BABY BAT CHAT! – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Chat 25t is the original assassin of World of Tanks, but have you heard about it’s baby brother the Char Futur 4?


is a 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Funny, I just got this over the weekend. Great timing QB!

  2. I always forget this thing is in my garage, but whenever I take it out for a spin, I’m very impressed. Solid tank.

  3. When I saw this I thought that your girlfriend was having a baby

  4. i luv mine

  5. Where the Bat Chat is the light-tank/medium-tank hybrid, I think of the Char Futur 4 as the TD/Light-tank hybrid.

  6. Wasn’t this game already posted

  7. 徐图理财频道

    god,been back to china so skip this game like 6 years,and also remind me mighty jingles and quickbaby. so i went up here and check , god!quicky uncles!:)

  8. I’m sorry but when you got spotted on the swamp dude of tracks and didn’t die instantly, I couldn’t even watch the rest.

  9. I wanna video on what to do when you can’t win the dip

  10. In tier 9 you get more exp when it match for tier 10.. that is why it is better than tier 10..

  11. 0:04 QB playing as the Spy from Team Fortress 2?

  12. E75 looks just like the king tiger

  13. I set my damage record in this tank, love it to pieces

  14. Anyone gonna talk about how console is getting modern tanks like the Abrams and shit? Couldn’t this be an experiment to see if they bring it to PC?

  15. I would say the 13 105 is the baby batchat in how it plays. This is more of an autoloader leo pta bc of its gun handling and crappy intra-clip.

  16. Profesor Baltazar

    Char Futur 4 is much better tank then tier X BC 25t or Škoda, gun is much more precise when you fully aim, those tier X are trolling like hell.

  17. I would rather call the AMX 13 105 a baby batchat and the char futur 4 a teen batchat

  18. 12:20 aaaaw whos a baby penguiiiin??? you aaaare

  19. Wot is an ass of a game

  20. QB can you make a video about the T-54 Russian medium love your content 😃

  21. 2 hp :)))

  22. God I feel so special owning this tank xD

  23. Dude who else knew the 430 would low roll ?? How often does that happen to you ?? Me almost never . fishy fishy stuff .

  24. Obj. 705A please?

  25. I do agree tier ten is bad but not bc of all tier ten mm but bc the teams are so unbalanced and one side gets murdered in under 5 mins and usually my team . Rigged mm


  27. The only thing that sucks is 4 sec clip reload. it doesn’t feel like an autoloader but more like a single shot gun

  28. What do you think guys? Kunze, or char futur worth more? I got some autoloaders, but I love German technique. Char futur has 4 second delay between shots. Is it not too long for an autoloader? I think I will choose the kunze, unless someone convince me.

    • From what I’ve seen and what people I’ve spoken to in game the K panzer is… ok. But trading DPM for the siege mode isn’t attractive to me especially when tanks like the Udes or STB1 exist

  29. Krzysztof Stachowiak

    A little bit funky against tier VII … well that’s an understatement

  30. y u do that funny face at the start of every video?

  31. What’re your thoughts about modern tanks coming in World of Tanks console Quickybaby?

  32. And how did you not get hit by fv ehen crossing like that. I dont get it. If i were doing that i would have get oneshot for sure…

  33. Greedy Baby/Lucky Baby > Peaking the HWK at the start of the game should have costed him 750hp, looking at Mr. T30!. At the end, shooting at the arty and getting hit by both arty and 430….

  34. DaBaby Bat Chat

  35. Big brother from bourrasque 😁

  36. 12:10 No QB, I cannot understand why he would back off at that moment.
    3 of you had him surrounded, aproaching from different angles. The left SU was a guaranteed kill, you were a 50/50, the right SU had 600 HP, enough to withstand at least one more AP round.
    The latter SU was the one that had the most HP and it was time to put it to good use, you were closing in at around 100m from the 430, which means there was no way some camo shenanigans would not allow you to spot him.
    What should’ve happened there was you parking near the ridge(or slightly cresting it to spot the 430 and throw of his aim), waiting for that SU to deliberately expose himself and get shot, then popping up and deliver the final blow.
    RNG saved you there, but I doubt the game would be lost even if you died at that moment.

    There are too many players afraid to use their HP in these situations and a lot of games are lost because of it.

  37. I love this tank but the reload is so punishing and 4 second between rounds doesn’t let you clip people. It can be unreliable over range for accuracy and pen.

  38. one of my favorite mediums if not my favorite all together. It’s definitely not noob friendly though but if you have experience… The accuracy is so much better than the bat chat. The other day I penned twice a 268 4 from the front with regular ammo. I fit mine with a Turbo so you can switch quick while reloading and as the reload is long it’s sometimes a good occasion to scout meanwhile…

  39. Its totally different from batchat X tier

  40. How is he just sitting in front if fvs and t30s without getting dunked on?

  41. 0:00 what is it that the female commander says? I have tried to google it but I cant find it. I cant help but hearing a Dutch sentence: Ik ga zo mee! In English that would be: I’ll be right along. Love to know what she is actually saying,

    I have stopped playig WoT, again.. Probably for good this time. But I love these tanks. I absolutely suck at heavy tanks. Especially the Chinese and russian ones. But light style gameplay is fun for me. Sadly they are nerfing for the most part.

  42. I am going to add this tank from the battle pass rewards. This video just sealed it for me. Thanks

  43. I was watching the stream when I got the notification and it was the poll winner game at the same time as the video drop lol

  44. Bourrasque, Char Futur, and Bat Chat 25t. Ultimate tier 8, 9, and 10.

  45. Does the char earn bonus credits?

  46. What equipment are you using on the Char Futur?

  47. Chat futur to be having dat box though

  48. DaBaby???
    Less gooooo🤑🤑🤑🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶😨😨😨🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  49. Whinebaby. Everyone go watch skill4ltu drama and judge yourself. This whiner does not deserve to get money. Everyone is donkey or streamsniper.

  50. Every other player would have been killed instanlty in minute 1:35, when the STB-1 spotted him in the open. I wonder why the FV-4005 ignored him, when he was an easy target.

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