Assembly Shop – Get the Object 780 – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is releasing the Object 70 in the new Assembly Shop tomorrow! Here’s all you need to know and my full opinion!



  1. Couple of things to clarify! 1) Blueprint fragments can be used to fill up to 36% of the total vehicle assembly scale: 22% with national fragments and 14% with universal fragments. 2) while it’s up to you what you spend my recommendation priority would be…
    Blue Prints (36%) > Free Exp > Credits > Bonds > Gold

  2. for about 800,000 free experience you can buy out a whole line to T 10.

  3. Ridiculous

  4. Gøpåķ Lëýs-Vītøň

    I can’t really get it.
    I can get it if I spend 30000 gold for having 790 000 free xp (for me)+ extra bond. So Thank you WG but no ty.

  5. i think the tank will be sold out instantly
    alot of ppl will have free 800kxp lying around (maybe not converted, but you can easily change that)

    so the number you’ll have on the style will be basically the definition of RNG

  6. It’s clearly for players sitting on shit tons of blueprints and free XP and nothing to spend it on. Of course they need to up the gold and credit cost to something equivalent to what they want to charge in terms of those blueprints and free xp

  7. My only question, and I might have missed it in the video, is there a counter somewhere to show the X amount of styles and/or X amount of tanks left? If there is where?

  8. Another Russian OP made up piece of shit broken tank

  9. I am SO SICK of overpowered soviet tanks, that i even started to despise people driving the, (even though i shouldn’t). I feel guilty for driving a Type 59, so i won’t even try to get this tank. *spits ou*

  10. Problem with this tank is…………… I never actually PLAY tier 10 tanks. Because there is no gameplay at tier X. You easily lose 60k even if you win. And 100k if you dont.

    • Yeah, would honestly rather have the concept 1b, as tier 9 is often actually entertaining. tier 10 is only fun when you want to cheese in an armored tank destroyer

  11. First truly versatile soviet heavy…laughs in Obj. 260 and Obj. 279e

  12. Kacper Wierzbicki

    Soooo in this “shop” there is only one thing? Sound’s like Soviet Union time kind of a shop.

  13. Limiting the blueprints to 36% is rubbish!

  14. Thomas the panzerkampfwagen

    Ah so am actually not shit since I can make over 1 mil credits in one hour thank god

  15. 185 euro for tank everyone can get !!! FUCKING GREAT WG

  16. Thanks for the explanation QB 😁

  17. Mmmmmm ok. I have nearly 40 000 bonds. And I dont care for bond equipment. So Ill spend easily 30k.

  18. I am waiting for the one who will get the number 69😂😂

  19. Franklin Clinton

    It’s way too expensive.

    I’ve played 15 000 games and with every resource in my posession, i can get 40-50% of the tank. Well no worries, let me just buy 100€ worth of gold to get a clearly OP tank only the best players in the game have. Weird how we complain about overpowered reward tanks and Wargaming responds in the classic way, an owerpowered reward tank

  20. Urgh, I just turned in all my blue prints

  21. social3ngin33rin

    Pay2win Russian bias powerLEAP armor meta cancer

  22. The 420 and 69 tanks

  23. You never achieve the full percentages and then you just p***** all that away nice 👍👌!

  24. Easy free tank

  25. A new russian T10 tank? Ohh woooow I cant wait for it

  26. it will sell out in under 15 minutes

  27. A huge resource sink for a boring tank

  28. You could get x5 KV-5s from the bond shop. For sure the obj 780 isn’t worth the time

  29. 21:05 main point

  30. Gotta pull you up on “the only way to get bonds is by grinding your tier 10 tanks.”
    I have around 17k bonds, just from missions (disclaimer: yes, I pay the equivalent of a cup of coffee/week for a prem account. Worth it to me) and have never played tier 10 🙂

  31. I find it .. refreshingly odd that WG is so up front about the costs as to how they’re telling us “this is a lot” in an almost cautionary way. Also interesting that a player can get their investment returned without waiting for the end of the event. Hopefully the CC and other content creators can get to showcase this tank before too long into the event.

  32. I couldnt care less about yet another russian heavy. Im not gonna spend literally all of every currency I have in the game to fill up 46% of the bar for a tank I know im not even gonna play because it bores me to death.

  33. Another gold digger tank thats op thanks wg pfff

  34. Total garbage money grab

  35. I like 69

  36. Fun fact, over here on Asian server the daily active user number is less than 10000

  37. Pay to win.

  38. Sadly I cannot use 1600 out of 2300 universal blueprints which I’ve got…

  39. Im surprised that kpz70 german heavy tank is still not on wotpc because in wotb we have it. its like mini e100 because of damage and the tank obj.780 is look like a type 71 japanese heavy tank in wotb sorry if im wrong.

  40. Hi QG!
    They prove day by day why I don’t want to play the game!
    So much stupidity they do!
    All CC gets the tanks and thats it GG!
    Because they have everything on they account! (gold,credit,bond,ect ect)
    Have a nice day!

  41. Well at least they’re up front about it?😂

  42. Djordje Stevanovic

    I’m calculate I’m need to spend 368000 free xp 550 national fragments and 32 universal fragments and 12000 bonds is it worth. Is this tank good?Idk I’m like how it look I’m have only 13500 bonds and that’s all my free xp and better part of national fragments and universal fragments

  43. More tanks to click and cost nothing!

  44. Ouch, 22,858 gold total free exp conversion or.. the 36% from all the blueprints and still 14,629 gold used to convert the remaining 512,000 free exp during a 35 exp/gold event..

  45. I need to spend all the free experience (200k), all the credits (11M) and all the bonds (16k) that I have in my account along with all the blueprints to get one tier 10 tank. Is it worthy?

  46. It seems they want people to get rid of all their resources before the Italian TD’s come along 😉

  47. 400k free xp 5k gold 2 million credits 50 universal fragments 550 national fragments and 6.8k bonds

  48. i have ever tier 10 tank and most of the not tech tree ones, and i also have 590 million silver i think i will mostly use silver i play 60 games a day so gaining silver is nothing to me

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