‘Avin a laff! – FV4005

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  1. just dirty circ.

  2. That tank isn’t completely autistic at all

  3. Shitbarn save the day

  4. General Saufenberg

    Big Bada Boom = 1600 Damage… And they complain about Arty^^

  5. alireza doustdar

    A Jagpanzer, 2 death stars and a shit barn walk into a bar…

  6. 09:08 what about us master circon 🙁

  7. Circon never fails to have the best memes.

  8. That insta-kill SNAPSHOT…….
    That guy will be hunting you for MONTHS Circon……

  9. Merely 2nd Class…meh ??? great ? replay circ

  10. Plz do old man voice wot again 😀

  11. Nice & Flexy.

  12. U avin a giggle m8?
    Killing EFE and KAZNA shits is always a massive poggers.

  13. Soooooo, I’ve been working on a 6K TD round for a few weeks now with my Jpe100 and haven’t had success yet (Because I’m CRAP) and here’s Circon making it look easy.

    • Just play the 268 v4 and press W key

    • Da Komrade! yeah and the nget fucked by everything shitting on you… clearly only retards cant kill object cuz I get penned by everything from front

    • I’ve started pressing 2 on my JPE right at the start if there is V4 on the other team. I usually seem to run into them charging forward and can give them a moment or pause when I smack them with that 420 Heat pen. Of course step two is EVERY arty in the game (and I swear some from the last round) shitting on me.

    • Use the power of the memes. I put the 15cm on the borsig for the lolZ and actually get better rounds than with the 12.8cm ?

  14. HESH uh…finds a way

  15. That was sick what a op tank

  16. Biased_ Nemesis

    Killing a 268 v4 with hesh? Thats pretty arousing if you ask me

  17. Dat E4….lol

  18. this match making is messed up big style, HOW MANY JADGPANZERS!!?!?!?!

  19. Joshua Reichenberg

    I really miss when we could talk to the other team. They would get so salty.

  20. Unlocked this tank like two week ago. Never had so much fun playing WoT.

  21. Was entertained by very ESPORTS moments, 10/10 would click again

  22. Another perfect example of “accuracy matters”; got to love it!

  23. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india


  24. imagine pushing all the way out on that flank and feel pretty confident that you’re gonna win. But then there is a spread of 3 183 and 2 JgPz E100 waiting for you to come out of that death tunnel.

  25. 4:58… Dat accuracy tho… This whole video was a fucking meme from the first shot to the end plates lmao…

    I think I might have to get one of these 4005’s after I get the more meta 10’s for CW, seems like a good 10 to let off steam with at the cost of your WoT credit balance, your soul, and half a corn chip…

  26. That first shot is meme-worthy

  27. lord of the memes!

  28. 14 td’s. So much fun

  29. That kill on the E4 though. :O my jaw hit the floor. Nice shot!

  30. Radovan Séleš

    this is priceless

  31. Praise KEK !

  32. This is absolute filth… i love it

  33. This World of Warship game !… xD

  34. 3:17 Nobody noticed that the Jägeroo just deleted the 705 xD

  35. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Did not know you still play World of Warships o.O

  36. Lucky_the_Realm_Walker

    The good, the bad and the rektd.

  37. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    So that centurion AX had a fun game

  38. Matthew Sinclair

    Laser guided HESH

  39. AwesomeEpicGuys

    Insert moan —->

  40. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Circon can u show the critical hits in a post game stats after a derp tank gameplay? There might be some good memes there

  41. The kill on the e4 should make want to shower for days. Dirty kill. Hehe

  42. I damn sure was ‘avin a laff watching this!

  43. Absolutely unreal, holy shit

  44. This tank is so cancer, can’t wait to get it.
    Just got the conway.

  45. All we are missing now is the song thunderstruck

  46. Conecici Madalin

    JPZ, deathstar and shitbarn is the best counter for BOBJECT

  47. Httin’ for 2000 is not normal, it breaks the game big time. Period.

  48. I can’t believe you have the tenacity to moan about and cry untill it’s nurffed about arty when you just one shot most of what you looked at ….avin a laf is right

  49. I’m a simple man. I see Circon FV4005 replay I watch it.

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