AUTOMATIC 57MM NAVAL GUN ON STEROIDS | The Upgraded Begleitpanzer 57

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  1. Ta-152H

  2. i dont know why im here

    hey phly the r3 is now 5.0 play it its now balance

  3. Puma: “But I want to be in the video too!”

  4. Hey phly I’ve just been playing random vehicles in random lineups and one vehicle I personally have had a fun time with and nobody plays is the MARS15, it’s an 8.0 interesting light French tank. I just think you should give it a shot 🙂 – day 4 or 5

  5. The M1 Syndrome , dont know how many times i have been shot multiple time and live…think my max times being hit in my M1 was 14 hits.

  6. tankdaily comeback???

  7. Best AA gun in the game and also my archnemesis 🤣

  8. Begleit has Stab now???

  9. Must be nice to be upgraded. Type 89 is nerfed to hell.

  10. My German 8.3 lineup was built around this AMAZING VEHICE! I wish they never found SEKRIT documents that “upgraded” it and sent it to 9.0 to die. So sad…

  11. So, how does the entire autoloader magazine magically change ammo type in War Thunder?

  12. Hey Phly, I know that things are crazy cause of the many updates and changes

    But maybe once things chill out and you need something to cover?
    You should check out the Italian C13 T90
    It was the vehicle that got me my phirst nuke, and I’d like to see it and the ABUL/74 (specifically the 90mm) on the channel!
    The combo means in any terrain you can get to a sneaky spot, and scout phor tons of SP!
    (Day 45)

    (But play the Hawk III first)

  13. Hey Phly!
    You should check out the first french bomber in the tech tree. The F.222.2 has a BR of 2.3 and it’s first payload can carry 52 x 50kg bombs! Later payloads let you carry a total of 2,700 kg of bombs at 2.3!! It’s crazy unique as well!!

  14. Thank you for not changing to “Welcome fliers of all ages!” lol love you man, keep it up

  15. You didnt hear the gatling gun cause its suppressed surprised u didnt know

  16. Excavation Nation

    Day 25 bring back phly day ❤️

  17. Andrew Dombrowski

    Do you think the puma is good at 9.0?

  18. Plz do more air rb

  19. Germen gets all the busted vehicle that don’t need a buff while Russia gets a 10.0 T72 that every creator said it is mediocre but Germen suffer and Russian bias right?

  20. Phlydaily: im gonna follow the virgin over here
    also Phlydaily *_me included_

  21. Day 36,Phly you should play XP-55 because it can penetrate tank armor(do the top down ) and also great video as always🥰

  22. Play the Strf-90?

  23. Otomatic: ”Disappointed”

  24. Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin

    Someone please tell me where to find these bot lobbies?

  25. wait GUYS

    • My warthunder only lets me use 10 rounds of VT and its locked for me. someone help, how do I get more then 10???

  26. @1:06 been bugging me for months it seems now!

  27. its a derp event veokole in The shop

  28. That puma in the hanger scene 😂

  29. I am still waiting for the Smolchonkpanzer. You can’t have a Begleitpanzer without a Smolchonkpanzer. It’s in the rules somewhere – I’m quite sure of it. Germans, please get on it ASAP. And I’m not talking in the game, I mean Smolchonkpanzer IRL.

  30. Every body

  31. it make me so angry to see you fighting dumb ennemies, i always fight against skynet, i make an abush and they know where i am. that BMP2 at the start will rekt my ass if i do the same thing

  32. The PT-76-57 is also stabilized with the same calliber. But Begleit has swedish bofors cannon so its better

  33. Miroslav Koláček

    I know where the got the stabilizer, the stole it from the T25.

  34. I missed this Phly song.
    So amazing 👏

  35. Me already playing the Begleit all the time thinking it’s nice and then the turret gets fixed.. (stab, horizontal & vertical traverse)
    cowabunga it is

  36. silver dagger gaming

    Phly have you try gunner heat pc?

  37. I came here for a minigun, lies

  38. As a daily watcher i have to say these videos have the tendency to bet the highlight of my day. Thank you Phly!

  39. that shit really didnt need a buff

  40. A stabilizer. Next what? It fires a APFSDS?

  41. As a player who has a XM-1 in his lineup (fanboy purposes) this shit absolutely fucks my life up granted so can anythibg

  42. i hate this tank so much. Most likely to die while using jet than other AA. 😀

  43. can you do a vid on the black knight?

  44. One of the best tanks in the game.

  45. Seppä gamer kirkinen

    Is ur name in wt phly_today

  46. Christopher Levin

    I don’t get it, if Phly can see a tank approaching, why can’t the other guy see Phly? Is third person restricted for some players or something?

  47. =CN99A= alexcorabean32 aimbotcheating pos!!!!

  48. Fun Fact: Begleitpanzer means Armored Escort in german

  49. “Ohh Germany has no good ifvs….” I cringe every time a German main says that crap.

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