AVOID This Heavy!?🔴 | World of Tanks AMX M4 mle 54

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks AMX M4 mle 54 Gameplay, Tier 10 Tank. World of Tanks The Worst Heavy Tanks in The Game. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Different Guns
01:35 My Setup
02:30 Announcement
06:58 Details and First Battle
12:22 Second Setup
12:40 Second Battle
18:25 Third Setup
18:55 Third Battle
24:55 Conclusion

Not too long time ago I played with the worst tank destroyer, but today let’s jump into one of the worst heavy tanks in WoT… AMX M4 mle 54. While tier 9 is actually very good, specially for its matchmaking, then this one is not really an upgrade… Also, I have something special for you to give away! 😉

What do you think?


  1. While tier 9 is actually very good, the tier 10 is not very big of an upgrade… Or what do you think?
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    • My two favorites tier 10 tanks are Amx m4 54 and obj 260. But I play Amx m4 54 the most and that is with the 130mm gun. It’s not the easiest tank to play with, so it’s not for a beginner.
      Many people think that the worst tank because people have been listening to someone who have said that, but I absolutely don’t think so. Just simply not the easiest to play with.

    • Just don’t use the 130mm, and the 54 is fine.

    • I agree, not much of an upgrade, but I personally like the bigger gun. Also I think ppl underestimate this tank when they are fighting against it.

    • Tier 9 is nice, but i like tier 10 too. It’s my first wot line, so… Actually i think the T10 is good, but if they takes heat they can penetrate more easily. Dmg of this tank is so nice.

    • I like the t10 m4 to.
      Because of its mobility and armor and when you wiggel the turet the cupola isn’t a big weakspot.
      With turbo is fast n mobile to be the first n important spots.
      And the 130 mm is a nice punch in the enemy face also.

  2. your set-up vids help me a lot… love your style… happy anniversary tanker!

  3. I’ve only been playing tanks for a few years, but I’ve been watching you the whole time. Congrats, Dez!

  4. Miranda96
    Love u dez

  5. Happy 10 years Dez! Always entertaining, informative and just great quality content! Please keep it up! 07

  6. I enjoyed

  7. I found you through the artillery stereotype thing, hilarious video, thank you Dez

  8. Happy Anniversary! I really enjoy your videos, and hope for several more years.

  9. Im aactually love this tank

  10. Amx m4 51 is onr best tier 9 HT I have played. Amx m4 54…oh GOD that double lower plate totally killed it

  11. Thanks Dez, Of all the content creators, yours is the one I keep coming back to for the variety. Keep them coming. Some of my favourites though, were the faceoff battles

  12. I love the m4 54

  13. Well done Dez 10 years!!!

  14. Robert von Schumann

    Nice vid 🙂

  15. Slovenský Tankista

    congrats on the 10 years!! 🙂

  16. Dez, happy anniversary bro 🙂

    wish you more subscribers and healthy days !

    you our beast 🙂

  17. Amx isnt it that bad 😅

  18. Is not worse than rhino. By the length from the earth to the moon.

  19. Cant watch this vid right now but I’ll leave a comment in case i had a car accident So i still get a chance to have some gold on my account

  20. DEZ: “This horrible tank has a 48% Win Rate, therefore is terribad.”
    ME: *Has A 47% Win Rate*
    ME: *Cries In The Corner*

  21. Happy 10 years Dez!!! Ever since I played world of tanks on 2019 I’ve beem watching your vids until now. Congrats o7

  22. I feel like the whole French tree is a bit lack luster (except prem tanks) only BC feels like a bit up to par.

    • i personally dont really like the BC. i enjoy the TVP much more because of its quick reloads, although it has a different playstyle I prefer it.

  23. Amazing how quick 10 years goes by huh Dez?
    And yes I greatly enjoy the videos you continue to make for all of us. It’s always great to sit back and relax to high quality content!

  24. It’s fast but not that fast.
    It has armor but prem ammo goes through the front of the turret.
    It has chunky alpha but the dpm is mediocre.

    It was sort of OK at first and but almost immediately powercrept.

  25. Congrats Dez, I’ve been only watching you for around 4 months, but you’re teaching me a lot on play styles and the right vehicles.

  26. VioletStatPedder -

    Overall winrate of a tank is useless stat.
    Prove me wrong.

  27. I like your content from YT and from twitch a little bit more and i´m glad that you are enjoying it too.

  28. This heavy is amaizing. We were playing it on CW just to make wreck big enough to secure our tanks. It’s awesome in this role… xD

  29. ‘northest tank’? Nope, ‘northernmost tank’, damn we have a silly, inconsistent language!

  30. the tank is good….but the tier 9 is better! its a decent heavy but u have to know how to deal with it

  31. [ WOT ] BOLD Sherlock

    Tier X is not that good but Tier IX is one of the best.

  32. It’s funny that the tier IX is the best HT or in pair with the top ones and the tier X is just trash

  33. WARGAMING please ” Buff AMX M4 mle54″… IT really need some LOVE! Please! “Dez please help pass the info!”

  34. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    Of all the game community youtubers you are my best favorite content creator , Dez I don’t care If I don’t get any of the giveaways I just wanna let you know that you keep me entertained especially during my quarantine days… Keep up the Great Work man…

  35. This tank have nothing zero

  36. I think the T9 is the better tank.

  37. My favorite tier X tanks 😑. But I have to admit it’s not the best, not enough armor on the turrel, big turrel, not enough armor on the side, not the fastest, low dpm…

  38. i think the tank does look nice, so maybe strange to say but i will (with me it takes ages, not really keen on going to the shit that is called tier 10 experience, don’t even have a tier 10 yet) grind that line, but i have other tanks i want to get first

  39. This tank on console has 18 sec reload

  40. this is just a click bait scam video full of adds give it a miss and report for click bait

  41. Tier 9 and 10 on this line is actually pleasant, despite the entire gun mantle is a weakspot on both. I say it’s worth the lost braincells while i grinded the xp for the T9 with the 65T

    • I played the 65t with the stock turret because the armor layout is simply better lol

    • @Stefan Fesl SAME OMG the whole entier tier 8 is a garbage bin with an almost decent gun
      the only good thing in it is that i can have the biggest gun for 50-100 and bc 25t ap lmao

  42. 300+ episodes with no $$$ 😮😮😮 holy bananas from bananaland…

  43. Try playing the same way in amx 50 b has no armor at all even t8 pen it anywhere for a t10 it’s a joke what good is a heavy that has no effective armor to try and bounce a shot

  44. I always like to look at most of your video’s.
    Enjoy your weird builds.
    And WoT news

  45. idk how people manage to suck in this tank… i’m an average player and not too competitive, but i had some of my best games in this tank

  46. I would go as far as saying avoid it. If you were honest you would have titlet this video ”I hate this tank”

  47. I got this tank just for the collection. Now it’s collecting dust😀. Love your videos keep doing them please.
    IGN Folkisher on NA

  48. Visited Tallinn a few years ago. Absolutely one of the coolest cities with the historic walled old town and gorgeous building. Also the local women are something special.

  49. When we gonna get well deserved reward?

  50. I have 130 battles with 59% win ratio. I’d say it’s good but is not forgiving mistakes. Also there’s gold spam wherever you go so your “armor” is practically useless.

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