ASTRON Rex – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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The ASTRON Rex in World Tanks is a new American premium medium that feels like a Bat Chat at Tier 8! Here's all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Yay, more autoloaders


  2. that weak point tho lol. low pen doesnt matter though if youre only ever going for flanking shots, like in the borrasque that I rarely ever need to fire gold in

  3. when it will be aavailable ?

  4. This tank looks cool!

  5. The tumor on top is bigger than the one I had in 2016 on my left leg. EEEEK !! Also this tank is for whales who only spam gold, F2P stay away. This is what QB said in the video.

  6. That chose on the turret… does it balance it?

  7. I really wish tanks with a huge tower of of a cupola had really good viewrange

  8. That was poor play, you’re going on about the reverse speed, yet you back up.. If you know the reverse is good, pull up forward.

  9. Fun thing is the astron Rex only had a max of 40mm armor and a 590 hp engine

  10. T43 way too OP again haha

  11. Steven James Schultz

    ARMOUR whats that on the ANZ server everyone fires gold. like so much gold spamming. you can be bottom tier and top tier is spamming gold vs you

  12. Steven James Schultz

    lmao free to player wouldnt even buy this. so why even give advice there

  13. Steven James Schultz

    lazy ass kv5
    goes to the 1 line

  14. Even with all that accuray improving equipment the acc is still incredibly horrible – hard pass for me

  15. YAY, just want we needed…. another T8 Prem tank… LOL

  16. Aaah yes another autoloader

  17. Ah yes..yet ANOTHER autoloader because clearly we need to have more tanks that dont allow fun

  18. hey QB could you make a video about the t69? i suck at it 🙁

  19. only OPEN maps exists at WoT…

  20. With that cupola it should have a much better view range…

  21. The ugly MBT 70’s brother

  22. this tank look like a face with a pimple on it, smooth but a pimple on it.

  23. so this tank its arguably better than the bc 25tap, at tier 8, it manages to have better dpm than the char futur too

  24. Canyou do a video on the Char Futur? Need to know its weaknesses on the field

  25. Generic Youtube Account

    Why would you play this tank when the Caernarvon has a 5 sec reload even without food?

  26. tumors just keep getting bigger

  27. This when tank reversing is so good, you could drive it backwards and still be faster than a lot of tanks out there!

  28. This really just feels like wg is just removing light tanks in tier 8 that have autoloaders with pretty op “mEdiuM” cough cough light tank with ARMOR

  29. Looks like a good tank

  30. Re: crew loadout. That’s the best reason why we need Crew 2.0. If WG could just fix the weaknesses of Crew 2.0…

  31. Remember when the T69 used to be considered a unicum tank? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  32. This tank looks like CS-53 with 59 Patton

  33. Ah, another premium that you have to spam gold to be effective with

  34. Lmao that fucking turret. Holy shit im glad i quit this gd game.

  35. Thanks for the review Will, we love you

  36. Really enjoyed watching you play old school tanks. Could you please post a video playing the AMX 30.

  37. Renegade ain’t got shit on that tumor on top of the turret.

  38. i got the tank out of the first gate i opened have played 10 games in and really like the tank, i dont take these tank reviews as so because most of them dont match up with how the tank really plays

  39. poor tier 6s….

  40. Super Lucky! I got the Aston Rex after exchanging one free drop of Engineer Starter! 🙂

  41. What I’ve gotta say is you guys seem to have all the time in the world to train two crews, sometimes three, for one tank and to load them up with five sometimes six skills – what chances do I have playing against all you unicoms when I’m just a distracted tomato who only occasionally dives in when there’s need to calm down after a bust up with buttercup?!? My good chum who’s in the same boat has already smashed his keyboard more times than he can count and dismantled his mouse against the floor and walls of his den playing against you untouchables. Ahhh!!!

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