Autoreloading Premium Tanks AMBT vs Progetto 46 | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks 46 AMBT, Which is Better (The Best) Autoreloading Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks AMBT, Autoreloading Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank.

After AMBT was released, as the second premium medium tank with autoreloading gun, you guys have been asking a lot about which is better, which should I go for…

What do you think about it?


  1. Hope I’m first

  2. NEWER is better in WOT don’t even bother pretending it isn’t

  3. Which one do you prefer and why, AMBT or the OG Progetto?
    Have a nice day and stay tuned for some juicy stuff… Coming soon!

    • progetto to me, I didnt played a lot with ambt on a friend’s account but I think too much about my reload and about taking a shot or not in it and I dont like it

    • I’ve got both tanks. I enjoy both but I I prefer the Progetto. The AMBT hits harder and has better armor in the turret and upper Hull. However I prefer the Progetto’s mobility and better gun handling.

    • Existing comparison. I’m think ABMT is more for unskilled players,because it has armor

  4. Ambt got the weird meme armor, fkin autobounce

  5. progetto: exists
    wg: adds AMBT

  6. Love my AMBT, cant stand Progetto…

  7. AMBT armor hold better and can snipe better if the enemy dont move while Progetto is faster and can potshot better. which is better depends on what is your flavour of the day.

    • @Oscar Ovegren for the fucking love of God, read my comment “ENEMY DONT MOVE”. do u think 0.36 acc and 2.6 sec aim time matters when the enemy dont move?

    • @Rika101 Official accuracy always matters even when the enemy stands still

    • Lol progetto has better accuracy than the AMBT.

    • Armor is better, sniping/accuracy definitely not.

    • Each one is for a specific job,progetto lacks armour and has a good cammo that means you can do sneak atacks while the enemies are distracted,the AMBT is made for hold some shoots,that means you can do close combat atacks while you wait to aim because you know RNG gonna fuck you up at the end of the day.

  8. I love my AMBT. I’ve carried so many battles with the AMBT. It has better armor in my opinion which makes it easier to play and take risky shots without having to worry that you’re going to get auto penned like in the progetto.
    AMBT – 67% w/r with ~80 battles
    Progetto – 56% w/r with ~110 battles

  9. under 301 club lol

  10. Those reviews with your +13 perk crew, love it. Keep in mind not everyone has such a good crew.

  11. Hey why are you not enabling the new outline system ?! Hitting that bourasque would have been so much easier in second game

  12. Dez I’d have to say that the Bisonte C45 is the best. With The right equipment and field mods you can get that thing better than both of those tanks.

    The style of play for it would really be more of a brawler than a flanking/support tank. Hence why it’s a heavy.


    Can we just say thank you for his amazing content? 8Ej

  14. Ambt good


    I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us Rr1

  16. After 120k battles in this game I have deleted my account, which was incidentally full of OP Russian armor. Why you might ask? The war in Ukraine. I cannot, with good conscience, play a game which, in video form anyway, glorifies Russia! Frankly I believe supporting Wargaming through this time is criminal and represents humanitarian insensitivity. Those are just my thoughts.

  17. AMBT is a super fun tank to play (although the long reloads can be frustrating) but the better tank is the Progetto. In todays game, armor means very little when every dude and his grandma are spamming gold rounds. The 46 is speedy and maneuverable and has a much more accurate gun. I would argue the 46 is better than the AMBT in every way except alpha damage and turret armor.

    • I like the AMBT, i play it like a medium/heavy hybrid basically a mobile bisonte with a bit less gun depression. It’s not that fast for a medium. But still fast enough to beat tier 8 heavies in the usual heavy tank brawl spots.

    • Never frustrating

    • I would agree if it wasnt for my experience and other unicums that play both tanks and ambt has got higher expectation values for marks than progetto. And you wouldnt judge a tank based on all the players when 80% suck at playing any tank, not just ambt or progetto. I would also argue the gun. Ambt with right equip is goddamn accurate, in fact, lot more than progetto with the same equip (im talking, bounty vents, bounty v stab and bounty improved aiming, cuz its easy to get this equipment these days) and if you arent from one of those kids that cry about someone shooting different ammo type that is available to everyone, the APCRs on ambt are like day n night compared to those on progetto. It just feels different in hand, the pene, the velocity, but to each their own, someone can play better with progetto and can argue that it is so much better because ambt didnt vibe right with the person.

  18. Prydwen A. Skeeter

    New generation of premium tanks never underated


    let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us h0Xf

  20. They both have something in common, they are both op against tech tree counterparts

    • Except the AMBT has no tech tree counterpart, it’s a tank of it’s own in US tech tree. The t69 counterpart is the astron rex.

    • @Mr. Bread no it isnt, and the AMBT does have tech tree counterparts, if you are going based off of a vehicle being extremely similar. the T69 is closer to the T77 then the astron rex. but the AMBT is basically a direct upgrade to the T69 and the progetto 54 at the same time

    • The Chad Pantera P44 vs the Virgin Progetto

  21. I like the AMBT. Its gameplay is VERY different from the Pregetto. The gun trolls me on the AMBT due to the bad dispersion when moving. While the Pregetto can snap shot all day. Also, the shot trap under the gun on the AMBT gets me all the time. Shots bounce off the upper plate, and into that soft chin.

  22. I don’t have the 46 but I do have the AMBT.
    I enjoy the AMBT but I might lean towards your choice as well if I had both. The gun handling on the 46 does appear to be better just from watching gameplay and I do tend to enjoy that trait better than derpiness.
    Although, the AMBT is one of the few tanks I have that can surprise me with the amount of damage it can put out relatively quickly. The trick, or problem I might even say, is getting the opportunity to unload all 3 shells safely and have them pen.

    Enjoyed the video. Thanks!

  23. Ambt’s shape reminds me alot of the amphibious tank designs.

  24. Thx for this video,, forgot i have them, even got the Progetto for “free” in the marathon. Have to play them more.


    I love the video it’s so good and funny it made me laugh so much and also love all your videos!!!! pPGc


    Can we just say thank you for his amazing content? 36fF

  27. AMBT gun looks like Standard B one. Damn, I want that tank so badly.

  28. I only have the AMBT. From the outside, I am more afraid of the AMBT. It has a solid little turret.

  29. Gerard Planell Bosch

    The third battle is with tog ii the best autoreloader

  30. Balkan Headquarters

    Prog the top frog

  31. Pay to win, pay to win, pay to win.

  32. Stupid Azz Drivers (SAD)

    Only run the AMBT while platooning.

  33. Prog 46 rapes…

  34. AMBT Aim Miss Bounce Tank , describes it perfectly, could use a reload and accuracy buff but I still have fun in it

  35. Nice 1 Dez 👍

  36. nice but i preffer progetto bcoz of mobility but sometimes ambt works bcoz of the armor

  37. I’ve played both and here’s my take:
    Progetto 46
    +Better gun handling, dispersion, reload time and intra-clip (no need for special equipment)
    +Better mobility esp reverse speed
    +Better view range when given optics
    -lacking alpha dmg (<240 dmg consecutive shots are disappointing)
    -Shell speed and penetration are on the average side
    +Better turret and upper plate armor
    +Better alpha dmg (~400 dmg consecutive shots are sweet)
    +Great penetration (215-278mm) and faster shells (1278-1492km/s) for a T8 MT
    +Better camo values
    -Clunky mobility and poor reverse
    -Requires special equipment when prioritizing a damage dealing setup

  38. It’s hard to compare because the PROG has a free fourth equipment the gun rammer , so because of that lone factor Improves the tank. Because if the prog never had the moronic secret buff , the ambt would be better , for sole purpose of higher alpha per shot , prog uses mobility to clip tanks from a flank while the ambt uses its armour to brawl and support fire , while clipping to secure kills

  39. Its funny how often low rolls happens when you need to destroy someone

  40. The 2 Shots autoloader Bourasque and skoda t56 beat them anyway.

  41. Doing 700 damage then reloads for 30 min ain’t OP
    If that is OP isu 153k what it is with sub 15s reload

  42. Mabye ambt’s armour is OP but the gun handeling makes it shit actualy🤣

  43. Just here for the comment

  44. AMBT is just a slower standard B in tier 8

  45. Progetto the best.

  46. I was so excited for an “American Progetto” aka AMBT. I was so disappointed. The Bisonte c45 is WAY better than the AMBT in every way. I think Wargaming knew they made the progetto so OP and didn’t want more of the same.

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