Astron Rex 105 and Update 1.13 Preview! | World of Tanks Update 1.13 Big Patch News

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1.13 Preview, HE Changes, Artillery Rework, New Ranked Battles and New Equipment Units and HE Changes, Rework and Japort Map. World of Tanks Asron Rex 105, New Autoloading Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks 1.13 Buffs and Nerfs – EBR 105 Nerfed, Type 5 Heavy, KV-2 and T49 Buffed.

00:00 Astron Rex 105
03:05 Announcement
04:48 Astron Rex 105 Conclusion
05:22 Japort Map
08:50 Big Update 1.13 First Details
09:30 HE Changes
10:16 Countering SPGs
11:10 SPG Changes
:38 Tank Buffs, and More
17:55 Announcement Details and Conclusion

On the top of manyt vehicle buffs and nerfs with update 1.13, has many big things to offer.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Still having some “crackling” in the mic every now and then… Working on a fix!
    Also, many many topics covered in the video, here is the timeline for all of them, have a NICE day:
    00:00 Astron Rex 105
    03:05 Announcement
    04:48 Astron Rex 105 Conclusion
    05:22 Japort Map Preview
    08:50 Big Update 1.13 First Details
    09:30 HE Changes
    10:16 Countering SPGs
    11:10 SPG Changes
    12:38 Tank Buffs, Minsk and More
    17:55 Announcement Details and Conclusion

    • Hy Dez!
      Username. Catalin8027
      Server. Eu
      Very interesting update and new tier 8 prem tank, i hope to buff a little mor the penn. I like the new map but with the map rotation i hope to play more then once per day this map😅.

    • Hey Dez, the Astron Rex doesnt seem to be that overpowered compaired to the T69.

      username: raprap272
      server: southeast asia

    • VZ-55?

    • IGN: daddy4x4
      Server: SEA
      Thanks for another info packed clip Dez. I think the Astron will need a bit of buffing before it’s released. Accuracy & intra clip reload are horrid. Looks like a good ridge fighter, but aim time could hamper that too! Turret looks to have the typical USA tumour on top. Early days though. Not sure we really need more autoloaders. I’ve started calling the game World of Autoloaders as you might see up to 7 per battle, but at least MM seems to balance numbers of them most times. Be great to see a new map, looks much like a typical mirror of sorts. Just hope it’s a decent size.

    • Username : ShadeS_
      Server : EU

      New tank with big tumor and very high interclip reload ..blah . But I am curious how will work with the new HE and with all buffs and nerfs

  2. looks mweh, but that is good enough for a mission marathon tank these days.
    could do with some attention and you have a very fun tank.

    Name: hennyjr
    server: EU

  3. Japort actualy is a current map off WoTB just made bigger,

    Server: EU
    Name: RedDemon_sniper

  4. Server: EU
    Username: xLagavulinx

    The Astron… well another med t8 prem. At least he has a different type of gameplay.
    I don’t know if it’s tricky to speak about this but it really seems that the med t8 tech tree are all worst than their “twin” premium.
    Centurion mk1 < Centurion 5/1, Panterra < Progetto 46, T-44 < ... (too much russian prem tanks), tvp vtu < Skoda T-27 etc... Is it not suppose to be the opposite? -> Tech Tree tanks better than the premiums?
    (Just an exception for obj. 416 with his special playstyle and his humongous precision from nowhere)

  5. I don’t know what to think,this tank makes no sense.
    Nick: ElGabacho

  6. I didnt like the american autoloaders until now and seeing how Astron looks that wont change 😉
    Baerengar EU

  7. Zoltan Ianicsko

    This tank looks crap in this current form.

    Server: Eu
    Name: Vladtepes86

  8. Universal Carrier

    Pushing a butting to almost double your penetration is ridiculous. Also very concerned about the number of auto loaders.

  9. Danijel Markovic

    Astron rex could be a new hit if they refine it a bit..more precise cannon first of all ..


  10. Nice coverage of the upcoming update! 🙂

    Username: Okim9
    Server: EU

  11. Seems very bad, although i’m glad WG is going the other way around and buffing iteratively instead of releasing another OP premium

    Server: NA
    Name: Dydledoo

  12. New American medium Rex what do I think about it? Well it’s got the mandatory tumor on the turret & a slow firing inaccurate gun (should be Chinese tank with these stats).
    I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.
    How to buff it? Remove the tumor & fix the accuracy.
    Update 1.13 hmm new maps? It would be nice if they actually arrive.
    Not sold on the HE changes. Arty changes miss the real problem which is 3 SPGs in a battle. Arty sixth sense meh. New shell types will be a flop. Stunning shells will still be the majority of shells fired.
    Recon missions a big thumbs up from me.
    Server Asia

  13. Vladimir Braveboy

    8:44 , respects to the T-44

  14. This is just more $$$ for WG to collect from us tank collectors.
    thefastestgun NA

  15. Martin Schröder

    The Astron Rex, at the moment ussless, wait what the supertest bring.

    Old_mcschroen, Eu Server

  16. Server: US
    User: jraptor02

  17. realride1
    Server: EU 1

  18. Simon Richardson

    Server : EU
    Username : Zeex10v

  19. New tank seems like they want WG wants to sell more gold for gold rounds

    Server: NA
    User: Zerthios

  20. Phoenix Orchard

    Keep up the questioning. Love the info vids.
    User: HMSPhoenix
    Serv: EU

  21. Just another premium tank that isn’t needed. I would rather have some new maps because the same rotation of maps gets very stale.

    Server: NA
    Name: PaGulfVet

  22. radu91 EU
    the new HE projectiles will be able to penetrate through the fence?

  23. Server: EU
    Name: rappekef

    Astron looks like a tank that sufferd from powercreep in the last several years …
    But new maps and implementing more mods in the game client is a good thing.

  24. Thanks for the news Dez. I think that Astron is slightly underpowered. It should recieve better intra clip reload.

    Server: EU
    Username: Hellmark

  25. My only reaction to the Rex 105 is: “Another autoloader? Really?”

    Akitsushima_1/SEA server

  26. I have a nack for bad tanks, so I like this new one. Am I a masochist? Boy, yes!

    Server: EU
    Name: Caradryan555

  27. great looking tank, but not historical


  28. More tanks more fun 😁 Server: EU Username: G_N_X

  29. username: cb9
    server Eu
    new minsk = minsk without trees

  30. Very nice Video and hopefully good Update. Recon Missions will be interesting.

  31. djner_1 (EU Server) in this form this “Rex” has the potential to be one of the worst tanks on tier 8. i see AEG make there memes about it I think 3 or 3.5 seconds between shots would be balance this tank as well as 195 penetration in the standard rounds. Man another giveaway solo much love for the community that’s crazy. 🤯 best cc 👌🏻

  32. dude these stats look like they put shit in a randomizer and picked stuff out of it. proceeding like yeah, that seems good.
    Username: doctorwho98
    server: EU

  33. Great news. 😁
    EU server

  34. Urgashovo volání

    We’ll see about the new changes. Blueprints don’t sound bad, new map is always welcome. Most interesting changes are HE and arty.
    Kratos321, EU server

  35. It seems that the new premium tank seems a bit underwhelming or even at least balanced which seems very un-WG… Will most likely be buffed either before or just after release!
    Server: EU
    Username: Bl0dhammer

  36. Not really a Fan of another auto loader, the high intra-clip-reload time can make it pretty much unplayable for many Players.

    Server: Eu
    Name: lordione

  37. I don’t think WG is doing good job, because they add some “sh*tty” tanks that will understand only skilled players. Maybe just another and worse char futur by specifications of gun. They need to balance tanks, but their way is not good way or maybe just critical way to balance them

    Eu, Panda_GoT_BAN

  38. this tank is very erly. It wont go the game like this. user name przemas0485 server EU

  39. That tank looks very bad now, but i think that when it will be released it will be balanced …

    Server: EU
    Username: Michal242

  40. Username: Madjar10
    Server: EU
    Astron.. IT REALLY DOESNT MATTER low standard penetration.. tank have 5 in magazine, tank is made for people who doesnt give a fuck for make crefits, its made for people which spam gold ammo, and he will be golden in that hands

  41. Keep up the good work

    Luck96 EU

  42. Glad the rex has a huge tumor cupola. Helps so much in the decision process to not buying it.


  43. Server: EU
    Username: IDanger

    The new tank seems to be another 100k gold useless tank in black market

  44. Tier 8 with garbage stats? Must be a marathon reward that turns out to be a meta tank… 🤣


  45. Great updates as always Dez! The changes, especially the map upgrade, really caught my attention! I am really intrigued to see how the HE tanks (KV2, Type 4, etc) perform.
    IGN: YouStayClassy
    Server: NA

  46. The Aston Rex is no Aston Martin – looks to slow for me to like it…

  47. H0umlek

    I love your „news” episodes, because i personaly hate to read the updates my self.

  48. Rex is another new tank in which you need to shoot gold rounds because standard shells are useless

    username: Supertanker_6
    server: EU

  49. Username: Erosenim
    Server: Eu
    I dont think the tank will be released with those stats. Probably it will have some sort of mechanic or armor slope or something to make it worth the money or grind (in case it will be a marathon tank)

  50. Server: EU
    Name: Astorian33

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