BA-11 | Is this a tank or an armored car? (Blyat Thunder)

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BA-11 | Is this a tank or an car? (Blyat Thunder)


  1. 0 copyright strikes. okay time to upload some Mandalorian for phree

  2. The gun is so quiet lol

  3. do the t64-b, only rocket Challenge #8

  4. Now we need the German version of this vehicle.

  5. You can’t your Og theme? It’s copyrighted cause I really those intros from 2013-16

  6. BA-11or БА-11 it’s Бронеавтомобиль – 11 or Бронированный автомобиль – 11 and it’s Armored car – 11

  7. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Attempt #447!!!!!

    Play the M48 in stock configuration on 7.7 br (old lineup).

    If you have fun during it, i can guarantee you are not doing it right
    . The challenge is to not lose your mind or uninstall right after.
    Good luck with the APCR, you will need it.
    Requesting it before the sh!tst0rm of the stock syndrome

  8. Sent these in mass swarms when I played Men of War Assault Squad 2. Quantity of quality

  9. in mother Russia you don’t kill prop
    prop kills you

  10. The scenery vehicle thing was kinda tarded tbh

  11. Phly: I’m here to have fun and not spawn camp
    Also Phly: I like to see people suffer for my enjoyment

  12. It’s both.

  13. Hjajajahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshahshahahahhahahahahahah

  14. *Phly, why are you being GAY by using a “Buzz” sound to censor yourself?*
    *Be a REAL MAN and use the classic “Beep” sound instead.*

  15. How can u turn down engine?

  16. “engine off”
    can you do that? i can’t find it in the options

  17. Phly, you should take out the the M4a3 hvss, now at 5.7. I have no idea why it’s so high now, seems like it would make a good suffering video.

  18. Try being a scenery tank in tank simulator. Take a Japanese tank with rust camo

  19. God bless Viktor

  20. Hey Phly, what’s your opinion on the crossplay problem that Xbox and PlayStation has and that Xbox players can’t play sim battles, world war mode, don’t have replays, can’t buy all vehicles you have, can’t grind for squadron vehicles because squadrons are not possible on Xbox and other stuff the performance problems? Gaijin doesn’t listen to the Xbox community it looks like and only thinks of business instead of the community that wants to fully play the game and not only a half finished beta test. Would be happy to hear your opinion on that.

  21. Dare you to play the heli EC with any nation, but you have to remove all IRCM’s and no AAM. Want to see how long you can last

  22. I don’t know what to say, the operations are so badly thought, there’s almost no UI elements to help you find a match and overall the whole mode is a bad joke, and yet you complain because there are markers? really?

  23. The Blyatmobil strikes again.

  24. Looks great ans its Russian so its balanced?

  25. Just the menus in World War mode is so over complicated, how do they expect people to even want to bother?

  26. Or we suck. That’s why I have to play arcade mode.☹

  27. “Gets copy right strike for the clap sound effect”

  28. Hey mate watched a lot of your videos very entertaining to watch with a beer after work. Just a quick question. I don’t have a pc only console, do you have any channel recommendations for youtubers that help out beginners on console. Thanks mate, love your shit 😉

  29. First World war mode was that shity, that my squadron broke up cuz of it. We had 48 spot in Server and 130 members, so it wasnt any squadron

  30. Omg phly im watching you for years and your voice change 🙂

  31. what is world war?

  32. What Russian bias?

  33. Hey Phly, listening to you talk, I “like”ed your video @ 2:20 already. You are totally right.

  34. Ah finally it’s in the game!

  35. yes, this is an armored car. kind of a mid way design between half track and truck, with armor and a tank turret slapped on it.

  36. ye i feel like irl a convoy of these could be quite usefull, especially with some upgrades of modern engines and such.

  37. Top tier killer +1

  38. [5I22] LEE HO YIN-李浩然

    I don’t have rank iii vehicle to play world war mode

  39. 1:20: One thing that should be a regular game mode is Air RB/ Tank RB Enduring Confrontation. Like seriously you can make money, the maps actually let you have space, and if you want you can spawn in multiple times. Also is it just me or most of the good Armored cars Event/Reward vechicles?

  40. Lotta death by Panzer IIs.

  41. AgainstTheSystem .ATS

    War thunder follows World of tanks path:just add new vehicles and that is.God dammit……..what a fail.

  42. KermitTheSchoolShooter

    I agree 100% on the statements about RB & AB, I like RB better and I think I would play world war if it was suited more for an RB player.

    and global voice chat would be an amazing addition, with a key to mute of course! I can see voice chat compilations and stuff like that in the future haha

  43. Its a double Rack.

    Oh it’s gonna be a wreck alright

  44. …Party waggon…

  45. i like the BA 11 but its not better than a BT7 or BT5. BR 2.0 would be to high.

  46. YouTube shit someone should start up another tube

  47. for the ultimate scenery tank take it to higher BR’s they wont expect it

  48. I’m a little concerned about the state of the game guys. I’ve been rammed about 5 times today like we’re playing WOT BLitz or something. We’re better than that guys. Come on.

  49. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    Attempt #7 for loving the unloved. play the Ki-83 top of tree heavy fighter for Japanese. It bring so god d*** much utility to 6.0

  50. It is an armored tank

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