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Phellas in vid!


  1. Phly is awaited!

  2. Day 1: play the f3f-2 at top tier

  3. Day 14 of asking Phly to take out the N.C.223.3 again but with it’s 4791 kilograms bombs (200 kg x15 100 kg x12) into ground RB with friends for maximum rolling thunder

  4. Please never censor another video ever again this is great

  5. Day13: Phly, play the russian Type 62 it has a HEAT-FS in 6.7 with 300mm of penetration.

  6. Day one: play the p51-C-10 to show em a little trick you learned!

    Joining the operation

  7. Rip scatman john. If the scatman can do it, so can you.

  8. BlingBlangBruh bruh

    Day 4 of asking phly to use the russian b1 flying rocket, its pretty stupid

  9. That’s what happens when you assemble the ikea furniture wrong

  10. 3:25 to 3:30 was so synced with the music

  11. That is just nuts that IFV is 8.3 when every other Strf is 9.7+

  12. I love how two thirds of the swears are not even censored.

  13. Ha ha ha I came
    Well anyways

  14. Do an L/33 Video!

  15. Ply being family friendly – “Suck my Pheet Bradley”

  16. Chadwickboseman Dangerfield III

    I have never heard this many F bombs from Phly lmao. Love the vids Phly keep being Phly as Phuck

  17. Easy to enjoy the game when you have all the tanks…. for us others we loose credits when playing the tanks. Unless you pay for the shit game pass. Try to get to the high tier tanks nopp not even gonna happen.

  18. “It’s sounds like someone is throwing a cutlery set at you” 50 cals everyone, 50 cals

  19. Lotta uncensored phucks in this one

  20. day 93: can you play “Gunner, Heat, PC!!!”

  21. 🙉🐌🙊🐌🙈🐌

  22. i dont care that there is reused assets the lazy map creation is an issue but the map SUCKS there is only one place to play unless your going to camp or cross no mans land and all get killed by one guy

  23. Is nobody going to mention the BT-5

  24. You lost your filter did’nt you.

  25. Hey, phily. I just gived War Thunder my thanks for F#@#$ up the game. For a lot of stupid decisions especially at high tier jets. Guess what I was chat banned. 😂😂🤣

  26. Intro: Were getting ******* chewed soon. Video: Were getting fucking chewed soon.

  27. Hi Phly, what happened to blipping the curses. Asking for a friend 🙂

  28. Mmmmm you delivered. You the best <3

  29. Day 228: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  30. They didnt reuse assets to make the map, thats just standardization in the soviet union 😞

  31. Day 5 asking phly to ❤ every comment on a video

  32. who used bt5 lol

  33. Phly Fly – SM 91 or SM 92 – VViva Italia!

  34. Hey Phly, so a few days ago I was playing war thunder in 3.7 Russia. Then I saw you on our team in a KV-2. I was HeatedLake. I just want to say you made me and my friends day when we saw you. Thanks for the great vids. And I hope I get to meet you in another match.

  35. I really liked this style of video. Please do more of these!

  36. Sounds like phly is getting mad because he isnt in the spotlight lol

  37. When ever you guys play as squad I enjoy

  38. day 4 – fly the he 51 C1 with the 10kg flashbang bombs.

  39. lvt 4 40? no, its the apfsds autocannon

  40. Day 1: I’m joining in on the cause, play the P-51C-10 to show em a little trick you learned!

  41. Hey phly you havent posted a video of the amx 13 ss11 yet (day 58)

  42. 12:12 OMG. Some people remember such songs ^-^

  43. I-16 type 10 please Phly.

  44. Hello Phly, i was one of the SOVRN guys fighting against you 2 times in the row. I just wanted to tell you, that we enjoyed those games alot. was hella fun 😀
    Ah and btw. sry for Keister, he kinda copin haha

  45. bleep button working sometimes

  46. what are SP? Squadron Points?

  47. yesterday i literally searched if you made a video of strf 9040B and now 1 day after you post it. Great coincidence.

  48. Xa-38 bonk some tigers

  49. Iraq’s army to your enemy: 1st time ?

  50. play the small italian meatball c13 t90, nobody reviewved that

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