ASU-57 & SOVIET FLAK MILK TRUCK – Vodka Infused Pt.2 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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& SOVIET FLAK MILK TRUCK – Vodka Infused Pt.2 ()


  1. My new Cub Cadet lawnmower with 3 HP can go faster then the Russian flak gun lol

  2. 10:30 that face of utter disgust. HAHAA hilarious.

  3. Joshua Schumaker

    stay below the tankstay below the tankstay below the tankstay below the tanklol

  4. you look like Private pile from Full Metal Jacket


  6. Joonas Röntynen

    Take T-80 and Yak-7B pls

  7. Do The Derp Vs The Derp please. The KV-2 Vs the Type 4 Ho-Ro. Attempt 8.

  8. 9.10 that so goddamn funnt

  9. play the Pz.IV C and the Do 217 J-1

  10. Challenge- Join a top tier game with a BT-7. Attempt #1

  11. M3lee and B36 or 34 please love from Turkeyyy


  13. Stock T92 or Stock JGPZ 4-5

  14. make a squad and pull the flak truck to the battlefield
    I did it with friend and it can move 30kph with T-34

  15. phly i love your videos man been watching for about a year now and youre still one of my favorite youtubers. Never change!

  16. Whole team of asu 57

  17. Phly play Cold waters.

  18. Tea infused science next

  19. Stable of the tank! Stable of the tank! Stable of the tank! Stable of the tank!

  20. I enjoyed this episode.

  21. STALIN: Phly, my crew is drunk of vodka and we need your help to destroy germans and all others. You will have our tank made of stalinium T10m and vodka powered plane IL 28 with 3X1000kg bombs. Good luck. Attemp #1

  22. what sound mod are you using?

  23. Everytime you facecam I cum on my moniter. Please make it stop.

  24. Wendy's Four For Four

    So what nation has best bombers? And what nation has best attackers.

  25. i want to play as the dickermax but in 4.0-4.9 but i always end up on fighting with tigers and IS tanks

  26. #1 Take the asu57 and shoot without sight all the time

  27. plz fly the p 40e plz

  28. Great Success! – Borat

  29. Wilhelm Gerbrandt

    hey phly the you should check out vaas’ definition of insanity (farcry 3)

  30. if you don’t have the horsepower to go up an incline, go up at an angle, it’ll reduce the load.

  31. I forgot my what my user name for the login is, can someone help me? (I remember my password)

  32. Hey Phly, I’m a big fan! If one day can make a game fv4005 vs Maus was going to be cool! Greetings from Brazil

  33. you need to do a vodka infused stream with you, baron, jingles, and devildog all infusing with vodka!!!

  34. Don’t talk to me or my son ever again combo (M22 and M4A3E8). Attempt #1

  35. Could you re visit the J7W1.

  36. M-47 and F-84 ‘MERICA COMBO!!!

  37. harits abdul malik

    halo phly daily my countrion indonesian

  38. liked cause drinking vodka!

  39. “1995 Honda Odyssey horsepower” lmao

  40. more drinking videos!

  41. Inventerman Gaming

    Phly make a combo of a 7mm M3 GMC, a M3 lee and a M4A1

  42. Inventerman Gaming

    I meant to say 75mm not 7mm LOL

  43. #lovetheunloved P-63A-10 or C-5, “is that a 37mm in your fuselage, or are you just happy to see me?”

    Show Stalin and Hitler that we have the “Cannon and Bombs” (read: c*ck ‘n’ b*lls) to win the war! make a successful bombing run and gun strafe against 2 unfortunate victims of Freedom!

  44. I didn’t know that you were blake griffin

  45. 2:41 he didn’t drink!!!!!!! liieesss!!!!!!

  46. Hey Phly, take out the German double barrelled shotgun that is the Neubaufahrzeug.Attempt 1

  47. Seymour Huseynzade

    Use the A13 mkII together with a wellington loaded with 18 250lb bombs.

  48. Юра Муравьёв

    hello FROM RUSSIA ))
    как дела ?

  49. BIAS COMBO ATTEMPT NUMBER : (I forgot but it’s above 2) TU4 AND T10M.

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