..Awkwardo – Pz.Kpfw. V/IV – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

#WorldofTanks #Tank #Rare
Awkward Ammo reloading bug…


  1. Hello my meme master


  3. Alexandre Bourliaud

    Lot of fun again keep the great job

  4. 4th. My Earliest ever 🙂

  5. taras kreslavsky

    0:00 thats what she said

  6. i like how this tank has 124 shells but others barely have any ammo

  7. Michael Rugaber

    Mines is cancer your content is awesome. I’m also surprised they didnt sell the lefb2 in the black market sales

  8. 2 ads in a row?

  9. Panter Pz4?.
    Next time:Chrysler K?:)

  10. what’s the mod you’re using?

  11. Ryan Williamson

    Ahh, the tier 5 E50, this tank is a beast.

  12. ….and another one. Good guy Circon delivering every day.

  13. I’m still hurt that I missed the 5/4 purchase. I cry.

  14. Vincent The Keeper

    Ehy is everybody going nuts over this tank when i played the much harder console version of WoT this tank is just sold in the store for like 15 bucks. Theyre all over the place and not a big deal.

    • And then a pack of them run over you when you’re nice and hull down in your T-29.

      I’ve been on both ends of that one

    • ”The much harder console version”, it’s sarcasm, right ?

    • Vincent The Keeper

      +Morphy • nope. nothing taken out nothing nerfed. Waff E 100 still in. No arty nerfs, no limited premiums like panzer 5/4 etc. Still original penetration values on tbe Deathstar etc. Its harder to stay alive.

  15. Dear Circon, not being able to switch ammo happened to me quite a lot of times…

  16. Scipio Africanus

    Every Circon video seems to start with Circon debating as to what is the worst map, Mines or Minsk lol

  17. That shit happens to me too. I can’t change ammo types and my consumables are locked

  18. Ivan Stepanovic

    Worst map in WoT competition is very tough…
    Mines, Ensk, Minsk, Empire’s border, highway…

  19. Been getting that ammo/repair/first aid bug a bit lately.. It’s super annoying.

  20. Tried to explain it once during steam, but whenever stuff in-game won’t work, hotkeys for consumables and so on, it’s usually ALT being stuck for whatever reason (doesn’t have to be the key physically being stuck). Hitting the ALT key fixes this. Don’t have to ALT+TAB, just click the ALT key a few times and you should be good to go.

  21. Realy, ALT+TAB fixes the numbers bug?

  22. Drives RAMpanzer does not ram anything

  23. That “what’s up pendejo” omegalul

  24. had a similar problem on sutarday, could not get number 4 to accept command and activate manual fire extinguisher

  25. Don’t HE or else…

  26. Shit. Killed by a player called “holahola-cocacola”. Jeez.

  27. #too much cookie crumbs undr the keys?

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