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Source: PhlyDaily

AUSTRALIAN ( Tank Gameplay)


  1. Hey phly

  2. keep making vids man you put a smile on my face everyday!

  3. What’s the music at the beginning?

  4. SUP

  5. You are the best keep up the great work.

  6. You died in the start of video because you angled your hatch to the
    T-34-85… If you hadn’t moved you would’ve stayed invincible….

  7. Hey phly I was wondering if you can take out the a13 tank and a hawker
    hunter jet and your main goal is trying to get the hunter, good luck btw I
    love you no homo

  8. me 410 B-2/U4 and Maus

  9. Idk if you read this yet, but could you go fighter with the Blenheim MKIV?

  10. yeeeeeeeeeeeesss he finnaly noticed after 7 attempts

  11. Great video

  12. Please never EVER try to speak australian english again…

  13. German 37mm Combo (ATTEMPT 7)
    Sd Kfz 6/2 and Hs 129 B-2 with the 37mm gun pod
    Teach the allies ze good word of Hans!

  14. The Amazing Spoderman

    Also the AC 4 Sentinel finally back in the tech tree phly I’m Aussie and I
    love collecting premium vehicles and aircraft and I’ve been waiting so damn

  15. B-17e/f and the easy eight

  16. next lendlease russian combo the SU57 and the russian p40 kittyhawk
    first attempt

  17. ouai l’AC IV thunderborlt il et trop bien ce tank !!!!!!!!!!

  18. What do you press to get x-rey view in-game?

  19. “quack quack motherfucker”


  20. I-16 type 27 and su-76m (paper tank)

  21. Tale out any rare tank and use a rare plane lo ve ur vídeos Man

  22. phly use yak 1 and the t-26

  23. Jayce Castial Lauper


  24. am i the only one who tried if this thing is able to fly?

  25. su 122-54 and yer!

  26. I think it was me who asked you to take it out

  27. I would still like to see the Sherman Firefly and the Fairy Firefly.

  28. The amazing Hetzer

  29. Can you play the su 100y and blast the enemies away

  30. Try Kill a tank on the other side of the map, without seeing him. Or do a
    snipe with the 57 mm Mosq over 2km

  31. The Suspension I think was borrowed from the M3 Lee/Grant design

  32. The Queen Commands you to do the Firefly Combo! Fly out the best ground
    attacker, The Firefly FR mkV with 16 rockets, and the Sherman Firefly!

  33. leopard 1 and ho229

  34. As usual T34 don’t give a dam about explosive material being damaged

  35. Challenge video, su100y and il2 FOR SOVIET RUSSIA BITCHES

  36. uncle dolan musik? y u do dis fle?

  37. Attempt 1, “Poor Man’s Army” Po 2 with T60

  38. Australian here, thanks for giving us some recognition on youtube m80

  39. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

  40. Use the Maus and the Ho 229 with hvap

  41. do a Australian combo thunderbolt and bofort

  42. this tank is based on the m4 sherman

  43. AC IV Thunderbolt and Boomeranh MK2 time for Australia

  44. Yea Aussie!!!!!!!!

  45. Hans is getting confident
    Ho 229 😉
    & Tiger II (P)
    Have fun.

  46. I swear. all the t34 fuel tanks never explode.

  47. Phly play the Caernarvon with its new br or the centurion. See if it’s
    balanced ;)

  48. I think the BR of this tank is a tad high (should go down to a 4.7)
    especially as it can face 6.0 vehicles and how shit AP is, however you’d
    have to drop the BRs of all the 76mm Shermans too.

    Also, that wasn’t even close to an Australian accent, please don’t do it
    again. XD

  49. once i played in a battle on this map, enemy brought this tank and it
    bounced a shot from my is2 -.- 230mm of pen -.- rng why

  50. Use the Mk4 Shot, i has a better shrapnel effevt after the penetration.

  51. RBT-5 and MIG-17

  52. I feel British AP always suffers as Warthunders calculations are
    ‘realistic’ which is great when you just blow the tank up or kill all the
    crew; but it doesn’t factor in the effects in reality. Tankers don’t stay
    calm when several kilograms of solid metal going at 800/900ms punches a
    hole through one side of the tank and shatters against the other side of
    the tank. “One shot kills” were a common occurrence with these guns and
    ammunition because crews got the fuck out once the tank had been penetrated

    I’m not saying British tanks are necessarily underpowered but it’s just
    something I thought I’d bring up haha. These guns had this penetration (and
    more), with that rate of fire, and they “killed” tanks with single shots.
    Rant, over ;)

  53. I can see why when I watched you’re stream you was playing world of tanks

  54. 4X maxim anti air and mig 17

  55. Do M18 and Kingkobra (P-63)

  56. what is his “hdg” in the top left i dont have that when i play?

  57. xaxaxaxa t34 stonk )))))) next time read sekrit dokumints tovarisch

  58. B17 and Sherman

  59. The ACIV was a home-grown Australian tank using as many M3 components as
    possible. That is the answer to the similar looking suspension to other US

  60. MagzTv is going to love this tank. LOL (He probably isn’t going to.)

  61. LOL I almost died at the start xD

  62. jacques bernoux (jacber2)

    someone voted for the rbt5 and mig 17 last tank request video

  63. the should have the universal bren gun carrier

  64. The great German power.
    Do a the Tigers 1 s and some 109s.
    Heil phlytler

  65. Australian derp tank

  66. Challenge, The Newb:
    Get at least 3 kills in a RB
    Using any tank
    BUT you have to only use HE
    BUT BUT the gun has to be less than 100mm (No KV2 etc.)

  67. Rikugun Chūjō Karen-chan 陸軍 中将

    Please drive out the all mighty britain Conqueror and the Venom with the
    all mighty brit bombs :)

  68. Venom and the centurion! do it for the Queen!!!

  69. That_Guy_42 o (Noah H)

    For a challenge…kill a T-95, T-28 or Tortoise with HE through the front

  70. The song in the beginning was cancerous

  71. the Avro Lancaster Mach 3

  72. next play the M1a1 Abraham’s and A10 for ground strike

  73. The Füher has requested his most decorated tank driver and pilot. He
    requests you provide support to your comrades with the Tiger 2 105mm and
    the ME-262 with rockets to provide air support. Defend the Fatherland and
    take out the pesky American and Ruskie pilots and tankers. Long Live the

  74. Phly, updates weeks ago removed the inability to fire while extinguishing
    fire. You can now fire AND put out a fire at the same time, just like the
    old times.

  75. Андрей Ромашов

    This tank should’ve been called Black Flag! Someone already said that?

  76. Uncle Joseph requests Su-122-54 and Yer-2. It is really forgotten TD

  77. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy

    very stronk t34 kill puny Australian tonk

  78. What was with the music at the start lol love my sentinel it’s amazing
    though it’s still missing 15mm of frontal armour. As for the running gear,
    tracks suspension it was based of the reliable m3 Lee.

  79. One of those fuckers killed me 3 times last night in one game.


  81. the music is op XD

  82. Take out the flak panzer

  83. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    Pride of the British Empire!
    Churchill VII and a Spitfire of your choice. Teach the bosh a thing or two
    about warfare Phly!

  84. Achilles 65 RG Premium

  85. phly can u fly out xp-55 next time plssss!!!!!!!!!

  86. The tank/plane you hate most

  87. Hey Phly do the F82E twin mustang in a RB good luck

  88. german kv2?

  89. Phly could you fly out the I-185 82 please?

  90. Song name?

  91. Geometry Dash Electroman

    USA combo M32 And A26 Invader because America f*ck yeah!

  92. intro song will be my anthem, retarded as myself

  93. Me262 Luftwaffe and hellcat for gun and speed

  94. Retard combo
    RBT-5 and MiG-17A
    go ahead and make the derps proud

  95. Kv-1 and A5M4

  96. AD2 and T32 big guns combo (attempt #5)

  97. This tank is gone from my tec tree??

  98. MagzTV: hears aussie accent insta dislike

  99. How come he hasn’t made videos with slick or Baron ?

  100. Phly do more red orchestra darkest hour plez :D

  101. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Solid metal shells were too strong before. Now they are too weak. Gaijin…
    best balancer 2016

  102. yuri de oliveira barbosa

    German War Machine

    Jagdtiger and Ho-229, good luck, hope I win

  103. Nudelsalat ist lecker

    “This is a knife?!” I must tought at knife Party xD

  104. T34 85 and the pe 8

  105. I Don't Understand Math

    Do you know how does Phly gets drunk? Not drinking beer for 5 – 7+ days :)

  106. use Ferdinand and derp duck for ze führer

  107. Grass Brassington (thegrassmaster2)

    0/10 Not enough Kangaroos

  108. scotty “muzzar123” .M

    the Australian combo

  109. Phly. I have a challenge. Do the bomber gunship challenge in a custom
    battle. Get a bunch of players together and do a custom battle in which
    everyone has to be in a bomber like the B-29 or B-17 or G8N1, etc some form
    of bomber that has almost 360 degrees of coverage (no jet bombers though)
    and then do a battle and fight everyone as if your bomber is a gunship.

  110. P-51

  111. “He’s gonna reveal himself… and im gonna clean up 😉 ” – Phly 2016

  112. Either the Wirrawy or the boomerang.

  113. TINY COMBOOOO! M-22 Locust and P-26 Peashooter with bombs!!!!

  114. The Australian cruiser use the m3 lee chassis

  115. How’d you get golden eagles?

  116. Oooh.. i see why they removed this… T-34 can’t 1 hit it.

  117. KV-2/RBT-5 & Pe-8. This combo is a bit trolly, but the derp is strong.

  118. thegamingchannel ffs

    challenge for Phly: kill enemy 3 tanks with the kv-2 by shooting under the

  119. T-34-85 = 1 shot one kill unless you are me. Whenever I play the t-34-85 it
    always takes 2 shots because I always leave at least 2 crew members
    bleeding out of their asshole.


  121. Take out the australian combo of the boomerang and the AC IV ThunderBolt

  122. Roblox SwordFights (Sfing)

    Panzer/Panther IV and FW 190 A-4

  123. Oskar Andreas Berg

    “Im gonna cum on the rear now” @phlydaily 2015

  124. phly can you play warthunder with speirs the amazing i like him he is funny

  125. Rocket Apocalypse: M26 T99 and F-84B-26 Thunderjet with HVAR + Tiny Tims.

    3:56 Also, what planet is this accent from?

  126. I was watching other phly videos and i was wondering why there was so
    little people on tier 5 matches, is there a player limit per match or there
    aren´t enought players?

  127. Sir Retarded The Eagle

    Take out the!:
    The American T-92 Light tank AND
    The F7F Tigercat

  128. Use the me 262 for just a ground attacker with only rockets. No bullets.
    Your choice on the type of me 262

  129. Good luck

  130. Take out the M5A1 Stuart and the P-40 Kittyhawk. *AMERICAN UNDERDOGS!*

  131. m41 walker bulldog and ad2

  132. Hey Phly, can you fly out in the BB-1 with tracer ammunition? #RoadOfBullets

  133. you can still get this tank, its 2980 gold!

  134. The conqueror mk.2 and Cannon Canberra! FOR THE QUEEN!

  135. Looks more like a t25

  136. cool vines and compilations

    where do i send you replays?

  137. phly the thunderbolt is still available for every one

  138. your australian english sounded like daffy duck on crack lol

  139. t28 american tier 3 premiun tank

  140. you can get the thunderbolt now phly lol, they bought it back today i

  141. Anything with the M3 Lee

  142. How about this. M4 105 with the A20G rocket plane. Just strap bazookas to a
    plane and see if it works.

  143. I clicked on this video thinking it was MagzTV jut because it said

  144. Are you sick of memes? Yes? Good

    dank moomoos

  145. Holy crap I thought your BRITISH accent was bad!

  146. At first I thought this was a Magz video

  147. Unless your grandparents or parents are from Australia you don’t have
    Australian blood

  148. animal combo Pink panther and the duck

  149. F4u plz

  150. “We’re gonna come on their back again” PHLY! PHRASING!

  151. TheFreaky Strawberry

    Plz play the Spitfire Mk IX, I got killed by one, in a YAK 7B!!!!!!

  152. ItzzDustyspartan32

    I saw one of these in a Custom battle on the live server. and i’m not sure
    how or why it was in that match when it is still in testing.

  153. David “madindie” Dew

    Aussie pride Phly! waited awhile for you to set this tank through it’s
    passes. I think they used a M3 chassis Phly

  154. god dammit fly the boomerang mate please???

  155. Carl Marcker Christiansen

    Intro music?

  156. again T34 crew members are invicible couse the power of votka is more than
    a tank

  157. Double CheezBurger

    whats the first song called

  158. m103 and f86f2 sabre in tank rb

  159. What happened to your press account?

  160. Please do the Churchill mk vii with the typhoon equipped with 2 1000 pound
    bombs and ground targets. Make Churchill proud.

  161. P-40 kitty hawk
    Or the p-51a

  162. Phly Phly where do you get your golden eagles from…………

  163. Love it how you yanks say Melbourne

  164. Please play the Hetzer troll tank with FW-190 with derp 6in rockets

  165. kv 85 and yak 9k

  166. MagzTv is pround of you phly, long life for australia kkkkk

  167. Liviothan_ productions

    Cromwell with 75mm gun and the hurricane with the 40mm guns (that is what I

  168. T-44 and Yak-15

    Idk I’m bored

  169. nice intro music

  170. Got too ask did war thunder ever speak to you after that rave about the
    game last week?

  171. ▄▀▄▀▀▀▀▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░
    Help dogs like this get a home, everyday there’s a dog going to bed without
    a home……and a family…copy and paste everywhere to show your support

  172. Australia represent!

  173. Take out the f40 kittyhawk

  174. If ya wanna be Aussie soundin ya gotta shorten all ya words down

  175. Go full assie with the boomerang the wirraway and the acIV

  176. whats the hdg indicator when he was phlying vickers

  177. Don’t EVER try that accent again… and the Centurion is also Australian.
    Designed and built in Australia until the British stole them for themselves

  178. m5 Stuart p-40e for the fifth time (hope for luck )

  179. Fuckin straya!

  180. Jonathan Schostak (Jon Plays, Jon Reviews)

    hey Phly can you play the Canadian M5 please that would be epic cause its
    the only one in the game(i think)

  181. That;s not an Australian tank, its turret is on top of it. The turret
    should be under the tank’s hull, between the tracks.

  182. “We’re going to come on their rear now” naughty phly

  183. phly, you need to get more golden eagles!

  184. Trying to hard not to be offended at this… You have no idea about how to
    speak / correctly name anything Australian.

  185. Every time you make an australian accent, a stingray stabs Steve Irwin

  186. AC IV Thunderbolt and Tempest Mk1b

  187. I thought this’d mean the Thunderbolt was now back on War Thunder.

    I was very disappointed.


  188. Phly why didn’t u notice me in the game biohazard1917

  189. As a New Zealander I approve of your Australian accent :D

  190. HI PHLY! I have a challenge for you 🙂 you should do something called
    tunnel vision… You go into a British biplane with a sight and have to get
    a kill 🙂 Happy hunting!

  191. Phly, you cant say “Good eye might” without sounding Australian

  192. They need to add the Canadian Skink aa Sherman

  193. do the boomerang (pllane) and AC IV Thunderbolt. its like australian

  194. Your Australian accent needs work. From QLD

  195. Tiger II (H) and Fw 190 D-9

  196. I am latin american and i think the australian voice of phly is very funny


  198. Phly, im an Australian and your aussie accent make my ears bleed.

  199. i just checked war thunder on ps4 and you can purchase it for roughly 3000
    golden eagles however the fact that it does not have sabot does not make it
    desirable for me

  200. This game has turned into world of tanks clone. Tanks taking a stupid
    amount of shots. You have to snip each person in the tank. Complete bs.

  201. 3:55 talk about shit Aussie accents

  202. Ac iv thunderbolt with beufighter mk 21/ and or the boomerang/ WIRRAWAY

  203. They need more countries to choose from. Italian tech tree would be doable,
    French tech tree is obvious. Aussie/Canadian tech tree anyone?


  205. Durin the war and a bit in Korea we got stuff from the Brits and the
    Americans and improved it in any way we could so that might explan the
    Sherman – like suspension. We also got a saber and fitted it with a British
    engine plz like if you want that added to wt

  206. never try speak an aussie accent it sucks

  207. thank you for the Jingles reference

  208. take out the yak 9t and IS 1!!!!

  209. That is the saddest accent ever coming from a actual Aussie, but awsome for
    doing a Aussie tank

  210. Perryperrychicken99

    Please don’t try speaking Australian.

  211. Hi phly from Australia!! Australia represent

  212. Give up the accent phly

  213. could we possibly get Canadian tanks like the m2 ram?!? :D

  214. Straya! Cunts!!

  215. He says “Nice bounce” when it’s a non-penetration

  216. Phlydaily the new engines update, you have to becareful when you WEP in
    realistic mode because your engine when it’s temperature get red you engine
    will damage its self right when it get red

  217. that accent was i fail sorry phly im aussie I know my stuff but dont worry

  218. T34-85 and il 28

  219. 10/10 aussie accent mate. AND YOU SAID MELBOURNE WRONG !

  220. Aka the sentinel.

  221. Take out the Aussie combo next, phly! The thunderbolt and the boomerang!

  222. Only I think it is like the anteater?

  223. here”s a challenge phly, it”s simple, get a kill by dropping a bomb on a
    bomb a bomber

  224. The Sd kfz and Hs 129 !

  225. Matilda and Venom or any other british jet.

  226. that is not how we speek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. So he pronounced Melbourne as – “MEL- BORN”

  229. yay I’m Australian

  230. 4:00 yeah u better stop that’s just insulting me now rofl

  231. Its KV-1

  232. yak 3p and kv-2

  233. Callum Rowett (Callum the Gaming Man)

    The disrespect towards us Aussies here is honestly appalling.

    Btw. It’s said Auzzy. For the occasional silly American.

    Lel jk.

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