AUTOLOADER TANK In War Thunder – CHI-RI II (War Thunder Japanese Tank Gameplay)

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TANK – CHI-RI II (War Thunder Japanese Tank Gameplay)

War Thunder Update 1.65 Patch Notes –


  1. The back of the CHI-RI looks similar to a TIGER-II P’s back

  2. Next April, Japanese tanks and planes vs GODZILLA

  3. i think the CHI-RI II should be a heavy tank

  4. @phlydaily that intro is so upbeat!! loving it!

  5. Try new me262

  6. T-30 American auto loading 155mm.

  7. please tell me how i can get on the dev server
    do i have to suck the creators dick

  8. Is it just me, or does this map resemble the Pilsner map from World of

  9. Possibility of new vehicles? It’s not a new mechanic, they just modified
    the mechanic from the 20mm autocannon reserve german tanks…

  10. So this is the first step in making Warthunder like that other tank game,
    World of Autolader Cancer?

  11. looks like a tiger 2 in third person

  12. you do know that the chi ri main weapon is actually an AA gun

  13. i think this thing will be much better at 8.0 vs leo’s omg its ridiculous

  14. Third try for the reserve fun: M2A2 and P-26 M2

  15. attempt#8 Tiger1 and Bf109

  16. isnt the dev server closed already…did you record all this yesterday or
    are you given special access

  17. T. Maximilian Waechter

    Dude, play the dual recoilless rifle next, or the Ho-Ro

  18. When does this branch come out

  19. I hope they add in the O-I series…would be fun…but the French line
    would be VERY fun as well, the AMX-75-90, S-35CA & the likes.

  20. Still waiting for KPz-70 (even autoloader is in the Game)

  21. Chi-ri turret looks like a tiger2 turret but not exactly

  22. Chiri look gorgeous

  23. I_Will_Subscribe_To_Everyone_Interesting

    Very honorable the emperor is very please with your abilities. BUT he asks
    one thing of you. See how strong his SPAAs are against the Russian dogs

  24. Yes, play arcade! Lead the charge, Phly! If you do it, arcade will be cool
    again. I listened to MGB and tried going back. Arcade is way more chill.
    Nice way to relax and fall in love with the game again. One tip: turn off
    names except on mouseover. Helps a lot with the overcluttering you get in
    AB tanks.

  25. I_Will_Subscribe_To_Everyone_Interesting

    See how well the Type 94 is compared to the other T1 machine gun trucks

  26. Peace Army (박준효)

    that tank looks like a tank from a lowpoly games haha


  28. that 30 second reload is way to long but I guess for balancing reasons it
    might be acceptable

  29. You’re pretty lucky Phly… There was a glitch or something at 10:57. It
    gave you 4 shots before the long reload, not 3.

  30. Jean Alphonse DeBoisMonté


  31. Is that actually an auto loader for the first time in war thunder history?

  32. Auto loader = boom n zoom

  33. Can’t wait for this update ! Any idea about when it will be released ?

  34. That weirdly placed machine gun really irritates me for some reason.

  35. The Amnesia Grunt2356

    9:20 the reason why leo players are the worst in all of war thunder

    they rush so hardcore that 90% of the time they die almost instantly, but
    that 10% where it works out for them it encourages that behavior more

    edit: 10:50 and 10:30 as well jesus leo players….

  36. Christopher Yonemitsu

    This is a different auto loading system then many French and Russian auto
    loaders. This uses a magazine style loading, so “auto loader” in that
    magazine, but outside of that there isn’t much auto about it. Conversely
    French and Russian tanks won’t necessarily operate this way.

  37. How can you get access to the dev server

  38. #Attempt8 .Mercia bias M551 Sheridan and some American muscle the B-57. Btw
    modern kv-2

  39. look like king tiger

  40. fly out the po-2 with some squaddies for a good laugh

  41. Autoloader? Did I read that correctly?

  42. fuck autoloader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS-7 coming soon with auto loader

  43. The Hs 129 B-3, The “Duck”, was the first true auto-loader in War Thunder.

  44. whan an idiot

  45. really you call this gameplay when its obvious your the highest Br on the
    map and no one is playing competitively.

  46. now they need to add the FV215b 183 autoloader

  47. Is that a new map?

  48. Kristian čolak-barać

    Fly that is right

  49. Hey Guys how to play test server?

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