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is testing autocannons in World Tanks with the Overwhelming Fire event in the arcade cabinet! They are also testing AUTOCANNON SPGS!



  1. I can see rocket artillery being a part of wot 20 tbf

  2. ” “Flutters of Fun” “!……Love it!

  3. Nerf Premium rounds! i have spoken lol

  4. WoT Console player here.

    We have a split “match making system” one where its “closer to” what is available to PC but still vastly different in its own right – essentially the WW2 Era. Most of the Console community hates how WG Console devs have handled the game.

    Then we have the Cold War Era which goes up to Modern tanks. Think War Thunder tanks with WoT gameplay.

    The reason I bring this up, is due to the fact that WoT Console has tanks with rockets and ATGMs.
    WW2 tanks, like the Japanese Heavies, the Maus, E100, M6 and other tanks that have alternative cannon modles can actually USE those guns.

    The M3 Lee can use the 37mm cannon up on its bulb as well as the main 75mm. The 37mm ALSO has an upgrade module for a better cannon. The T1 Heavy gets to use its 37mm, same with the M6! The E-100 and Maus get to use their 7,5cm guns.
    And come August 15th were getring flamethrowers! So the Churchill 1 can use its flamethrower on the hull!!!

    I really am not excited about all of what I said, any use of an exclamation point is sarcasm.

    But I highly advise those that are curious, look into the types of tanks we have on Console because I truly feel like its a testing ground for wierd ass mechanics to be thrown into the PC client at times. Like….we had a Borsig with a 3 round auto-loader called the Iron Rain. It’s bassically a tier 8 version of the WT AUF E-100…which the Waffletractor is still in console. I used to take pride in it, but its not good for balance.

  5. It literally took me no time to finish this event. The E100 and Thunderclap is super good and I only lost 2 games I played and those were the ones where I didnt use one of these 2 overpowered vehicles

  6. Why are they adding these fake frankenstain vehicles when they could add a line of soviet snd german spaa. The PTV already has the turret bustle and armament of the ZSU-57-2. The MRLS vehicle has the turret of a gepard.

  7. Damn I just witnessed how cool it is to watch a game live and then here again and be like damn I was there when it happened LMAO

  8. they finally testing using all the gun on the tanks now I bet

  9. Tons of fun only took an hour to get wins I enjoyed every minute mostly played medium tanks just go in and have fun

  10. mutually assured destruction @15:30 lol

  11. World of Tanks Rip

  12. I think an interesting idea to stop gold spam would be to put a limit cap on how much gold each tank can load. I think this would make players think about what ammo they load for what they shooting at and not spam gold. Also with this idea ammo loadouts for tiers might need to be a thing.

  13. Keep it as a game mode entirely separate from standard WoT.

  14. Gotta disagree with you on this one QB. The game mode is a blast. I like that it’s just low key chaos

  15. I feel you’ve overlooked one major difference between an autocanon and a large shell. The large shell, you just creep out far enough to fire it, then immediately pull back into cover. The autocanon requires you to stop and spend time exposed as you unload, giving your opponent more opportunity to do return damage.

  16. Cancer

  17. These tanks look like so much fun to play.

  18. wg gonna do like what they done on console.. make the autocanon a secondery weapon system with a mechanic to swap between gun ..

  19. Couldn’t handle this game mode…sitting in queue if you want to actually try the arty was stupid. 70 or so players in queue with 40 of them in SPG…just dumb. Also…isn’t this something similar to the WTE100 that was so OP that they couldn’t balance it and removed it from the game?

  20. I would quit because there’s no chance to fight back

  21. i think winning as a condition for all modes needs to change
    i have had sessions that i have had no wins
    so please WG remove winning as a condition

  22. Gold rounds really needs to have lower damage than standard, like 10-20% lower or something

  23. this bunch of bullshits or arcade or whatever are directed to younger player base mostly teens

  24. Synthetic Danimal 90

    I think gold rounds should do like 60-75% damage of a normal shell. In real life most AP rounds are smaller in order to penetrate. Not including damage to crew, a smaller penetration round should cause less damage to the tank

  25. I might not play the PC version of World of Tanks but do play on Console and we do have Autocannon’s in Cold War for the IFV’S and I play on PS5

  26. My Fav was the fact that since this a “FUN Game Mode” peeps were trolling their SPG around in TD mode and having fun at close combat with those rockets! Was awesome to watch!

  27. They are doing good rounds like steel hunter so you have to choose penetration or damage

  28. I always wait until the enemy’s BC fired to snipe them down with my BC59 in smaller maps

  29. What are the best starting tank lines to start on wot on pc? I’m coming from console please advise

  30. Scary thing is… these tanks might find their way into the main game at some point. They bothered to model them. Just some stat tweaking and in they go.

  31. i would love to see gold rounds get reworked to be the same price as standard but just have good penn for mediocre damage.

  32. If they impement a mechanic like this i bet your ass it’s gonna be another discusting christmas fomo tank

  33. Nicholas Pagdanganan

    SPGS are bad enough already. And I’d like to say Autocannon spgs DO not exist (it’s called anti aircraft guns). Let’s make the Arty problem worse by making them fire 20mm machine gun rounds!

    Edit: looks like the Auto SPGS are rocket vehicles which do exist. Either way, it is not a good direction that world of tanks and wargaming is going.

  34. Wargaming Listen?? To the players?? Surely you’re joking QB

  35. Be real. The batchat rocket launcher is the most fun you had in arty. If they would add it to the game, there would be several in every game. In the overwhelming fire the queue was 4 heavy tanks – 230 spgs.

  36. its free that’s why damage is less. just to regulate that people don’t go bonkers. i wont choose simple round if high penetrating had more damage. its very simple thing to understand. how they do it for random matchmaking is by raising the cost of shell.

  37. Awesome graphics, awesome game engine, all wasted on this shit that World Of Tanks has become. Wanting to play a game while you see it sink deeper and deeper into it’s own shit is oh so frustrating.

  38. I want BMP-2M😂

  39. Thank this is not in blitz

  40. i think an auto canon arty in teh game with abouit a 20sec longer reload wouldnt be fine, with only one allowed per game

  41. The teams in that mood. Are plying like the tanks are tier4. Kept getting rolled

  42. Interesting wot is loosing players to war thunder and now they add the same Mechanic’s Wich warthundrer had for years. Like atgm launchers miniguns ridiculous.

  43. I liked the prut

  44. One of the “Tank” reload should have been like a minute worth

  45. WOT is making it impossible to enjoy the game anymore. All these new tanks they’ve introduced has simply made all my tanks that I grinded for years completely obsolete. WOT has become pure shit anymore. I will be deleting my game and WOT can stick it up thier ass.

  46. 5:20 fun fact – Polish client is not mentioning needing to win. It is still required to win a game playing Polish client, WG just doesn’t bother to translate properly and address this bug as it is present in every arcade cabinet I have checked. I made sure they are informed but they still fail to fix the bug, causing frustration among Polish players.

  47. MRLS are way cooler than artillery.

  48. Well it’s fun, but quickly boring.

  49. 04:55 Big Tank with a comicly small Minigun 🤣 ngl i kinda feel attack

  50. Never waste time on new insane tanks, or OP tanks. They will just be nerfed anyway.

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