ASU-57 BIG BROTHER – ASU-85 Russian Tank (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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ASU- BIG BROTHER – ASU-85 Tank (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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  1. Play the m10 and f6f bc they wreck at 3.7 thx bb grill

  2. congrations for those math skillz

  3. Bigger tank maps would be great for cold war germans because they are not
    playable in the moment

  4. low tier jungle is horrible, ypu always get shot by 20mm aa guns

  5. Kommandant Franz

    depressed panther II :(

  6. Wirraway and Thunderbolt – Commonwealth’s Fury!

  7. theoverworked farmer

    Who thinks gijan should add forest map with only trees

  8. I just can’t respect any tier IV with CHEAT-FS

  9. 11:00 39 kills with 38 shots MLG

  10. Phly, if you think asu 85 reverse speed is bad, try playing British heavy
    tanks XD

  11. stephen chandler

    use the T-44 100

  12. Lets do this! Slow and Steady combo Großtraktor (Neubaufahrzeug) ( slow and
    low muzzle velocity) and kinda slow HS 123! We will get to Moskva but first
    let me slow down and relax

  13. I agree with the deviation, ASU-85 has strong recoil, kinda shifts the shot
    a bit.

  14. The asu s evil stepbrother… Jagdpanther

  15. I think it would be good with RB if there were more people also.

  16. T-34-85’s gun actually has more explosive in the stock shell

  17. Patrik Slobodnik

    T32 and thunderjet

  18. STRV 81 A useful tank with ATGM with a BR to make it look OP

  19. I want big maps. Not the shitty Kursk and Mozdok though.

  20. Play the T-34-100. It has been requested by Stalin and must be done.

  21. Jagdtier. Kill those damn commies with the superior German engineering

  22. how the hell did u see the m36 at 14.40??

  23. The 3 inch gun carrier. I want to see you suffer. :D

  24. gotta love those dunes

  25. in tank RB , let’s say your commander is dead , you can not use the
    binoculars? is this adding realism or busted gameplay?

  26. Alexander Daniel

    Kv2 with 107 (one Shot beast)

  27. Can you play the t34 prototype plz

  28. hahah that in-head problem solving celebration though!

  29. youtube is scewing you man. this video was not shown. i saw it when i came
    to your channel. fucking youtube

  30. Have not unlocked this tank as yet, so maybe its a bug… but how come i
    can only see 1 man inside when Phly goes X-ray on jungle? He gets shot by
    an airplane at around 15:37 and he goes from having 4 (injured) men to 1
    injured driver visible, yet indicator says 3 men still up?

  31. use the t92 American light tank

  32. Lel. Tfw Phly looks at the second round on the T-34-85 rather than the
    first for explosive mass.

  33. dj cats in da house

    phly fly the firefly mk 5 as a fighter

  34. Phly how about a German tank? Do the Nashorn

  35. Hey phly!what is your favourite tank?

  36. another handout to russians, such shit game this has became.

  37. mahadisal ahadani

    I really hate it when my game crashes when am in the middle of the

  38. Alex Fundenberger

    Sturer Emil for ze fatherland!!! Take it to them with the best gun in the

  39. LMFAO, Phly has no fucking idea how to use a casemate TD…you can run down
    the middle of the map no problem. Hit me up and I’ll show you how to
    dominate with a turretless TD.

  40. how do you change the hangar ???????

  41. Rafael Albuquerque


  42. could you play with Ze- German Tiger 1 please? -_(º_º)_/-

  43. sorry for that

  44. The jet IL-2

  45. phly why do you seem to be swearing a little bit more than usual

  46. Take the mighty doom turtle, the T95. Would love to see that. :)

  47. How can I get into battle with both tanks and planes?

  48. I feel that tiger 2s pain, fighting post war tanks that have heat shells
    that pen anything from 10 years after the war… I feel u man

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