Average 780 Experience

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Source: DezGamez

The Average Experience in with Object 780, Soviet Heavy Tank in The New Assembly Shop Event.

After many more battles with Object 780, let's talk about this tank one more time…

What do you think about all this?


  1. If WG wants People to to dump thier resources again like this …the next tank would have to be broken…still loads of 780 s unsold Asia Server.

  2. Obj 780 trash tank

  3. While I like the intro what always plays in my head when something is on fire is “burn baby burn disco inferno”

  4. Robert Mroziewicz

    Might be a balanced tank but the armor in Tier X tank should not be set at tier VIII level. Since it’s a fire bug and burns from almost any spot you get hit should buff the armor a little. I would say WG has burned our trust even more with this tank. Next event like this no one will want to get the tank. Also on 1 of your videos i said about tanks on paper are not to be trusted might look great but be ready for disappointment . Funny in recent years tanks that look weak on paper come out strong and strong come out weak.

  5. SO basically its like most other Non-Russian tanks.

  6. Tier 9 premiums give a permanent large repair kit and extra bonds. Why does a tier 10 only give added crew xp?

  7. I need to return mine as it seems broken not had one fire in it yet

  8. *doesnt use fire extinguisher*

  9. That is not Fire, it a special operation of a Russian vehicle. Wargaming did not want the Chinese heavy to be the only one that breathes fire.

  10. Thank you Dez for all your great info and pinon on this tank! I believe WG knew exactly what they were doing, with no Contributor reviews, and limited time to get it, it went like it was a Chieftain but instead has weak points and a high skill cap.. It is as it should be , balanced and high flammability !! I cant even get past 31% so now way Im spending a bunch of gold to get it!!Ill keep my 277 and IS-7 , thay work fine for me!

  11. I forgot about the numbered skin but just dropped 100million to get it right away. Literally nothing else to buy and have 400mil left lol

  12. Still a little over 6k of them available on NA this afternoon.

  13. The serial numbered version of 780 sold out on the Asian server in around 20 minutes. (5000 pcs)

  14. “Assembly Shop” = “Scam Shop”.

  15. you know there are a lot comparing this tank with chief and 277. but in reality. its not even close.

  16. Premium extinguisher +firefighting is a must.

  17. Have you guys seen how small the chassis really is? Ofc it hits their fuel, the chassis has so little hight that if you hit the tank its hard to miss modules.

    Its just like tiger II lower plate is just an engine as armor.

    People complained about OP premium and reward tanks.

    WG makes a well balanced tank, what does the so called good players do? They cry about it cause a tomato set him on fire.

  18. why all top streamers are calling this tank bad for new players?

    I mean angling obviously isnt working anyways
    you also have a good gun with fast aiming and good pen so you dont really have to aim at weak spots and with the fast aiming you can even fire if you have pushed to far into and get circled
    Even if you stay to far in the back this gun looks pretty good with accuracy and alpha and gun depression
    Kind of a good alrounder and Imho pretty good for a new player

  19. 7:40
    Dez: it feels like when u aim and a slightest part of the aim circle is covered with the ground. The shell goes to that ground.

    Me: Basically what happens to me very often with german gun, especially the grille 15.

  20. Love your videos. One of my best moments daily! o7 sootblower!

  21. Someone should think about using a fir extinguisher.

  22. This follows on from the “trading caravan” fiasco.

  23. There’s a reason why wg said to put preventative maintenance and config equipment on it and always bring a fire extinguisher

  24. Hans Von Mannschaft

    Might’ve been “afraid” of making it op, but didn’t hesitate to request all your money and a kidney for it.

  25. I can work around the bad armour, yes it is a big problem, but I cannot stand the gun trolling me(15 shots fired, 4 hit and pen, even though they were carefully aimed)

  26. I like the tank and doing about as well as I do in Maus and 60TP and quite a bit better than Kranvagn for some reason.

  27. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    This is fine.

  28. just make the premium rounds premium, it will take 50% of problems from wot 😀 like in the old days 10 g a piece if i am not wrong .

  29. Oh dear. If only there was some kind of consumable that could, as they say “extinguish” engine fires…..

  30. legal theft!! and now as you say the tank will remain parked in the garage! mission accomplished by WG.

  31. Just use auto fire extinguiser

  32. 780 is about gun. Gun have fast shell velocity ammo, thats OP. Thats about. The gun is what makes this tank OP. Otherwise 277 is better. I dont care what others says about 780 armor. These days armor makes minor impact as mostly enemy uses gold ammo on u and know’s ur weakspots so who cares about ur amor ? Take care about gun. The gun what it makes work or not work in this game.

  33. British medium and heavy fuel tank and ammo rack at front*

  34. Johan Van Cauwenberghe

    In a couple of weeks you won’t see any of these anymore, pretty much like the Kirovets who seems to have disappeared

  35. In all honesty I believe wargaming have finally introduced a balanced tank unfortunately it’s come with quite a hefty price tag I wish I’d kept the XP got Italian TD tree but I’m not mad about it at all

  36. WG told you to fuking put a fire and ammo reducing thingy on it for a reason… what are you with extra hp if you get ammo racked or burned?

    I never take food on tanks, i take auto-extinguishers because it has a reason xD

    Now you so called pro’s now why !!!

  37. Preventative maintenance only prevents engine fires. This get fuel tank fires. Also Firefighting skill reduces burn time.

  38. Well they DID warn everyone in the release video…. So if people insist on using food instead of a fire extinguisher or at least modified configuration then that’s the risk they took. Don’t complain because you can’t max out the tank exactly how you want. There has to be a down side to it, and it’s pretty damn good otherwise.

    • And as for the vulnerability to premium rounds …well that sucks, but premium spam is an overall game problem rather than specifically a problem with this tank. I think we should be thankful it’s not OP.

  39. I started running mine with automatic fire extinguisher instead of food, stopped the fires really well, went with improved aiming, rammer and vents, didnt want to loose any of that equipment, makes a great sniper, that loadout makes it super accurate and eliminates the trolling, can’t play it as a traditional heavy as the armour is trash and it feels like its made out of ammo racks. . With the bounty improved aiming I almost never miss a fully aimed shot, just got my 2 mark using mostly regular ammo as I can snipe weakspots on the tanks that actually have them.

  40. Preventive maintenance works only for engine fire so i heard.

    It does in fact take fire easily but i play it like a 277 so i hide my frontal just try to expose turret. Also more of a support tank than a break through.

    Tank os ok just not op and thats good

  41. Spasoje Rajkovic

    I personally think wg made this tank just to show players how modified configuration is underrated ,no one use that equipment, for me i dropped improved hardening for improved configuration on my t95 and t110e3 and its better tank now yea hardening gives u hp and more hp on tracks and repaired tracks have full hp but configuration give u so much module hp and faster repair speed on tracks and almost no fire chance so i don’t need for fire extinguisher and firefighter crew skill

  42. they should make all USSR tanks like this. as we can see what they are like in real battels

  43. Just last night in my 780 I was on the center ridge on glacier and bouncing a good bit till a stb showed up and just started snapping heat shells into my cupola and frontal turret so the turret works but you kinda rely on someone having bad aim but I actually do enjoy the game play of it I found that if I play it like a amx 50b then it works great

  44. People should stop with their “If it’s not op it’s crap” attitude.

  45. Obj 780 the inflation tank

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