ATTENTION: WORK AS A TEAM! | World of Tanks Halloween 2021

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Halloween 2021 Special Gameplay – Mirny: Hope. World of Tanks New Halloween 2021 Mirny: Hope Event Guide. World of Tanks Halloween 2021 Event Rewards and a Free Tank King Tiger (C).

Halloween 2021 is finally here, called Mirny: Hope. This is the continuation to our last year’s Mirny-13 event with some new features.

What do you think?


  1. So, *WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM, DO NOT BE A TOURIST* and you will have *FUN* in the mode! 😉 How do you like it so far?
    Have an absolutely fantastic and Spooky day! 😉

    • @DasGegenmittel Click up on the easy mode first <3

    • I love this mode so interesting doesn’t get boring and don’t mind grinding cos I have fun

    • Overall, this game mode is fun but again, I think WG was a bit too cheeky with putting a 20k credit price tag on the special abilities. Hope everyone has fun.

    • Had that exact same bug last night in the autoloader as well, died on round 2, respawned and couldn’t fire, couldn’t turn my turret, couldn’t use any consumables. I did run interference on the immortal for a bit though, he can still target you.

    • @GasterZUnknown they cost 20k last year too

  2. Mode is really fun, but it’s even funnier to watch an entire team just lemming their way straight into an Immortal even after I pinged that the Immortal was in that specific direction (because we have the Immortal detection meter above the map for those with awareness). This is mainly the reason why I play in Low Difficulty most of the times, since it’s more time efficient and consistent.

    Server: Asia
    IGN: SOVA_Overlord

  3. I like this mode, but with team.

  4. I got punted from my first game, so go wg on making a pve mode where you lose credits, bug out and can’t use your gun annnnnd have a higher chance of dc’ing….

  5. I’ll rather enjoy life outside than spending by precious time playing this mode… This mode is specifically design for those who have nothing else to do besides playing WOT… NO LIFE!

  6. Look forward to giving it a try
    fredsuedester NA

  7. I know I liked the mode last year, sure as hell would this year, if only I didn’t have my final year exams in these 2 weeks that the mode runs for…
    Server: Asia
    Username: The_creeper_killer25

  8. Random teams are just worst. U need a good platoon to get fun out of this mode.

  9. i had the same bug yesterday testing it -_- this game mode is perfect for this season because is a nightmare
    alejandrozapataq NA

  10. If you want to win you need a good team if ur unlucky there’s no way ur winning.

  11. The mode is great, managed to defeat the immortal in medium and hard with some coordination. With at least 3 friends the mode changes a lot, with a full random team… is another story. Overall is a fun mode and the final battle with the immortal is a great feature. I wish it was more polished, regarding the bugs (or they are, maybe, features?) but the prizes are good and it’s fun to play with friends.

  12. so many reasons to not even touch this mode.

  13. It’s alot of fun just the randoms are hard to play with since you have no communication. But overall a good event
    TimHoogeveen_2016 Eu

  14. It looks interesting, I hope it won’t be too painful to get that tiger
    Beetlejuice4 EU

  15. I hope for some great and fun games. Just stay relaxed it’s just a game even tho I wanna get the Kingtiger back for free. See ya later.
    Angelus_Rogziel_Martem EU

  16. I haven’t actually played it yet. But from the videos I’ve watched about it, it looks super fun.
    Commander_Carl_99 NA

  17. I watch some gameplay of some other players and after three hours they made little progress and were tired. They new what they were doing but kept getting random players that died or went to the wrong places. For me this mode is honestly not even worth trying, and this video solidifies that position. After playing a few games as I do the battle pass I am left with no desire to grind this or deal with it. I certainly wont spend money on it, because that’s pretty much what its designed to do in todays WOTs.
    User Name: Nightshield_
    Server: NA

  18. 12-Nguyễn Lê Trung Kiên 20DL3

    me and my friend just play this event with 5 IS3-II and we having blast how easy it is with 5 IS3-II

  19. it will workout only with good and supportive team which is hard to get on Asia server 😛

  20. I dont normally play these game modes as they dont appeal to me. But this year I gave it a shot and I had a blast. Well done WG, now, take some time and fix the main game please.

  21. I would say it looks good and the gameplay will be different than usual, but siilar at the same time. Of course, as with all other things, it would have been nicer if you could actually do it solo since some people might not have 4 friends that can platoon at once.

    IGN: Sestican
    Server: EU

  22. Mode is a lot of fuN. Working as a team feels good man

  23. I finished medium dificulty in the firt try because team stayed together lol

    Draakje 07

  24. I am here for ONLY real tanks and WOT NOT magic so this event is not for me
    Username : Suhrud_Youtube
    Server : Asian

  25. Am I right or wrong to assume that if I buy the Mirny: Captains pack I can purchase the King Tiger c without having to play the game mode?

  26. I cant stand this mode at all. I will skip this time
    Username: 265kg_Magerquark
    Server: EU

  27. The game play is good etc but I resent the silver sink that this game mode is. Not everyone out there have huge money piles like the unicums.
    U: Kirstar
    S: EU

  28. I enjoy the mode but it need to be F2P or you need to make credits no good reason it should cost anything

    EU server

  29. Unfortunately, making a platoon would require having friends.

    Server: NA
    Username: Magus

  30. Lol had the same bugg only able to do ramm dmg

  31. Hard level is just too hard without a 5 player platoon.

    IGN: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU

  32. I’m not too excited about this event. I’m not keen on losing credits for a “fun” mode. I might play one battle.

    NA Chromehorn

  33. Game mode is so bad playing solo, not to mention you actually lose credita from buying those skills aka module…

    Username: raprap272
    Server: Asia

  34. This mode is Meh. As all depends on the team you get.

    User: Proovin
    Server: EU

  35. I won’t spend on consummables…
    Username: Nikopol
    Server: EU

  36. A nice way to farm keys (6 keys if you end up 1st) is to unlock the Legio Ferrata and play with the lowest difficulty, you can deal a lot of dmg by ramming. especially if you use your speed power up.
    Username: MrFaraday
    Server: NA

  37. Lucky if you get teammates who actually think of helping… otherwise, for solo players.. this sucks.. 🤷‍♂️


  38. I like it DEZ its pretty fun to play aside from the crdeit cost to make it more fun and playable

  39. I am disappointed that the 3D styles for the E 50 and E 50 M didnt return for sale… 🙁

  40. Turbo consumables in events are always fun. And the reward tank looks pretty amazing.
    The_wilro (NA)

  41. when even a good player whit premium acc loose credits , nice game mode, hf they say

  42. Having tons of fun with my group of friends in this mode hope I get the Tiger such a cool tank to have in the garage
    Name: TONY2003PT
    Server: EU

  43. if you are 5 buddys its cool but with 1 randome u are lost xD
    Username: Dearyn
    Server: EU

  44. I love this mode one of the best there is 🙂
    Server: EU
    Name: Dowdis

  45. I think i can stand a cople battles of this game moud. But thats it.

  46. Great mode, but if you want to win you need to lose credits…
    Username: cro_498
    Server: EU

  47. teamwork is so important! Each one who is fucking up makes it harder, on medium it’s almost impossible to balance a missing player


  48. The event is really enjoyable, I could complete medium sooner than I expected. It’s nice you can also unlock the last two chapters with keys only. The Double is quite OP with its ramming capability.

    Server: EU
    Username: Zero_You

  49. I really like this mode but steel hunter is still my favourite.
    Server: Eu
    Username: TheCrazyPlatypus

  50. The problem is for me, that i play in random teams and this makes the mode often super hard.

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