..Awkwardo – Sheridan

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. is the britt heavy worth 70% discount don’t think i will get to 80%

  2. Mr. Flexes….this might be one of your memest, funnies, luckiest but skill filled flicks yet. Bravo bro’

  3. The Desert Fox 1942

    @Circon, i’d recommend to bring along a stick of butter as a consumable so you can fit the Sheridan’s fat chassis through tight gaps. If you had, that match might’ve been less “awkwardo” 😀

  4. Circon looking old

  5. The squeeze lmao

  6. I’ve seen a clip from that stream and I was like: “Tighter than my GF”

  7. Now that is almost as funny as the elc even 90 sliding ram XD

  8. The hand of Grille reached down from upon high so that the memes could continue.

  9. “I wonder what this 430U is doing, I might just join him for a laugh.” – Circon foresight hax confirmed.

  10. Mr. Circon, bring me your memes *LA LA LA LA* make them the dankest, _that I’ve ever seen_

  11. Sheridan x Grille 15 still a better love story than twilight

  12. I would hope he was carrying a clean pair of pants for this fight ?

  13. that was nice

  14. Hilarious. I would have panicked and fucked up the first tracking shot on the 268v4, guaranteed.

  15. With so must good fortune you should put the lottery on this week.

  16. Calculated miracles

  17. It’s something only Circon can pull off, if I tried I would be horribly murdered 😀

  18. Your ‘voiceover’ effects Circon are just hilarious…..!!!

  19. First you lose 75% of your hitpoints by stupidity, then wargaming rewards you with a huge bucket-load of luck.

  20. “Sniper in the fucking roof, dude!” Y loled

  21. After the evening on CW, you’re the right chill out, thanks and Niceeeeee

  22. Lol “its probably not even a ace” has no one Said ever. Except from circon

  23. WG must love you, it never works for anyone else, superbe!

  24. More videos!!!

  25. When i heard you say “T-22” i was like what?! so i looked at the enemy tank lineup and sure enough there really was a T-22 Med, i’ve never seen one of those in battle.

  26. The god that is that Grille 15.

  27. GET NERFED BOBJECT! haha, feels good to see them suffer.


  29. Go to 2:52
    Mute video
    Play Benny Hill theme

  30. Lol love seeing bobjects getting outplayed GG circon !

  31. Circon, you are a blessed player. I do love the pancake games, they’re hilarious.

  32. What a treat this was to witness haha

  33. Blitz With Spartan617

    What’s the alpha on the Sheridan? 350? Or 390 like other 105’s

    • Blitz With Spartan617 390 dmg like all NATO 105mm guns, and just like that 13 105 has the potential to roll 450 dmg (not sure if that’s max roll)

  34. Love some good quality memes

  35. Grille 15 – dues ex machina

  36. Ok that’s it no more WoT LOLLLL

  37. he hates 430s…. time to buff the tank

  38. That Grille 15 was Stewie from Family Guy as the rooftop sniper lmao “If anyone’s taking that bitch out it’s going to be me”

  39. Derp would have messed the 13-105 up….

  40. Is this supposed to be the M551 Sheridan? The one shot wonder, cause after one shot the only time you can hit anything with the gun is sitting next to your target, because the recoil was so much it would throw all your targeting optics out of alignment.

  41. Holy shit! Rngesus is with you!

  42. Whats the point of the bitch gun?

  43. Brag rights for tanker. I saved circons ass…

  44. hahahahahahahaha billenknijpen 2.0


  45. `a btter plot twist than most movies` Could not stop laughing

  46. Hey mr Circon, do you agree with a statemant that wot is dieing and trying to milk players till the last drop now? Les and less ppl actively play, and P2W is geting stronger every month.

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