AUSSIE ACE! (War Thunder) Thunderbolt Australian Tank ACE

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks watching!


  1. Alright ladies and gents….what tank should we do next? It’s high time for
    a tank request episode now that I’m back from PAX South!

  2. I love war thunder I just can’t run it because of my graphics card!

  3. What do you guys think of the AC IV Thunderbolt? Do you like it, dislike
    it…why or why not? Let’s get a good community discussion going.

    I for one think the gun is amazing, but the armor and mobility are a little
    sluggish, and I’m very sensitive to poor gun depression.

  4. am i first?

  5. 2nd not counting Baron.
    Also, add the Abrams

  6. Do the Panzer 2 DAK with the JU87 R for ultimate desert warfare

  7. Best thing to say in an Australian accent, “give us a ciggy cunt.”

  8. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    110th lol

  9. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition

    F46a24 Jet :D

  10. javier moreno martinez

    hello varon

  11. great. another cheater who plays without the grass. well done baron

  12. Baron answer me pls !!!!!!

  13. Thanks for the videos Baron, you really brighten my day

  14. Mark Kennedy (MrMark123w)

    BOSTON STRONG!!! Boston baron is my home town haha

  15. You lied about the golden eagles. The app doesn’t work. Why do you promote
    a broken app?

  16. war thunder Russian tank planes need to be fixed. but really tortoise or
    t-95 who wins?

  17. 286.666 sub ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Pretty sure the Matilda was also a tank of Australian manufacture.

  19. Baron in which servers are you playing pls anser

  20. Use my invite code when you guys first use the Free Eagles app: xz6uy

  21. Imagine A 76pdr :O

  22. “One of the issues of this tank is the armour…”
    TUNK bounces a shot

    Ha loved that bit. I also love the AC4, it’s so nimble. Both hull and
    turret traverse are great so you can get your gun onto target really fast.
    The armour isn’t super thick but it’s set-up really trolley, always wiggle
    and move around and you’ll bounce more shots than 50mm ever has a right to.

  23. theawesomedude1029

    use my invite code 3rzuy when you first use the app

  24. new update hype!!!!

  25. hey baron, how can you enable the bomb crosshair for bomber in realistic

  26. District 9 has taught me that the South African English accent is the best.

  27. Damn, doesn’t have the phallic MG port..

  28. This phucking app doesn’t work

  29. The strenght of this tank is the sloped front armor that makes even T-34s
    It’s basically a small Panther.

  30. How does it compare to the British Firefly premium?

  31. baron!!! baron!!!! how do you get your golden eagles!!!!! XD

  32. Now we need the Skink AA Sherman from Canada with its quad 50’s

  33. 76 pounder, huh? war thunder navy confirmed?

  34. If you pay close attention, you might be able to see the huge dong in front
    of the machine gun port

  35. The AC lV Thunderbolt’s Shadow Is A Mini M6a1. Lol ?

  36. noobinator Simelane

    you didn’t put any effort into this. The armor is good for its br. it’s
    like a t44 front slop

  37. noobinator Simelane

    you didn’t put any effort into this. The armor is good for its br. it’s
    like a t44 front slop

  38. Baron you described it perfectly “A good gun” as that was the only
    non-aussie part… Mind the thunderbolt was the best Australian tank/ only
    true tank but still was not accepted as it didn’t fall into the cruiser or
    infantry line but was a bit of both.

  39. SaintMarneusCalgar

    Best combination ever marder III h 200mm penetration and the wirbelwind
    64mm penetration and a panzer iv with 170mm penetration all of them rating
    3.7 the flak alone is op and with the marder you can easy kill tanks with
    rating 6+ same with the panzer iv :D

  40. BaronVonGamez the historical armor on the Thunderbolt is a rich titanium
    ion hens the dunces sow at long rang the you will not de ball to pen and in
    a close if you angel right you will win

  41. Hey Baron just as a tip use your binos they are extremely helpful at
    looking over obstacles and looking at enemy movements. Also as a TD with no
    turret this comes in handy for just looking around the battlefield.

  42. Hay baron could you friend me on warthounder,my names DANTHEMANJD.

  43. I beg you! Please stop destroying the integrity of the Australian accent

  44. Baron, I like you and I like your channel, but I really don’t think you use
    that app to get all the golden eagles you have. It’s fine to advertise an
    app, but please don’t pretend that it is your golden goose and expect
    everyone to believe it. Not trying to insult you, I just feel a bit
    condescended. Keep up the good vids!

  45. lul I wish there was a 76 pound gun in War Thunder

  46. “RB Battles” so realistic battles battles

  47. Baron, do you trust the surveys on Free Eagles? I have gotten some by
    watching and installing games, but don’t really trust the surveys.

  48. They changed the BR again ;-;


  50. I am sorry your “Aussie Accent” I find rather disappointing. I suggest you
    spend some time with some Aussies. However this tank is really nice and has
    a unique play style. Mobility wise its better than most British mediums do
    to its good reverse speed.

  51. AC IV Thunderbolt 17 QF, “bout bloody time WT added it, next I like to see
    AC III Sentinel 25 pounder howitzer added

  52. “Intense RB Battles,”
    Hi, I’m Matt from the Department of redundancy department.

  53. RandomSpaceManInSpace

    How do you transfer your eagles to your WT account?

  54. listening to american’s try to put on the accent they believe us aussies
    have is quite entertaining

  55. British aa with the 40mm Pam Pam for queen and country lol

  56. is this tank worth it?

  57. Ian Australia

  58. Thanks we Aussies do have a funky accent but it ok to try maybe you need to
    have a real Aussie do the accent lol and I realy would love to paly with or
    against you sometime but since we use difernt regions I dont think it
    possible :(, I thought the only Aussie tank was the Ram but it ok looks
    like a kool tank.

  59. Yo Baron, did you ever get to see the PO2 skin I mad you that you requested
    since before Christmas?

  60. STRAYA!!!!!!!!!!! ??

  61. It’s not about weather you’re cheating or not with the grass being turned
    off. Most of us know it’s an option in the game. The fact is, gaijen
    basically pays you to promote their game with the press account and YouTube
    pays to you to give us the best content possible. If the grass wasn’t meant
    to be seen through your scope then it wouldn’t be there to begin with. You
    could put up a video of you driving through a field and it would still get
    thousands of views… You know it’s not cool to have that advantage of
    being able to see through the grass as if it wasn’t there so please baron,
    just play the game the way it’s meant to be played… Who knows, maybe
    someone will pay you for it one day, oh wait…

  62. ur accent is more british than australien. i should know. i live in

  63. You don’t get the golden eagles from the app you ask to get them from
    gaijin whenever you need them

  64. but… but.. Baron Boston….

  65. Im definitely going to get this tank, even though Im upset with how gaijin
    is treating the game my embargo on buying GE until they fix their mechanics
    will have to be put on hold to get all Aussie ;3/ I just want the ACIV,
    Wirraway, boomerang and true aussie title in an overly patriotic way to
    finally get into British ground forces o7. Looks like a good all rounder
    like most Australian designs of “if its shit we dont use it” policy over
    the corporate production contractors making rubbish and skeeving their way
    into military contracts as seen in many other nations historically. It has
    to work, cause Australia is a big place and inhospitable terrain is a harsh
    proving ground. It also looks like it has its own play style over an
    entrenched players playstyle where you can be both aggressive and cautious
    pushing your situational awareness over the heavy armored plated derps that
    just charge firing all the guns! ;O/

  66. The Utube Binge Watcher

    im aussie and this is golden!!!!

  67. baron plz play with the tiger 2 10.5 cm

  68. Baron you gotta watch my video on the Bostons French counterpart; the DB7
    on my channel Dr_Roflology.

  69. Baron Baron! Do you get more eagles if you advertise the app in youtube?

  70. Brandon “The Alaskan Devil” Johnson

    Baron does thou wish to be a porn star?

  71. Shadowarrior smith

    plz dont do an try to do an australian accent againg

  72. This tank was designed to use “common” parts based on the m3 lee, it was
    the first tank to mount the 17 pounder, first tank to have a complete cast
    hull and turret. It was in service in mid 1943, it offered to USA and
    Britain but they didn’t want it !!!, there was a test version with ( wait
    for it ) dual 25 pounder mounted in the turret !!! It was to simulate a 17
    pounders recoil ! About 120 where built.

  73. please do the m4a2 sherman.(tier 3) if not do a “sherman playthrough” were
    you play and review all the shermans in the game!!

  74. how to get rare planes like He-51 c1 late?

  75. YEAH MATE AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Is the mosquito no good? IRL it carried more bombs than the B-17 and didn’t
    need fighter escort as it was a fighter in itself


  78. I’ve seen a aciv. My local museum has like 50 tanks from german to russian
    at the cairns armour and artillery museum. Great tanks there! (btw baron
    this isn’t advertising) just saying.

  79. LittleCraftGaming Luke

    Final a tank form my own country (yes im Aus)

  80. how do u get this tank baron ?

  81. ‘Im pretty sure Luke Kuggeleijn will become famous one day!

  82. can you play tze M103

  83. Baron you doing accents is my favorite part never apologize

  84. And the Australians made the lawnmower and clothesline

  85. Second Aussie tank video I’ve seen, second HORIBLE Aussie accent I’ve heard
    (coming from a real Aussie)

  86. I very much agree that Baron’s solo videos where he talks to the audience
    are much more informative and entertaining than his ‘bringing a friends
    along’ ones. He talks about his decisions and what he is up to, not
    disjointed stuff.

  87. pls drive tank IS-3

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