AT-15A – SMASH. Best game of 2018?

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  1. Legit just clapped to my laptop. The hype train is real.

  2. Kristina Chausheva

    Gj 😀

  3. So…this a happyquit?

  4. “18 15A”

  5. Looks like a very competitive tank. Gotta buy one. 😛

  6. Great Game in a slow steady beast. But no Crew Acceleration on or do you collect Free XP on the Vehicle?

  7. GG

    I figured the tiger I was farming your allies hard, untill i saw the way he played at the end!


  9. it looks like the enemy team don’t know the way of AT-15A well played king of the memes

  10. holy fuck that was a lot of comments at the end but HOLY FUCK THAT WAS THE BEST GAME I’VE EVER SEEN

  11. Chat is going by so fast it could be ticketed for speeding

  12. Hoooly shit the stream chat at 10:00

  13. This is the most hyped i’ve ever seen Circon’s chat in a replay lmao xD

  14. Marshall Allshouse

    the best replay I could find in the at15a was 4900 dmg
    something tells me circon knows da way

  15. at 10:36 “oustanding performance” ha ha you dumb as shit WG devs!

  16. 6k dmg 😀

  17. Next: 5000 damage in a conqueror gun carriage? 🙂

  18. Love you Circon your skillz blow the mind.

    You need to send this to Jingles. The only thing that would make this gameplay better is some commentary from our salt mine overlords.

    GG Circonflexes… G-fracking-G!!!

  19. bro, use the Churchill GC and I believe you.

  20. And now he needs a cigarette

  21. Upload this the Jingles? As the Senate once said “dewit”

  22. I checked WoT replays, this is actually the 5th best game ever recorded in the AT-15A based on damage. Second best on base XP.

  23. saw live in my first stream, watching again to relive the memes

  24. I like how the chat freaked out more over an AT-15A ace than the amazing game in the Foch 155. WP Circ.

  25. BestViewedWithCable

    @Circonflexes Backing up the hill preventing that light tank from getting behind you, was brilliant. You won the battle right there. Of course, raping him as he ran was pretty effective…

  26. Why do you have a German flag in the background? How can you be proud that Merkel is Genociding your people? And don’t you lie to me and tell me I’m wrong.

  27. Only got 6k because he KNO’s DA WAE

  28. IDK what u expected but the DPM on the british tanks are built for tier ten regardless of tier. Remember, if u can make him waste his repair kit, he’s a goner if u can permatrack him. Your rof is stupidly OP. Just get the guy on total lockdown and then OM NOM NOM.

  29. Ammo rack…. AMMO RACK… A M M O R A C K ! ! !…. LMFAO

  30. Lol the chat at the end is hype hahaha

  31. Fuck sending this replay to Jingles… All he’ll do is telegraph the best bits, focus on retarded shit that has nothing to do with the game, and bitch his ass off about retards that did nothing to help.

  32. The wondrous 15A, I have 65% win rate in mine

  33. Eighteen-Fiveteen-Ayy OP AF

  34. The speed….It made my screen blur it couldn’t keep up with the movement.

  35. Thats insane… I’ve pulled 4k damage in a ww1 1 at a time rush by the enemy, but jesus never once have I seen someone run out of rounds D: GOOD FUCKING JOB CIRCON! o7

  36. But 300,000 credits

  37. In an 18-15 A!

  38. Do you know de wai of the Ugandan warrior – In my best Ugandan voice

  39. I laughed so hard with your response at the game results. LMAO!!
    That has to be one of the highest, if not the highest ever games in that AT-15A.
    I have that mobile bunker, but I think my best would be around the 1500 mark, And that’s a great game for me!
    Awesome game dude. Keep them coming.


  40. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    stock kv-3 isnt that bad its not a stock t32 or t29, tiger2, or maus.

  41. send it to Jingles

  42. Was für Pfeifen spielen bei FAME ? Alpha spielt auf ULQ mit 200 fps nur um mehr zu sehen ?
    Ich würde mich schämen. Und das bei einem Topclan. Na typisch. WN8 pusher.

  43. nice kv-3 teamate

  44. Do you know the wae?

  45. Fuk C it’s only Jan. and already !!!! again … I hate u … lol what a game and that turd of a gun too … I have this TD and i like it but I can’t do this with it … 🙂

  46. 6000 damage in the shittiest T7 TD of all things, nice work! 😀

  47. Who is Wey?

  48. Do ya kno teh wae of aimbot-15a?

  49. Nice game there Circon.

  50. okay, that was hylarious 😀

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