Au revoir Province

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Source: osirish

Goodbye old friend. You were low tier bush ever!

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  1. Whilst Province was a puppy kickers dream, WG left Mittengard in the game
    which teaches new players nothing about tactics. Good luck playing a
    Vickers Medium Mk 1 on Mittengard !

  2. Os, maybe you could make future vids about WoT news, updates,
    weekly/monthly missions? The last update was a important one with the low
    tier maps removal.

  3. How WG think that a constant cycle of only 2 maps at tier I and II,
    including S*ttengard is going to cheer up starter players I don’t know.
    Even Storm’s excuse “It’s for pedobears” doesn’t hold water since the
    changes to MM for noobs.

  4. That’s sad, one of my favourite maps in low tiers. To get patrol duty with
    FCM Pak 40 without moving almost at all 🙂 So many nice memories of
    hilarious games on this map, nowadays maps are not so nice anymore
    including Mittengrad, Kharkov, Stalingrad etc.

  5. Sad, very sad indeed. Personally Wot should have gotten rid of the bowl
    map, Mittegard. Foolish decision.

  6. NO more lemming trains?! No more puppy kicking?! This map was fun even if I
    lost! WTF!!!
    BTW Thanks for the video Osirish.

  7. High caliber award in only tier II matches – only in province it happens
    It was my favorite puppy kicking map. I feel a bit guilty that they removed
    because of me

  8. this was one of my favorite maps!!

  9. This map was the first one I had ever played sad to see it go

  10. WOW! Really brings a tear to the eye. So many good games….35K ago…:(

  11. epic video, must have taken ages to splice together all those clips. well

    i’ll miss the map, but it was prone to producing teams who died very fast
    by sitting in a bush and thinking they could fire without being seen by
    every tank across the valley. i wish i had a fiver for every time my team
    had gone 6-0 down in the first minute on this map

  12. Ahh, know the Bush so well. I would always toss a few rounds in there if I
    spawned on the other side. A beautifully crafted little map, but a camper’s
    paradise. It may come back in a stretched format. Anyway Irish, a great
    job…almost had to wipe a tear from my eye lol

  13. What the heck… And I was waiting and waiting to play it today and
    wondering why I have played mittengard 10x in one hour…

  14. No more Provence, no more Malinovka or Prokarovka at T2 anymore, WG really
    don’t want newbies to learn how to passive spot. Sad times

  15. What? why? a classic lowe tier map, got me first ace`es on this map, seen
    my son get his first Ace tanker on this map, rest in peace! Province :-(

  16. A huge mistake to remove this map in my opinion. They should remove the
    awful Mittengard instead! I’ve had many great games on Province. Then
    again, this patch seems to be awful in many respects.

  17. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they ‘Remade’ the map twice the size but just to
    give us back that Province feel?
    They should make a ‘Tuscany’ map…

  18. Go to the NA website, read there, I know right?

  19. What sucks is they pull province but leave that POS mittengard map to
    appease all the COD junkies!!!

  20. rofl Irish, you crack me up. So much nostalgia, so much feels :(

  21. I KNEW you would do this 😀 Ty so much :D

  22. What’s the name of the piano piece ? Please anybody nice video

  23. The Music.. actually ive only seen this map 4-5 times in the 5 years ive
    playd..i wished this same efforts where put into the Dragonridge.. but
    tyvm..this gave me goosebums ant-tits or whatever its called 🙂 ty for ur
    effort. Heres my LIKE and Comment.

  24. So sed, but at least WG is giving away the e25 for free…..

  25. that mustve taken a lot of editing….
    i cant help but feel that it wouldve been a better map if they had removed
    the valley and made it all the same level.

  26. My FCM Pak 40 is sad. :(

  27. So many times the timer ran out due to campers that won’t leave there bush.
    But is a beautiful map and i do have some good memories.

  28. Did WG gave a reason for removing the map?
    Btw, nice floating to heaven at the end. (spoiler)

  29. It’s said that Putin wanted this map to be removed… To much freedom….

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