ASU-57 but at top tier (War Thunder)

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but at top tier (War Thunder)




  2. phly phailed to phrotecc cecilia 😢

  3. You drive a stick shift?!

    You deserve your subs ‘n bells if that’ s true.

  4. Hey Phly, love your vids. I want to be able to play tank RB but I always die as soon as I get to battle. Can you make a video about tank RB tips and tricks??

  5. Oh no Phyl lost the love of his life

  6. After watching you for A while its funny to see you begging for subs to stay above someone. Drewski is honestly a better content creator. He puts more effort into his videos, a lot more editing for sure. You’re both great Youtubers but he deserves to be above you

  7. I feel like Cecilia is going to pop up in Phly’s 2020 funny moments fails and wins vid

  8. Nobody expects the bush inquisition!

  9. Alexander McLucas

    In the end I don’t care who has the most subs I love both of yours and drewskies videos

  10. Phly missed another Brrrrtt

  11. Leendert van Nielen

    Me: how to sub 50k times.

  12. TEAM DREWSKI!!!!

  13. Now this is content

  14. What what that movie the drewski one he used in beginning

  15. Phly: makes a vid about soviet airborne tank
    Russians the day before(the 2nd of August): celebrating airborne forces day

  16. “no armor is best armor” unless you get hit by HE, Heat, Heatfs, Hesh and sometimes sabot

  17. Phly, playing the ASU-57: we need more power!

    Ivan, driving the ASU: *PHUCK*

  18. 50k to the million

  19. Can you please do another video with the B29 and the gang, cuz now it doesn’t have 50k repair cost and I love the videos where you and the gang play together

  20. Play the Reggiane 2002 early plz🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  21. commit self deletus

    Phly play the challenger 2F. Haven’t seen it on your channel yet I think

  22. 10:56 very emotional moment 🙁

  23. LOTR YES

  24. 950 thousand

  25. Everybody everybody!

  26. Another 50 k my favret u tuberr

  27. MeG_a_ReX on Blitz

    Hey is war thunder as good as it is to play in ps4 as in pc espevially the CoNTroLs????????????

  28. 9:05 🎵 Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart
    . You’re shaking my confidence daily 🎵

  29. Do you guys think that maus and e100 will come back to ps4

  30. Now do Ho-Ro top tier

  31. No one:
    Battlefield theme: 5:40

  32. Phly I just met cecilia in a match

  33. only the gasses coming from that gun would obliterate the crew

  34. I used a Japanese WW2 AASPG tank in a custom game against top tier tanks and it did amazing. Died every time but had the most assists in the game

  35. This video was more heartwarming than a Disney film… Rip in Pepperoni for Cecilia.

  36. 0:08 wrong music

  37. L3/33 at top tier

  38. How come he can put so much bushes on ASU. I can only put one of each kind of bushes???

  39. ASU is like a chicken nugget running around the map 😑

  40. Do you thinking abot playing Post Scriptum again??

  41. You should do a look at my h.e. boi the spj fm/43-44

  42. All my phlees,make an alternate account and sub to phleeboi,so that we can get him to 1 million before capitalist pig dog operatordrewski.

  43. Oof this is cancer lol

  44. AD/HD is strong in this one.

  45. Don’t give rockstar any ideas they will add the Asu
    and make you pay a down payment on a house for it

  46. 4:00

    ASU-57: **penetrates enemy armour**

    Enemy tank crew: Ow, my foot!

  47. Communist milk man

    everybody gangster until the bush starts to shoot you

  48. Still a better love story than Twilight

  49. 6:21 rule number 7.

  50. You really shouldn’t complain about that last kill, just be thankful that the game doesn’t model the damage caused by muzzle blast…

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