Autoloading T-49, Free Premium & Alpha Hedgehogs in World of Tanks | Halloween 2021 – Mirny: Hope

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World of Tanks 2021 Special Event – Mirny: Hope. Halloween 2021 Mirny: Hope Event Guide. World of Halloween 2021 Event Rewards a Free Tank King Tiger (C).

2021 is behind corner this time they continue the story what started last year in the Mirny-13. The event is called Mirny: Hope, featuring special rewards, and features. Let’s take a look at what is going on. 🙂

What do you think?


  1. This video is just to showcase what this event has to offer, prices, structure and so on. How crazy the grind is going to be for the free premium tank and for the other rewards… Well, for that we have to play the game mode and see, so stayu tuned for the 28th when I will release the video about an actual gameplay. 😉
    What do you think about this event? Stay EPICO, Beasts! 😉

    • this is such bs they should of given the amazon twitch people this tank who payed for it for over a year . Then they tried to charge 20 dollars on top of all the time we payed for on twitch and now this an impossible grind for the average player. I asked around and couldnt fine one person who beat the who game mode last time what a joke . I only kept my twitch bc they implied and even a CC said it was illegal if they didnt give us the tank in the end guess that was bs . So if you are unicom and have friends to play with in game you get a free tank the rest of us are out of luck .

    • So it’s a team event, but you fight each other to do the most damage. Pay to play again through credit spend on essential consumables. NOT HAPPY! Love the mode otherwise. I hope it comes back for years to come. I’m worried about that ALPHA Hedgehog as well. Don’t pop that unless you got plenty guns ready to shoot.
      Server: SEA
      Name: daddy4x4

    • Davie504 reference?

    • I think the ‘Immortal’ is an interesting concept with the cool looking gun and special patchy weak spots. However, the fact that we have to pay 20k credits for most of the personal consumables kinda sucks. The soundtrack is fire as usual.

    • Dez have you considered to play in platoon with Skill? I mean in this game mode. I really enjoyed your stream when you platooned with him and Dakillzor earlier.

  2. Server: EU
    Name: Baruga

    I say this is one of my favourite events WG ever made…

  3. i’ll probably try this event out, but i’m not sure if i’ll have that much time bc of real life stuff 🤷
    Nick: BLOODHunter550
    Server: EU

  4. credits for the consumables is a real downer tbh, wouldve been nice when you spend the time in that game mode to be able to make some credits on the side.

  5. “Work together” – Expect lots of headless chickens on your team (Fizzoid EU)

  6. The King tiger will be mine!!!
    Actually_Alik25 / EU

  7. sounds interesting… would be nicer if not have to pay for the consumables…

  8. Looks kind of fun actually
    fredsuedester NA

  9. I hope the rewards are worth the time spent which I doubt

  10. I give it a try for the first couple of days, but if its too hard to get the King Tiger, won´t play it.

  11. i liked it a lot last year, so exited to see it again!


  12. It ends 2 days before the end of my exam period. How sad…
    Server: Asia
    Username: The_creeper_killer25

  13. Tbh the only other game mode I like is grand battles, space to move etc. The fantasy modes are just a bit silly (so is the standard mode though!)
    Mickleblade EU

  14. Usually dont play them, doing missions takes enough of my time and then there is none left for anything but grind. ojkuo EU

  15. It wouldn’t be a WOT game without a way for them to remove money / credits from you. Sadly.
    I’ll still play and try and get as far as I can without burning credits.
    The event brings fun while it lasts simply by bringing variety to the game so it’s not all bad news.
    I have the Final reward tank already so that’s not a draw for me, but I’d like to get the Manticore 3D style.
    username – scunc
    server EU

  16. Shame that WG does not put the same effort into fixing all the known issues in the game before messing about with stupid events. Pay credits for consumables so you can lose credits….
    Burnt_Bum EU server

  17. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Wallst: Why shoot it when you can push it to cliff?

  18. Žygimantas Petryla

    I like it. Hope to take a free prem tank as I am a free to play player
    EU server

  19. Last year, we need to wait a looong time to play again with the same tank, or we need to pay gold. I hope this year is not like that.
    Also, adding more playable tanks is good, like the IS-3-II, but the consumable is just a dumb idea. Why we need to pay credits for it ? To force players to play on the hardest difficulty to monetize the use of consumable ?
    I’m impatient to play this event because last year it was so good ^^

    EU server

  20. It was a fun event last year. Looks like this year they improved a bit, lets see how will be. King Tiger for free its always good, who dont want free stuff!

  21. Well that event seems interesting, by the looks of it, it can offer some fun more than those 15:5 miserable battles what we have every single day.
    aLLaN8602/EU server

  22. To unlock the final video you need to compete the mission on hard mode, or pay 130 keys… Also you need a minimum of 170 keys to unlock all videos and I average 3/4 keys per battle. That’s a lot of work.

    F12F12 EU

  23. Mmmm….another pay to play event….!

  24. I hate all these special games where you can’t simply drive your tank as in normal game, but instead get a bunch of stupid extra functions like airstrike/recon, or have to equip some new consumeables. It’s all so dumb. They should just make eg. Frontline a large map, and remove all the dumb consumbeables and features. Then I might actually play it.

  25. Day 1 of asking dez to play T6medium 😂

  26. The rewards seems alright but I am not sure if it will be worth the credits that we will have to spend to get them. like crew books is great but am I better just to purchase them for credits and as for the credits booster are great but if I have to use them to play the mode what’s the point? The top reward, King Tiger is a tier 7, who plays with tier 7’s?

    I will try the mode for sure but if it’s too much of a grind that will be it for this mode.

    IGN: monkeyking
    server: NA

  27. Event should be funny, and your work always great. Nice Dez, have fun !
    Name : BT1100BULLDOG
    Server : UE

  28. I’m looking forward to this event. Last years mirny event also gave good crew members.
    Server: Eu
    Nickname: willempieschot

  29. Server:EU

  30. It is my first time playing this event but in my honest opinion I really think the is-7 style is a nice addition to the game

    Name: Niko_333_1
    Server: Eu

  31. I will give it a try this year

    IGN: The_Flash_Tolis
    Server: EU

  32. Visibility is the same hard lvl

  33. I like this event, one of the best “mod” of the game so far

  34. Abilities were for credits last year as well. But, I agree, they should be free.
    Crazetankiller NA

  35. I’m looking forward for the event 😀
    tankyguy EU

  36. Nice 🙂
    Server: ASIA
    Name: Christmas2070

  37. I didn’t enjoy this as much because I only play solo…


  38. Looks like a good event. Lots off free goodies and credits. Only down side is the credit cost for the consumables. I’m also curious about how difficult its going to be.
    To bad I’m leaving for a week holiday.

    Username: Zaijtsev
    Server: EU

  39. Weirdly, for now I see a real improvement over 2020, like with Return of the WT event. Crew members now come with zero perk (while these from 2020 are kinda useless for an experienced player), no curfew or access keys, chance to kill the annoying Immortal, pretty good main reward – yeah, for now everything looks very promising. Thumbs up from me!
    DoomHerald, EU.

  40. I was hyped for the IS-7 style until I realized the cost. It’s gonna be a pass for me; but Captured king tiger HYPE!!
    NA server

  41. Will not let me talk on wot no platoon up to play a good game so can not play any of these events

  42. Im hype but I dont think so that i will play this mode,I enjoy more on normal battles

  43. depending on teamwork? WE ARE SCREWED!

    User: HolyBonkLord
    Server: EU

  44. I wasn’t playing WOT last year so i dont know how it was, but its sounds pretty fun. XD But i don’t have friends… ähh, i mean i don’t have friends to play in the platoon. 😐 And they did already one event where consumables costet credits and i hated dat adition, but i’m still looking forward for dat! =)


  45. Deee znuts ha ! Gottem EU : CIOFI

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