian autoreloader! Here’s all you need to know!



  1. WG updated numbers on EU server last minute to 22k with style and 43k without! They also made minor adjustments to national fragment price. Stay tuned tomorrow for a full Lion review!

  2. QB, Will there be gameplay or just maths lesson? 😀

  3. Ridiculously overpriced, sitting this one out.

  4. I wonder if the Lion will be like the 780, which didn’t fully sell out on NA. Unique ones did, but iirc there was about 5k regular 780’s left over.

  5. 125,000,000 credits for this tank? Really? I don’t think so! Truly a rip off.

  6. world of fomo

  7. I could buy it with gold… my last round of boxes netted me 56k gold.
    But, I guess, that’s what their entire intent is.
    The scramble to get the first 100 is going to be absolutely insane.

    It’s insanely overinflated BS.

  8. I’m sad because I really want it but I don’t think I can afford it with suck short notice :

  9. 💰 Make $750 Per Day

    “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” _Michael John Bobak

  10. The reload is really strange.. it’s basically like an inverse auto-reloader (like an IS3A) but with a ‘reserve’ shell that you NEVER fire. Fire 2-3 and keep the last shell for absolute dire emergencies. Then let it reload and fire another 2-3 at most, keeping that last shell available, and keep going like that. If you fire that 4th & final shell your DPM is tragic.. like tier 2 bad.

  11. hi, i have a question that i cant find the answer, im new to the game, and i got the t110e3, when im in 1st person mode i can free move the camera, and i saw people doing it on youtube, Can anyone teach me how to do it?

  12. Who cares? At this point once my 348 days of premium are gone from tanks. Endless cash grabs, unbalanced tanks, hidden stats and rng, combined with prem ammo spam, along with a b.s. level matchmaker have killed this game.

  13. Another Clip Channel

    literally no way to afford that for causal players

  14. i think this wouldn’t be fully overpowered if the Leopard 1 also gets the same turret. keep every single other aspect the same on the Leopard 1

  15. this is one of the most ridiculous events…

  16. Synthetic Danimal 90

    If the intra clip reload was a little faster id get it, but 4.5 seconds is terrible, ill just stick with my Prog.65

  17. Man this game is really going down the disposal (In my opinion)

  18. Ty for this informative vid!

    Not that I play anymore. And these kind of mechanics really put me of and keep it unlikely I’ll ever will play again.

  19. Not worth it for me – And Wargaming has become way to greedy for their own good, and I think the player base will punish them economically as 2023 progress. Remember a game like World of Tanks are a expensive luxury “thing”, but in no way a life essential “thing”, and you do not have to have this game. You can subscribe to UBISoft+ a game service that gives you access to UBISoft’s AAA titles for the low, low price of 16€ monthly fee no addon or other crap to buy just the 16€ a month. If money is tight you can delete World of Tanks and gain money and freedom.
    How much have you spend on World of Tanks in 2022??? was it worth it??? Do you enjoy getting ripped off??? Are you just feeding your inner gambling/spending devil???
    All very serious and important questions you have to ask yourself…

  20. I like the tank, but thats a tall order. I think I have the fragments to get like 25% off, but I only have 100k free experience to put on it. That’s going to be like 20k gold to finish it off….. F that.

  21. Only real way of getting this is by getting it for gold. No reason to spend your bonds on this. Gold is for the rich/premium players and for f2p free exp (if you’ve gathered that much) and credits. The fragments apply for both of the player types.

  22. I’m unsure what I should do. I still have the bulk of gold from Christmas, but I was HOPING to use them on the BATTLEPASS 3 times a year to get all of those tanks and crews and such. What should I do? I also JUST spent 12k bonds on the AMX 155, (Worked hard last 2 years) to get it, and have only 10k free exp.

    ……I probably shouldn’t right? But my BEST tanks are all Italian!!! ARGGG!!!

  23. OF-40 is here but T-64 still in the dream :/

  24. LOL i dont come close to any of the values you listed. But I may just buy the gold and call it a day.

  25. love the “(LOL)”

  26. To put it into perspective, for the same price, you can buy all of tech tree tier X heavy tanks. And all of the latest power creep tanks will absolutely destroy the lion, not even close. You got Vz 55, AMX M4, Kranvagn, Maus, 277, 5A….

  27. 25% nice inflation for 1 year – creepy free-to-play

  28. in my opinion, don’t buy it, it’s bullshit

  29. A casual player on NA here and they are about to force me to walk away. Catering more and more to hardcore with their recent decisions and gameplay changes. Tired of being farmed just because I don’t have hours to sit and play.

  30. Goanță Sebastian

    I mean let’s be honest, this is a tank only for the ‘elitus’ the players that have almost no life and play mainly wot all day and others that have played for a very long time and have not used their free xp.

    Or just the ones that just throw money at the game

  31. So 5 o’clock in UK is 18.00h in france is that correct?

  32. THIS IS INSANE !!!!

  33. The values required to have this tank are insane so won’t be participating.

  34. Where is this shop?

  35. I noticed the numbers for the US dropped. I have style 5557 on the 780.

  36. free exp is my choices. donot use gold, because 10k free exp is equal 400 gold in game. but in assembly, 550gold equal 1percent.

  37. more pay to win op tanks great

  38. Lets face it, World of Tanks is dieing
    Wargaming dont care about new players or normal Player
    And this event is one of the Event, what shows everyone, how They dont care

  39. Can u still get the american tiger 2 from the twitch prime drop?

  40. moba game with tanks in Steam:
    Tanks+: new era

  41. inflation LOL

  42. EU3 server has a lot of new players to EU region that were transferred from the ex CIS region. Not only from Ucraine but from Moldova, Armenia, Georgia. Basically every contry from CIS except Belarus and Russia… so it is logical that they increase the amount of lots available.

  43. well i will skip this one

  44. when QB said ‘the tank is a reward and not a premium tank’ i completely lost interest in this event. I’m sitting on a lot of silver after the holidays but will not be spending it on a tank that is drains everything i got. it might be a OP tank but i’ll wait till it’s cheaper in another event down the road

  45. QB still shilling WoT for whales as usual.

  46. Красимир Костов


  47. Could you compare it with carro 45t

  48. Let’s all pay wargaming for broken mm and unbalanced games. Shove it up ur ass WG

  49. Do I need 32 National fragments of 1 nation to get 1% or can I combine multiple nations to get the 35 National fragments for 1%???

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