AUTOMATIC TANK DESTORYER | Swedish Unconscious Machine (War Thunder LvKv 42)

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Source: PhlyDaily

AUTOMATIC TANK DESTORYER | Swedish Unconscious Machine (War Thunder LvKv 42)

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  1. “Nice little ace right there”
    Is that an R6 reference?
    I don’t think you classify as a boomer good sir

  2. I don’t like the single barrel 40mm SPAA with low fire rate. at least the much maligned m42 Dusters has twin barrels. This type of vehicle seems better as a TD.

  3. The Simpson’s thing got me ngl

  4. Hey what are those?

    Steves last words

  5. Nice hammerfall Phly! They are a great band

  6. #2 Hey phly you should try to play the f80 US jet Its been a Long time. You Got to feel how relaxing it is to play jet without Air to Air missile.

  7. Game just does NOT work that way when i play 40mm’s dont pen that well and often and all the enmy tanks on the map go did i see a weakling ofver youndeer… 5 simultaneous 3km double kills on my poor litle tank

  8. Play the heat shell on the M56 attempt #2

  9. Confused by your many names. I’m just gonna call you Dave.

  10. I lost what was left of my sanity at the Simpsons meme intro

  11. 0:52 it’s spelled phoxhole 🙂

  12. “Laughed out loud” (more polite to type whole words – Emoji’s are for lazy people)

  13. war thunder – almost phun

  14. Yeah, its called: Holding the right mouse button

  15. The phly RPM is: Fast asf boi

  16. Diederik Veldhuizen

    i love how phly can rape and make a beautiful sight of your youth sentiment haha I freaking love this guy so much, don’t you ever phocking change^^7

  17. phly, take out a spitty of your choice and satisfy us old air RB dinosaurs, attempt number 2

  18. No way you just sneak behind all of these tanks

  19. are we not going to question why phlee has a mirage and f4u lineup ;-;

  20. Kid: “Dad, how did grandpa die?”

    Dad: “we don’t talk about that here, son”

    ???Grandpa: “well if you want to know…”

    I’m just quoting you there phly…

  21. Plz do video on mosquito #15

  22. 13:35 “Hey what are those. Oh those are bombs” 😂😂😂

  23. Missed opportunity to play Sabaton.

  24. Where is mister moon?

  25. phlty: i think its a p47, i can see its wing bombs!
    me watching on a laptop at 480p: ….i cant even see it at all….

  26. Oh wow, I got in to your video. It was me who killed you at 16:30 xD

  27. SPAA Definition: Self Propelled Anti *AIRCRAFT*

    Phly: Phuck that, I’ll Phlank the enemy team, go right into the center of the map, and kill a bunch of tanks

  28. 6:51 ” I can see his wing bombs…”

    HOW !?

  29. thats why tank sights have so little zoom, crew doesnt uses them, they just peak out, also, am i the only one that hates how hard its for AntiAircraft to kill aircraft, planes unironically headon you or you will pretty much just do nothing, and even then since the crew its standing out of the shields on purpose you get killed by mgs anyway even on head ons, just pure luck who hits the pilot/gunner-breach faster

  30. I can just hear your giggling when you made the thumbnail for this. XD

  31. And people complain about the ostwind penetration, which is less then half of this…

  32. Do a video on chieftain marksman spaa with 127 mm pen dm23 rounds

  33. Congratulations on the wedding brother. Wishing you all the best. Keep up the good work 😁

  34. Why are your enemys so phucking lost that they don’t see a tank sitting next to them but my enemys can see and one shot kill me when they see on pixel more than one km away???

  35. even though i deleted warthunder because it was ruining my life i still watch your videos. Love them

  36. The ONLY man on youtube im ok with doing clickbait thumbnails

  37. Ok this guy should NEVER take speed.

    Like ever.

  38. Phly sees one Pixel of a tank: oh its British
    Me playing german tanks and thinks i am playing japanease tanks

  39. Phly, I have been playing WT for over 7 years and I’ve found that the best method for putting the gun down when up close and personal, is to make sure you have a ‘zoom’ button set (z for me) and press it so that the camera is above the commander hatch. Then it’s much easier to put the cursor on the side of a vehicle instead of the roof.

  40. How the hell are the people so blind, and not see that tank? When i drive anything i am seen from 200km away, and sniped by everything…

  41. By now we should just expect that all AA is also a tank destroyer

  42. 14:30 The map selection is what finally drove me to quit playing a few years back. Ended up getting stuck on Maggot Line 9 out of 11 games. Still mentally scared. Map’s just terrible, entirely too big and the size isn’t even used apart from spawn killing.

  43. Every time I see a Sherman doing something stupid in Phly’s videos I always pray that it is not me…

  44. sick rims bro

  45. you realize “boomers” are like 60/70.. often bash on the elderly? they actually lived before cell phones and the internet.. now I mostly like your content but you need to knock that shit off

  46. Enjoy the smell of meatballs while you can. IKEA have announced that they will remove the meat from their balls and make them vegan balls.

  47. Phly, please play out KV1 zis5 shrapnel only! (#4)

  48. hahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha

  49. Michael Groves dandyline

    The closest i could find to the circumference of the track tire is a t34 so using the t34 track tire circumference i worked out the rpm of the wheel going at 37KPH which is 142RPM which is then 2 Rotations per second roughly im hoping i worked it out as closely as possible you’re welcome phly theirs your rpm as close as possible i think👍😎

  50. So war thunder is like world of tanks?

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